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Artificial Telepathy: Focus On: The U.S. Air Force Space Command

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Last night, November 16th approximately 7:30 p.m.:

Filled coffee filter with coffee grounds and the next thing I know there are grounds sprinkled all over the counter top;

My eyes are directed to the Tums that are on the counter top and within two minutes my throat is being tweaked for the torture technique of manufacturing what I call battery acid from hell for which I take Tums;

I’m spreading Strawberry Jam on English Muffins – walk past a mirror and see Strawberry Jam spread on the (L) side of clean white pajama top;

8 p.m. Jill calls – began telling her what was happening and my cell phone shut down – not a dropped call disconnect but shut down similar to what was done in NYC as soon as I stepped off the plane so that I couldn’t go to Columbia U to see about scheduling an appointment with a Biomedical Engineering professor on campus;

Put an article of clothing in bathroom sink basin to rinse out and (L) shirt sleeve is saturated with water as I’m leaving bathroom;


Much later on while being forced awake as usual the entire night around 4 a.m. attempted shielding with sheet metal tubing covering my head – they projected the image onto the sheet metal of a mega computer sitting on the floor in a laboratory setting.

THIS WILL BE HARD FOR THE READER TO COMPREHEND IF IT IS NOT HAPPENING TO YOU. Some of you are very lucky as one victim pointed out when I 1st came on Peacepink – asserting her claim that no one is targeted 24/7 around the clock. Don’t I wish I was that lucky woman! STANFORD RESEARCH INSTITUTE CALLS IT PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE or Psychic Warfare and Psychic Spying. Taxpayers foot the bill and pay this flunky’s salary. American taxpayers also pay huge sums of money by way of tax payer dollars to SRI International through the Department of Defense in DARPA funding, and from what I know I have every reason to believe I am being used in DARPA-funded DOD Experimentation, R&D.

My fear of heights was conquered when something was done to allow me to overcome this phobia. Unfortunately, it was short lived.

And, I am no longer being injected with ‘smart’ thoughts which was a real asset. Whenever I could not think of someone’s name or actually when I couldn't think of just about anything, the answer would immediately come into my head. I have the late John Norseen, of Lockheed-Martin fame to thank for the temporary improvement and am missing it already. Yesterday I noticed that for the 1st time in ages I was groping for some information and nothing was inserted to fill the blank. Seems they have now gone on to other 'experimental developments.

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