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Published on Dec 8, 2012

The sick people/criminals who hurt me started their attacks on me around 1987-88, shortly after my father died and while I was still attending Orange Coast College in Southern California. They began with stalking and visual threats of physical violence against me (strangers, always in pairs, gesturing with their fists that they were going to beat me up), and proceeded to daily regular DEW weapon torture beginning around 1992 (and have continued ever since).

Back in the early 90's, there was no commonly available, public World Wide Web. No public Internet as we now know it. But nevertheless these people, whoever they are, still had these powerful DEW weapons and never hesitated to torture me with them. I had no idea (1) WHO was torturing me, (2) WHY they were torturing me, and (3) HOW they were torturing me. So when they first started regularly torturing me, around 1992 in the Denver, Colorado area, I thought they were "gassing" me with some kind of poisonous gas they were pushing through the walls. I had no idea how they were doing what they were doing to me. That incredible torture and abuse of power caused me to basically **lose my mind**. So what you'll find in these postings are basically the rantings of someone who has been tortured out of their mind. To say that what these people did to me is CRUEL is the understatement of all time. That's why it's so painful for me to look back at these "rantings," although I think it's important that they be preserved for the historical record.

Some background: The USENET, as it's called, came before the World Wide Web as we know it today. You have to understand that back when they started torturing me physically, HARD, INTENSELY, **CRUELLY**, there was no modern Internet for me to turn to. I could not Google "directed energy weapons" or "invisible torture" and find out what was happening to me. There was **no one** for me to turn to. There were no smartphones. 

I turned to the USENET, which is sort of like a public bulletin board. Think of it as a collection of publicly available e-mails that everyone can read. I wrote open letters and posted them to USENET pleading for help, begging the criminals to stop hurt me, asking for help from anyone that could help me, and so forth, and basically just ranting and losing my mind. I analyzed and double-analyzed and triple-analyzed everything I had done in my life up to that point to see what I had done to deserve such torture. There was nothing. Once, I screamed **inside my own apartment, to my own walls** that I had not hired a hit man (or something like that). I HAVE NEVER HIRED A HIT MAN! I have never done anything of the sort. And there is nothing criminal about screaming **ANYTHING ONE WANTS TO** inside one's own apartment, except that one should keep one's voice low. Anyway, I ranted something about this in a USENET posting. I now think a LYING, CRIMINAL NEIGHBOR used this as "evidence" to convince the Denver Police Department and courts that I had threatened to kill her. (SHE ABSOLUTELY LIED, but I was too young and afraid to stand up to her. I took my lawyer's advice and pleaded "no contest". My lawyer told me I could get FIVE YEARS IN PRISON for being convicted of threatening to kill someone, even with no prior criminal history. I wonder to this day if he was really telling me the truth or not, and I **regret** to this day taking his advice and pleading no-contest. For his advice I paid him $1500, all the money I had saved up from my job at the time.)

Anyway, if you can, try to imagine that some unknown, powerful bunch of monsters started targeting YOU and torturing and harassing you day and night, both physically and psychologically, actually SUFFOCATING you each night while you try to sleep. You might "lose it" too.

As time permits, I will post on my website ( some of these USENET postings that I've been able to find on the Internet. And as further time permits, I will annotate each one to explain what they're all about. Please understand that I have NOT yet vetted every USENET post I've found "by me" for accuracy and non-tampering. (Tampering, although unlikely, is always a possibility; someone could "repost" something with words added or changed that I *didn't* write.) I will try to get around to vetting the postings. You can do your own search right now for my old USENET postings by going to Google Groups and searching for posts by "Mike Matloff".


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Comment by Ms. Kris Durschmidt on July 2, 2014 at 1:29pm

If anyone would like to network, befriend or help this TI, he seems to appear to me, to need our support and guidence as a TI for a long time: he claims to have a Blog and web site too.  You can SEE his sites and Youtube at: MikeMatloff  youtube...


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