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They let thier two kids jump and run over his head and over his room

The police in my condo and Chinese couple, my neighbor listen up:

You will be responsible for what you are doing.

This Chinese couple, their status was so vague.They both don't work over 8 years. They are not only helping Toronto police ,Canadian torturers torture me, but they are harassing their downstairs neighbor, who was over 65. They let their two kids jump and run over his head and over his room . He talked to the Condo's office. This couple keep going. Why? There are two policemen in our condo.


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Comment by Brother Parren on May 8, 2014 at 12:12pm

NEVER suspect your neighbours. Mind control operatives know what you are thinking and can control your thoughts. They do remote control. They don't appear near you often. So stop thinking that police and Chinese couple in your condo are doing mind control.  Believe me. In the beginning, back to early 2009, I suspect my neighbours too. Now I know I was wrong.  

I am in Ottawa now. Left Toronto in 2011. Soon I will move to Edmonton.

Comment by Robin Yan on May 8, 2014 at 9:50pm

You are judge ? You have evidence for what you said? Don't easily say: Never

Comment by Brother Parren on May 16, 2014 at 11:02am

I can be a judge. Mind control operatives exactly know what you are thinking.  Think about it... They know what you are thinking. So stop suspecting your neighbours. I made the stupid mistakes myself in my early years.

Comment by Robin Yan on May 16, 2014 at 11:35pm
Comment by David ofTomorrow on May 17, 2014 at 12:11am

Cheng is right. The enemy has many tricks when it comes to hiding behind innocent people in order to make them look guilty.

Comment by David ofTomorrow on May 17, 2014 at 2:07am

What are they doing? Have you confronted them?  Do you think your neighbors are attacking you with a machine? Or is it just a dispute? Some people feel 'targeted' because of what others do to them even when what is being done has nothing to do with targeting. Like my neighbor upstairs makes a lot of noise, and it bothers me at times. I don't think it has anything to do with the perps and I know for a fact that if I confronted this person in an accusational way they will respond as though there is something wrong with me. For instance I once got kicked out of a living situation because the perps would make me believe my neighbor was talking about me outside my window. They used his voice through V2k and fell for it. I confronted him and things became heated.  Cops were called. I later realized my error, the perps had been making mistakes by using other neighbors voices while they were not home. It was too late though,  because I chose to wrongfully confront and accuse the person,  they maneuvered me out of the house by making up false accusations of their own. They were found out about and were legally convicted. The landowner has mob ties and has threatened me. All this happened because I fell for the 'it's your neighbor' trick that the perps used through v2k. If I hadn't been deceived I would likely still be living there happily. 

I think you would do yourself a great favor if you reconsider the idea that your neighbors are perps. I mean it very well could be a trick or the neighbors could just be bad neighbors. 

Comment by Annie on May 17, 2014 at 2:42am

I have to say I agree with Paul and Cheng, it is NOT yr neighbors doing this. And we should be very careful claiming innocent people are behind the harassment. As for one, that is exactly what is wanted and you go right into the trap when doing so. Think about it, why do you think most of us, or at least a great deal have experienced just exact that-in the initial phase of our harassment believing its our neighbors, just because that is the set up if it fits for that specific victim (living in apartments for instance) I can also tell you that when you finally get enlightned and realize its not, that type of harassments in fact stops. No use playing that game anymore when not getting the reactions wanted from the victim. Also, do you really think a living person would spend their life 24/7 making yr life a living hell, and totally miss out to enjoy and live their own life because of you ?

Comment by Ciblee@PICPUS75012 on May 17, 2014 at 4:54am
I Know for SURE that the neighbor above ( with his gf) is actively involved in my surveillance& torture. He is not that smart to know the key areas of my brain and body parts that induce the horrible pain, anxiety, fear and sleep deprivation. This is a dirty professional job. My neighbour's dirty job ( with gf) is 24/7 surveillance inside my home. He follows me in every room till the WC. He has a device allowing him to see through my roof. if i prepare to go outside, he will alert the stalkers and an asshole team of stalkers will be following me all the way till I return. He also spys on my visitors and my phone conversations. He hosts the criminals in his flat that they turned into an electronic torture base (equipped with DEW/ Microwave) where they come and go to achieve the shifts of torture. He may also participate in my body cooking.they spend the night moving around ( with heels, even late might ) torturing me, making noise until the morning, they used to be quietb4 the beginning of my targeting 2 ys ago, they used to sleep early cause they worked the next day, now it's different, the flat is 24/7 occupied( steps and noise). They avoid me when I across them. The perps used my neighbor's flat with his agreement and his participation to murder me slowly by radiation so The coward neighbor is also a criminal. All this is true. I really verified it all and I know he is a part of the dirty show. I don't have V2K telling me about him but its a FACT.
Last night they badly burned my occipital area ( cerebellum) all the night, it still hurts , they were at least 2 perps, they kept me awake till 07:00 am.
So I confirm, neighbors are very involved in the targeting of a TI cause they are a must for the surveillance and the psychological assault of the victim. They also participate in EH in most cases.
Comment by Annie on May 17, 2014 at 6:06am

Endless pain, you say its not V2S, how can you be so sure? Maybe we are exposed to different things, but the V2S I used to get was exactly as if someone would speak with the exact same voice as my neighbor has (its done by morphing voices btw) then in fact I had never heard the female voice of my neighbor for real, so when that was done seeming to be her on the V2S it was not the voice she actually had (she turned out to have a heavy accent, which I realized later on) so in a way I, because of that realized it wasnt them talking, but I also came to the conclusion it wasnt really logical either. When I was in the phase still believing it was them, it was all very authentic and there was no way define it as them really speaking or if it was V2S, simply because it bypasses the ears and sounds to the victim as if it comes from upstairs or below, when its just induced right into yr brain, there is no way to tell the difference really. 

I also think, the fact so many still believs its people around them doing this, is one reason we can never be taken serious unfortunately.

Ciblee.....I have gone through all that too, believe me, but its NOT them causing your pain, I can guarantee you that. I can understand the difficulties in understanding and realizing, since its all again very authentic and you are under heavy manipulations, still, give it a try and think it over, why would a person spend their precious life 24/7 harassing you, even if they would get paid millions, whats the use when not able to live their own lifes? I am saying all this to you, not because I want to upset you or discredit you, but for the reason I know you can have some ease if letting go of those thoughts, as that kind of harassment usually stops when the victim realize the picture. Pls give it a try and take care/Annie 

Comment by Sally on May 17, 2014 at 6:59am

Gangstalking is real. Its more than just voices, its being followed repeatedly by the same people, break-ins to the home, character assasination. I have experienced gangstalking and know it is real.


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