Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

members like YOU just propagate learned helplessness and victim mentality
Comment by Big Lebowski 24 minutes ago
Well that's kind of convenient isn't it. Pretty much every genuine TI talks about being targeted except you it seems. Is this because, quite simply, you are not a genuine TI?

I remember for example a Freudian slip you made on this forum over a year ago when you referred to TIs as "you TIs".
Comment by David ofTomorrow 20 minutes ago
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Deca is true. So is Lebowski. LaBrat is an enemy agent.
Comment by Big Lebowski 12 minutes ago
members like YOU just propagate learned helplessness and victim mentality

No, members like me encourage TIs to think for themselves...and not swallow verbatim the bullshit that you and the groups you represent disseminate. In the words of Albert Einstein:

“Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”

Those who have free thought are never helpless.
Comment by David ofTomorrow 1 second ago
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There is great difference of opinion surrounding agencies that support staid. Our personal experiences vary greatly. Thus, our appreciation and views of things will vary greatly.
I once argued heavily against ICAACT. If I were to run ICAACT , I would personally do things differently. But, it's a group of people who are Doing Something, even if we don't agree with it, for TIs. And, after some consideration, I realize that demodulation of any waves used by the enemy Re not likely to carry info that would be demodulation. This is because the information is likely the firing patterns of neurons. This, traditional demodulation will carry no results. At any rate, those who are downing ICAACT or sound nothing to replace what they are tearing down. This should stop. If you think an organization should be different, petition them in a civilized manor to make changes. Or, create your own organization to do things the way you wish it. Divide and conquer is a tool of the enemy. We need to share our differences with constructive motives so we don't fall into enemy devices.

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