Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Mental health handler/gangstalker, it starts in shops because something i nearly did in 1996 which after opening another store in different shopping center I visted they spread this about shops then I changed label in 2001 which set it off as it did with me then I ,left a work placement and they started roomers on what was said from the shops then they made allegations to the police then ex - boyfriend made allegations to police on hearsay then the police moved in over the road and had me followed every where I went. I reacted badly to whatever was being said as they made me ill and I couldn't work and I ended up on new deal I wont go into all the ins and outs but I ended up at the mental system in state and they misused my family information against me and referred me to early intervention then I was sectioned on section 2 followed by 3 "the investigating officer is corrupt and sets house Robbie's up for investigation's purposes i know this as I was a witness to  criminals' bragging that they had been paid by the investigating officer for committing house robberies they then blame the target for this" the investigating officer does an investigation all data that corresponds to target then he tells the public that he/her finances are from Robbie's when you took your own property back to the shops. I have herd this for last 30 years of my life they also use disinformation against you!
What we do know the care plan is for 15 years and as long as they wish by means of having you followed its 3months for directed surveillance and covert human intelligence source that means a lot of house robberies by the investigating officer who pays criminals to do this, im not sure about intrusive surveillance!
As any one tried to do any about the continued use of surveillance as its corrupt as its going on all over the world the freemasons are behind it !!!!!?  Then in 2009 use of mind control and the continued use of non lethal weapons   
to torture you!!!!

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Comment by ben demps on April 18, 2013 at 5:19am
Jane hello I think w may have spoken so to speak a number of times on ffch website. I can see your anger,frustration and your distress in your words.
Apart from my empathy I will let you have an observation I made when I moved to devon from birmingham,I found things much more plesant when I could pack my backpack and walk one of the hundreds of coastal paths on a warm sunny day with nothing but the wind and birds and sea and sun for company. Yes In the villages I still got the verbal crap but I very much enjoyed my overall experience and passng anyone on the pths was uasually a time to give them a friendly brief and curteuos smile. If you can leave the morons you currently have to face every daay behind why not look for a space to get some peace long enough to appreciate that differnce and perhaps look for a way to make it a permenent change. My best regards Jane.


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"This is a form of RAPE. Justice needs to be served. No one even Military has the right to rape civilians. They need to go to JAIL!"
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"They take your frequencies and inject them into their brains and they feel and experience sex just like you would. Directly connected"
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"What they are doing right now with is "CRIMINAL" is they are taking your freqs when having intercourse and injecting into themselves."
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"I don't support this but you can have electronic sex in the future with images, feelings, etc injected directly into the brain."
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"Recorded vacations replayed with more details than virtual reality directly into the brain? YES THEY ARE DOING THIS NOW."
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"Is it possible to expand and contract objects with frequencies?"
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