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hi all. 

so i leveled a complaint against this radio station that continuously slanders and defames me subliminally everyday. even got some of the crap they say on tape. today i get a call from the station saying, "i have been through our tapes and nowhere do i hear your name or the vulgarities you claim in your complaint." my response was simply to say that i would also like the copies of your tapes and i have recordings of my own and in the event that my recordings contradicts what you are saying, there's going to be a problem (which it does - my full name is mentioned in a broadcast along with vulgar false crap). their response - " we will get back to you." 

at this stage i am just making complaints for record purposes with very little expectation that these neanderthals will take it seriously and see the errors of their messed up ways.

ironically though, these are the very people who attempt to give you a lesson on morals, scruples and ethics while doing the most immoral, unscrupulous and unethical crap.

but what can you do - just another day in the life of a TI.


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Comment by Angeline Klas on September 13, 2017 at 12:54am

Well, anneline, at least you have proof.
I still have to get mine. People play my recorded thoughts on their mobile phone.
They play it SO I can hear it. Then they pretend as if nothing has happenend. They like Gaslighting me. They do it at my job and in my neigbourhood. They are very sneeky.
Please give us an update of how things end with the radio station.

Bye bye for now.
Angeline Klas

Comment by Anneline Harisunker on September 13, 2017 at 1:04am

Will do Angeline.

Maybe when they gaslight, make recordings on your cellphone as well. 

Hope you are well Angeline. 


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