Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


While Running for the U.S.Senate of Nevada the Dept of Justice and the White House  has been abusing their power to threaten anyone that tries to help me get elected in office or my foundations  and has order the secret service not to protect me and threats and attempts are being made on my life covertly and is trying to block the media from running any story about my run for office or my two foundations, rather the  stories be true or false its a violation of my rights.
I am asking that you order the secret service to file the proper paper work to be assigned to my run for The U.S.Senate Of Nevada  and to protect me and my family and my  staff, and to stop all illegal activities taking place and arrest those breaking the law then have  the secret service remove themselves from this matter and to pay for my protection by a private company due to a conflict of interest the secret service has with me cause of them taking orders from the white house and the dept of justice and then demand a full investigate by a special prosecutor outside the dept of justice to investigate  and prosecute those taking orders in the secret service to deny me my family and staff member right to be protected and  letting people make attempts on my life covertly and telling the media and other companies not to help or partner with me and slandering my name and my right to run for office with out being harassed or threaten.
it is also a fact that these agents who are breaking the law are also using facebook and yahoo to delete and alter my private email to my staff members and others as well.and is allowing hackers to break into my accounts. 

It is also a fact that  Senator Harry Reid is fully aware of these crimes taking place and refuses to order these criminal activities to stop further violating the law as well.
Eric Griffin For U.S.Senate Of Nevada
Vice President of The Legal Solutions 4 Kids And Parents
Founder of the Eric Griffin Legal Foundation
Kelly Barr President Of Legal Solution 4Kids And Parent
Vice President of The Eric Griffin Legal Foundation
Karen Pichon President of The Eric Griffin Legal Foundation

Chief Of Staff Cindy DyerSr Staff Robert Butner

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"42 years a victim. I was 4 years old. Lived a normal life until late 30s. They told me and then brutal torture. But I reviewed my life confi"
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"Hi Sandy What you're going through sounds extreme and for the hospital to turn you away is just plain wrong. It must be so hard for you to cope with these painful episodes especially without the support of your family. It's easy for the…"
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"Hi Sandy. Sorry to hear you're suffering. We're all going through the same torture. Some less or more than others. I've been a target of 25yrs & counting. My targeting is lesser these days than in the past. I don't know why??…"
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