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It's funny to run across a discussion re whether or not TIs should form groups.  I have been mulling this over, and been a supporter of TIs joining as a solution for many years.  I even went to Facebook (ugh!! - shows you how interested I am in this topic), and joined two groups whose purpose and direction is in setting up a TI community.  In light of that, yesterday I began writing up my argument on this subject.  It's still a bit rough, but I will also post it to a Wordpress webpage, and maybe even go back onto FB and post it there. 

Here, goes...


     Join for SURVIVAL

I have been a Targeted Individual of Gang Stalking since around 2005.  It began because I am a strong supporter and activist for the Rights of Animals.  As sentient beings, animals feel Fear and Pain just as humans do, and at the least, have the Right to be treated humanely.

Like animals in either the food chain or whose life is in some way useful to mankind, TIs are treated as "objects" incapable of suffering physical and mental pain.  TIs are no longer part of mankind, have become disenfranchised, and "live" barely at the margin of belonging to the species identified as human beings.

     WHO IS A TI

There are multiple forums, personal webpages, youtube videos and books answering this question.  The tactics used to cause inhuman suffering to TIs are varied, and well documented by TIs all over the world.  As to who the tormentors are...  well, that is a matter of speculation.  This is because there are multiple layers of entities involved, and by definition GS is a covert crime.

It does, however, seem that a seasoned TI's can identify another real TI "most" of the time.  And it does seem natural that we should all join together, put our backs to each other, and fight for our lives and freedom.  However, we have become so isolated and cautious (paranoid), that although we greatly desire joining with other TIs, we have been tricked by the GS'ers often enough to become suspicious of all strangers, even those we believe are other real TIs like ourselves.

Here's where TIs need to get a grip on their paranoia, and recognize the SIMPLE FACT that if we do NOT join with other TIs, we are condemned to fight alone for the remainder of their shortened miserable lives.  We spend too much of our time as TIs trying to convince Civilians (someone whose has no experience w/GS) that we are suffering and need help.  If Civilians can get past their impression that we are Crazy and believe us, they often either become TIs themselves or are otherwise warned off by GSers.  ONLY another genuine Targetted Individual can offer any understanding and Help.

     So, how does one under attack "Help" another under attack?

TIs are the only people capable of helping each other.  The extent of that help remains to be discovered.  For certain, we can give comfort and understanding on an informed basis, and share our successful coping skills.  Taking a page from the Cowards' book of conduct, cowards derive part of their strength by joining together into a Gang of like minded cowards.  It is the knowing that you are surrounded by those who feel and believe as you do that can make a single individual strong - whether that individual is a Gang Stalker, or a Targeted Individual.

The Black Panthers and Civil Rights Movement gained strength and a voice for the rights of negros, the Grey Panthers' power forced recognition and laws protecting older people, the Gay Rights movement has forced laws to allow marriage and insurance coverage in some states, and the Animal Rights Movement has exposed the savage cruelty of animals in the food chain and has forced businesses to close, McDonalds Walmart and many other giants to change who they do business with.

Joining together is NOT an option, it is the ONLY step to take to regain our rights to live free.  Until we join, we are doomed to suffer alone until the day we die.


Unlike most other groups seeking change, we are being attacked covertly and don't know who to trust.  Further, our attackers infiltrate, undermine and nullify our claims and efforts to bring attention to our plight.  In every TI forum and chat room you will find a handful of genuine TIs, and thousands of Gang Stalkers.  The GSer's are there not only in an attempt to nullify our claims, they are there to learn new tactics that might work on the focus of their stalking.

The thing to focus on here are those TIs who have made their bones and you are 99% sure they are the real deal.  TIs have grown some useful sensitive antenna for recognizing a Gang Stalker.  Reach out to just ONE of those individuals you believe to be a genuine TI, and form a bond.

IF YOU ARE WRONG, and that person turns out to be a GSer, what's the worst that can happen?  What will your personal GSer do about that that they already don't do to you?  Will they laugh and ridicule you?  They already do...  Will they make you suffer?  They already do...  Will they kill you?  They want you to do the wet work bcz they are too coward to do it...  Whatever you think you have to loose by overcoming the paranoia and forming a bond with other TIs is far OUTWEIGHED by the rewards if you do manage to connect with another GENUINE Targeted Individual.

Once you have formed a bond with another TI, both of you reach out to others you believe are genuine TIs.  Become active in every forum, blog, chat room and webpage where TIs might be.  Make your bones via posts and comments and use these as your indication of credibility.  DO NOT RUSH THIS PROCESS, no matter how much you are suffering.  This will not happen overnight, but the seeds do need to be planted in order for them to begin to grow, so start TODAY.

Stop spinning your wheels and complaining about all the emotional stuff.  We are ALL suffering, and it will get worse as time passes!  In all truth, YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE (that you haven't already), and everything to gain by reaching out to others and growing to a Force for Change.

The only real thing we have to fear is fear itself, and its ability to paralyze and incapacitate.  Fear is a tool of your Gang Stalkers - be brave.

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Comment by NavyNut on August 7, 2016 at 8:23am

Love your post and glad to see that my post is gaining some traction. :)

Comment by ms. freebird81 on August 7, 2016 at 11:48am

I've been writing up a request to form local groups for weeks you pretty much said it for me. I too believe this is our only way if we are ever going to end this. I have been isolated for some time, never really had any genuine relationships of any kind as they started on me as a young child. So, if anyone lives in southern Az I'd love to get something started. Sure wouldn't mind having someone to hang out with either.

Comment by Bethany on August 8, 2016 at 12:48am

Several years ago, I established a strong friendship with another TI who had a webpage dedicated to helping TIs cope, and had also published a book w/helpful coping guidance. As time passed, she was forced to move, and traveled across many states to stay with a family member. We put together a plan that once she arrived at her destination, and before perps could get a solid hold on her there, she would don a disguise (fat immigrant worker w/mustache, if I remember correctly), get on a bus, and travel thousands of miles across the country to my home. We had big plans to work together to unify TIs, and to expose the secret covert nature of this crime and educate the public of its existence.
Sadly, I happened to make a joking comment about M&Ms. The next email I received from my friend was angry and cold. I was accused of being one of her perps. This was after almost 2 years of getting to know this person inside and out. Unknown to me, it turned out that her perps had used M&Ms as one of the sensitizing triggers to torment her. Our relationship never recovered the level of trust necessary to carry out any of our plans. I lost track of MJ. I hope wherever she is, she is well.
Anyway, my point is that in order for us to overcome the omnipresent paranoia that often reaches unreasonable levels the more we experience daily suffering, friendships forged between TIs need to begin and develop online or eventually through snailmail. Reach out to more than one person and form your own chat rooms where you join and talk privately. If you put all your efforts, plans, emotions, hopes into ONE OTHER SINGLE PERSON, the above can happen, and you've spent time working towards your goal for nothing, and have to start all over again.
Join first with one person, then reach out and find others. Make a strong core (NOT JUST TWO PEOPLE). This strong Core of Genuine TIs can then formulate reasonable plans for group growth, and E-V-E-N-T-U-A-L physical gathering - perhaps bring a tent and meet at a large public campsite where there are no strings and you are free to leave if you feel threatened, or at a mall. We can all spot perps, and should not be concerned. The one thing perps are TRULY afraid of is that we WILL join together. Perps are Cowards and only capable of a sneak attack which gets more difficult as the number of TIs joining together grows and put their backs together to repel the perps.
We all bring with us many skills and much useful information. I haven't met a dumb TI yet. We CAN do this. We CAN find the answers that will enable us to cope with all the bullshit - even if that means some of us will have to live underground to avoid detection. We will do whatever it takes so that ALL Targeted Individuals are no longer isolated.
REACH OUT TO ANOTHER TI TODAY, and begin the bonding process.

Comment by NavyNut on August 8, 2016 at 12:52am

Too bad your not from Canada Freebird. Anyways my door is always open and I could even give you a job.

Comment by ms. freebird81 on August 8, 2016 at 2:09am

I appreciate that NavyNut, I personally can't seem to make friends and the few brief times were all fake. Actually I'm so dumb I knew this and still continued because this loneliness is real hard to take. Any way now I just rather be alone than with perps. Too bad you can't come here NavyNut But it's a shit hole and I'm sure Canada is better. Bethany you're right. I'll 100% participate in the fight to end what is by far the most egregious human rights abuse to ever exist. I only know this site as to communicating with other TI's. I can't use Facebook my "family" uses it and they're my main perps I don't need the shizo-card played on me. In 14 years of knowing I've palyed their bullshit game and kept myself from a diagnosis that would give them more control, I want to keep it that way. So please if you have suggestions on more ways we can find each other. I'm ashamed to say but, I'm really out of the loop when it comes to internet social sites or social anything to be honest.

Comment by Bethany on August 8, 2016 at 3:06am

     There are many places where you can reach out to other TIs.  However, no real TI is going to immediately respond the way you want them to.  It takes a great deal of time and effort to penetrate the layers of caution and protection a TI builds up over many years of dealing with perps.  There are a lot of tricks perps use to take advantage of the fact that you are lonely, and want a friend.  After all, it is the Gang Stalker who has put you in the situation of isolation w/o friends, so they are fully aware of your loneliness and needs.

     I am not so much advocating TIs become "friends", as they seek out other TIs to join with for strength and common purpose in changing the battlefield of the one sided war being waged against us.  

     I have many a/k/a identities when dealing with Gang Stalking on the internet.  If you can not join FB at home bcz of your family, go to the library where internet access is free and fairly private, and set up a FB account under an a/k/a.  There are many TIs on FB (AS WELL AS PERPS).  Just ignore anyone who wants to get chummy after one contact, and participate in the conversations that interest you.  There's even a PeacePink group on FB.

     Also, Google gang stalking and you will find multiple private webpages and other forums dedicated to the topic where you can leave comments.  Get involved and reach out.

Comment by NavyNut on August 8, 2016 at 3:13am

Well Bethany, sometimes you have to do a leap of faith. I wouldn't worry about gang stalking etc. Its pretty easy to identify if your a real TI or not. Just staying there and taking lots of time to know someone just to make sure he's a TI is something that just doesn't work.

Beside if your a TI that means they will try to manipulate you so you stay alone, in a sense the more time you take the more chances are you won't trust each other in the end.

Comment by Bethany on August 9, 2016 at 6:55pm

So much to read to educate oneself as to what is going on, and you don't know what to believe - so, you waste a lot of time, and are late to the dance on important information.

     Happened across a reference to Richmond Calif, where TIs have not only congregated together, but have petitioned local gvt for laws on their behalf.  Further, the city appears to be inundated with communications from TIs all over the world seeking information.

     Imagine, a place where the TI population has become so large that the local gvt and police force are predominantly TIs.  I'm almost giddy at the thought. 

     Adding support to the adage, If you build it, they will come!

     I don't care how we join, I only care that we do join together.  Alone, we are isolated and ineffective, and alone we will be covertly tortured to death.

Comment by Bethany on August 9, 2016 at 7:06pm

... sorry, one more thought... 

     Joining together may not solve all of our problems or stop all of the tech attacks/mind invasions, but it will certainly give us more power than we have now.  Success rarely comes all at once.  It is measured in small steps taken in the right direction.  Give us a little time free from perp assault, when we can catch our breath and use our brains for something other than immediate defense, and I believe we will come up with solutions that one person alone can't.

Comment by NavyNut on August 10, 2016 at 1:22am

Well I hope that this is gonna happen.


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