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To all TIs who are suffering from Gang Stalking: please copy and post every where

Gang Stalking: To all Electromagnetic Mind Control/Harassment Machine (EMCHM) victims

I already mentioned in my other posts that I have been a target of EMCHM for 25 years. Despite my views disclosed in my other posts; I am receiving requests from people to sign a petition to our government(s) to investigate and stop Gang Stalking (GS). If I was asked to sign such petitions during my first 3-4 years of being targeted; I would have signed such petitions without a second thought because I too was absolutely 1000% sure that there were people on government payroll stalking me 24/7. But now, I cannot agree with those who are sure that they are the victims of GS for reasons I have expressed on several of my other posts. Although I agree that our governments are indeed conducting experiments and operations using the EMCM; I believe their operations are not wide spread over the entire globe and their modus operandi is much more subtle and their .behaviors covertly.

 I believe that the perpetrators who are targeting the majority of TIs around the world are not part of any governments of the known world. Additionally, I believe that all people of the world are targeted. It is just that the methods and influences used against the majority and the methods employed against the smaller percentage of the population (us) are different. But the fact is that no matter what methods (subtle vs bold) are used, the goal of the perpetrators is to cause, conflict between individuals, races, religions, ideologies, nations, social classes, etc in an effort to cause the downfall of human civilizations; and unfortunately they have been very successful thus far.

I know that those of you who are certain that you are also a victim of Gang stalking will get angry at me for what I am about to say. I can understand because I too was sure that I was a GS victim for the first few years of becoming a TI…Gang Stalking is not real, I repeat; GS is not real. At this point, I ask that all those who are sure that they are being Gang stalked to observe the sensations that is occurring in your body. You will feel all the sensations in your body and head area which you will then, through many years of entrainment; interpret as an emotion of anger, incredulousness, etc.

If you did not already notice; all your emotions has a physical sensation associated with it. For instance, the emotion of anger will cause you to have tightness in your chest and a dull pressure in your head. The question to ask is: is it your anger causing these physical sensations or are the physical sensations that arise at a seemingly appropriate time causing you to be angry? Another question to ask is; if your body did not produce the sensations it produces which we associate with different emotions; will you feel those emotions? The EMCHM is capable of producing those sensations in your body. At the same time it will whisper whatever thoughts that are appropriate to further their agenda of causing conflicts among men. The majority of humanity is under this type of emotional manipulation and subtle thought input program of control by the perps. No wonder there are so many married couples divorcing, friends fighting, groups of people warring etc……Observe the sensations of your own body and notice the relationship between the sensations and emotions. Learn to not let it control you. Do not believe your emotions. To make you a emotionally easy to manipulate person, it will and did throughout all of the people’s lives caused these sensations to accompany all the emotions whether they were positive emotions such as the good feeling of love, compassion, camaraderie etc which are normally accompanied with the physical sensation of your heart feeling mushy, comfortable etc. In order to make you trust your emotions the perps knew that it had to entrain you with occasional positive feelings also because if it only inputted physical feelings (sensations) of anger, doubt, fear,  hatred, disgust etc, you will not be easily manipulated. I say again, all emotions has physical feelings (sensations) that accompany them. Don’t trust your feelings and emotions. The feelings inputted by the EMCHM to further its agenda at the seemingly logical moment will trick you into being manipulated. Once again; don’t trust your feelings and resulting emotions.


Now next talk about how the EMCHM uses the Voice to Skull capability. To the majority of humanity; it does not have a conversation with them. This tech is used to subtly input voices into people’s heads in an attempt (successful most of the times) to trick the voice receiving person think that it is their own thought. Just because We, the TIs who are targeted in a more bold and direct manner are able to hear the EMCHM’s comments and are able to talk with them; it does not mean that they don’t also use the Voice to Skull tech to secretly whisper thoughts into us. They understand that whatever thought they wish to input must be packaged in a very sensible and logical package. Because those of us who are voice hearers are harder to trick then the rest of humanity……I will get back to the point of GS I am trying to make. All this info I am sharing has a lot to do with why the perception of being Gang Stalked is so strong……

I think it is appropriate to share one of my experience which I briefly discussed in another post. I hope the following experience will enable all of you to never die of an heart attack. At one point; when the perps realized that It can no longer trick and manipulate me into doing what it wanted me to do, it tried to kill me by giving me a heart attack. My heart started to beat real fast. I could feel the pounding of my heart stronger than what I ever felt. At the same time while my heart was pounding, I notice the physical sensations that all people will interpret as being that of fear as well as the head sensations associated with being very worried. Because when the perps was trying to kill me by giving me a heart attack; I already knew that they manipulate sensations and feelings which result in different emotions; I refused to believe that feeling of worry and fear even when my heart was pounding like crazy……while all these things are happening, the voices that was constantly talking and bugging me stopped making their usual remarks and making conversations. Instead I heard a whisper in the deepest back of my head where I normally associate with my own thoughts… was whispering while pounding my heart, inputting sensations and feelings of fear and worry: “oh no! I am getting a heart attack!, I will die!”. It was attempting to trick me into thinking that those whisperings was my own thought. Because I knew it was all a trick; I pounded my own chest like a Tarzan would after defeating his enemy, and shouted out: “F this BS, I am not afraid and I will not die of a heart attack!” When the perps realized that it could not trick me into becoming afraid and believe their whispers as my own thought, it kept on pounding my heart for a little more while but finally gave up and my heart went back to normal. I Suspect that all people who died of anheart attack died because they were tricked by the EMCHM. One thing I know for sure is that I will never die from a heart attack. All you have to do is not be afraid, and no matter how convincing the symptoms are just not worry about it. I know this cannot easily be done by the majority of the people who are not aware of the influence of the EMCHM but I believe all TIs who read this will be able to do the same thing I did if they understand the various manipulation and tricks employed by the EMCHM perps.

The reason I had to explain the above points about how the perps are able to manipulate our feelings and/or sensations to cause different kinds of emotions. How the voices can choose to trick you into think their thought input is your own; as well as the fact that they can manipulate all the people of our world. Couple more very important tricks you must know is the fact that they can even cause a sensation in your head of being absolutely certain. Test it out yourself; try to think of something that you are certain of and observe the sensations that arise in your head. Also, they can create auditory hallucination. In my experience, it even made the chirping of the birds sound like human speech. Imagine how easy it will be for the perps to change what you think other people are saying.  All this is done at the same time creating the sensation of being in your head to make you feel certain that other people around you whom you suspect to be a Gang Stalker are talking about you. I am sure that many of you are also aware that the perps can cause momentary visual hallucinations.

All of the TIs who believe they are being Gang Stalked are victims of a very high tech, and cunning delusion. The perps are trying to make you distrust everybody in order to make you a outcast of society so that they can eventually make you into a very angry person to drive you mad into working towards destroying the social order of human civilization. At the very worst; if you don’t overcome their trickery and start harboring hate towards all the people; the perps will grow your anger and amplify it so much that it will drive the weakest minded people into literal madness. This is one of the ways that the perps are driving individuals to commit horrendous acts of atrocities such as mass shooting of young children at the schools and most recently at the Navy yard. Yes it is the perps using the EMCHMs that are driving some of the weaker minded targets to commit incomprehensible acts of violence.

I plead to all of you who believe that you are being Gang Stalked. Observe your feelings, learn the tricks and don’t fall victim to its trickery…..As a person who was formerly deceived for a while, I am sharing my experiences and discoveries in an attempt to make it easy for the current victims of the strong delusion to overcome the lies of the perps…….please freely copy and post this writing to as many sites as possible. I know the perps delusion is very strong. So I do not expect this writing to wake most up from their delusions. But if even one person finds what I say feasible and worth the investigation; that will suffice. 

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Comment by mchristo on January 20, 2014 at 12:48am

Hi, I'm french TI since 1990,

My english is too bad for have a good conversation in this language. But after reading your post, I had the sentiment that you're near the truth. Perhaps we might also consider that gang stalkers are not physically around us, but working together with perps, to create the illusion that they are beside us while being in other place, protected from people view.



Comment by mchristo on January 20, 2014 at 12:58am

which suggests that they have the opportunity to manipulate our internals voices and what we can physically hear

Comment by Sally on January 20, 2014 at 4:58am

Hi Michael even if you were right about the government not being involved at least the signing of petitions brings these issues to the governments attention. Also there is much information about government mind control experiments since the 50s 60s. Even if there is another party involved here I believe they would need to collaborate with the government. As for GS mine has been real, my work sabotaged and driven out of my career, home break ins, thefts etc. I know there are ways of tricking people but I have to disagree that GS can be very real also. Thanks for your posts though I agree there is another entity at play here.

Comment by Joy on January 20, 2014 at 8:15am

 The  German Stasi word for destroying someone is zertsetzung. I googled this word for my area. I was shocked to show how many business showed up who do this professionally. I agree this is centuries old. As to the disbelief. about what we are saying. I find most discredit us off the cuff without doing the research to see if it is true. So if we can lure them to take a rational look at it and do their research, showing them the evidence in plain sight. Otherwise they may only be believing us when they are dragged to FEMA camps and other imprisonment. On that note FEMA also exists in Germany.

Comment by Joy on January 20, 2014 at 9:31am

The reply above was actually in response to Jason, the one above my post. To Michael Graham I say. Thank you. I found your post most helpful and can agree with most of what you said. I too, have become aware of the body sensations. They've tried to cause arguments between my husband and I, extreme anger and excite me to violence. It is the army who boasts  of causing extreme anger. I usually can tell when they do RNM on me and other s things such as synthetic telepathy. One of the symptoms I get is a feeling that my head or brain is swollen. I suspect they are breaking the blood brain barrier. The last few months and especially the last two weeks they have been trying to cause heart attacks and strokes in me.  Just like you, they stopped their usual programming with me until today. I've been experiencing today the somatic touches every time I have a thought they don't like.  I got touched many times while researching aspergers. I've tried to fight this somatic touch in many ways. Does anyone here have anything that works? I  can totally agree that refusing to feel fear at dying disables their attacks. I've tried expressing feelings of joy when they attack.  (consider it pure joy) I've also seen planes that disappear and heard planes I could not see. Yet at other times I know what I see is also seen by others, such as the time where they were doing an exercise with emergency helicopters in several towns here. This helicopter circled around my house four times. The neighbors were all out looking at it. My husband went to work and asked about it and found out it was an exercise. I also agree that all people are targeted. I think we are targeted more severely because we are the people that haven't bought into all that nonsense  in the past.  I can sense when something is not right with a person without knowing why. People have often told me they feel as if I can see through them.  I forgot to mention.  I am sensitive to sound  and can hear some of the ELF done on me. When I use ear plugs to counter it. It gets louder. Sometimes they cause spasms in my ear that push the ear plugs out. So then I put an entrainment  or some type of positive music into my player and don my headphones. On taking them off I notice the attack has stopped. Then a few hours later they try it again. Only recently have I heard what I call the washing machine sound again. This sound causes anxiety and apathy. Another sound I can hear is  a popping sound coming from outside. My husband can also hear these.  I've tried to pinpoint the sounds by taking a walk and they seem atmospheric, coming from everywhere at once.  I can't seem to figure out what these are for. They usually happen on weekends when I usually have tendency to leave the house. On Sundays they usually happen during church hours . I can also see when they hit me with, white and violet lasers used on me. I believe I've seen another person on here who mentions them. I can't remember who but he had pictures and diagrams of them.

Comment by Sally on January 20, 2014 at 1:34pm

Michael I agree with you there is another entity involved in this above the government and that this has been happening to humanity for longer then we know. Joy ive seen the appearing/diappearing planes too amongst other strange phenomena. I had no idea how they did it until I heard about cloaking technology.

Comment by Sally on January 20, 2014 at 6:56pm

Jason I agree with what you said gangstalking is very real but the stalkers are subjected to mind control and probably more so than us. I believe gangstalkers are under some kind of hypnotic power.

Comment by Michael Graham on January 21, 2014 at 12:37am

Corrin, I cannot totally deny that it does not exist. But I am quite positive through own experience as well as that of another victim who was at first totally convinced of being GS but who snapped out of it by refusing to go along with the constant reinforcements; he realized that GS was being constantly reinforced via feelings, suspicions, thought input by the perps. Also, I researched a lot of so called pictures and videos uploaded by those who think they were GS victims. None of the so called evidences was conclusive. OK, as for the GS guy who told you his salary etc...are you sure he was just not being sarcastic with you because you confronted the person and that person realized he was talking to someone who is delusional? Sorry, Just look at all the resources and logistical issues, including secrecy leaks and a whole lots of personnel problems that would entail....OK. I will say that it exists for a very small minority of the victims. But If my life depended on it; I believe in there are any; the GS victim who are stalked by real live conscious beings are less than .05 % of all the people who think they are victims of part II of my post. I always considered myself to be a person of very logical mind with a pretty good deal of common sense. Because I was fooled myself; I understand that there are others who are also at a earlier stages of being a TI who are likely fooled. I just want to help them overcome more easily then I did. Also, the very week minded of those who believe themselves to be a GS victim will likely be pushed into total isolation and further manipulated to the point they will become really totally Mad...I am hoping to prevent such things. 


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