Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

They are making my life so impossible

Over the 13 years of being targeted the perps have gradually increased their torment of me. It is now becoming so unbearable. My body is full of a parasitic disease they gave me...l am 43 and my body is quickly wasting. Its full of parasitic shit and toxins. There are living things moving in my stomach. They have put snake like creatures in me or massive worms and they wont let me take anything to kill them.

The perps torment me all day with threats of torture and perversion. They have horrible things planned for me. My nights are unberable. Im in so much pain and they take me to altered dimensions where they do horrific things to me always involving sex and violence. I am full of fear. I cang stop crying and no god in this universe is answering my calls for help.

My mum who l live with harasses me for them. She is part of the program. It kills my soul that my own mother wishes this suffering on me. They wont let me get a place of my own so lm forced to live with the enemy.

On top of all this they torture the dogs next door all day. I have to listen to them cry all day long. Its heart breaking. I cant stand listening to their pain all day long and l have nowhere else to go.

This is all becoming too much and its just going to get worse not better. Im in total fear and anxiety for what the future holds. 

For as long as lve been on these forums its been the same thing. Tls chasing their tails trying to find a way out. There is no way out. This is a living hell.

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Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on October 9, 2018 at 7:18am

praying for you sue

Comment by Sue on October 9, 2018 at 11:23am

Ohhh wayne yoire still here. Wow its been a long time. I dont get on here very much anymore coz they are stopping me from living...oh yes l forgot to mention how lm being so oppressed from doing anything anymore. Im not allowed to do any activities, even a walk in the park or doing some artwork is forbidden to me. They torture if l dont obey them. 

Wayne lm not up with politics...are you saying Trump is on our side??

Wayne l think this is way more than goverments. I think this includes the sheer evil that God speaks about in the bible...powers and authorities in spiritual realms. We cant beat them...only God can save us. I wish He would hurry up. Atrocious things are happening to people. Its beyond awaful.


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"In my opionion they might use handicap humans too. Profoundly handicap. B2B eeg drives a victim insane. My thought than apes but still garba"
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"I wonder if they use street drugs. Some preps have the same traits as hard core narcotics users. Nazi meth infused soldiers"
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"In my opinion its whistleblowers versus Miltary. TIs are assaulted by Miltary because Whistleblowers are letting it out."
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"See the preps intentions. Its trivial. Make a victim look mental then no one believes them. I hope you can see through their plan."
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"They are trying to make victims look mental. It discredits us making us look mental. Miltary would only do that. I see through then intentio"
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