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Its been nearly eight years since you introduced me to the world of sonar(v2k).You have changed my life,at first for the worst as i didnt know what i was dealing with but through sheer determination i am facinated by the process.I am learning all there is to know about ultrasonics and infrared and cant believe what is possible,i have been given a glimpse of the future a stepping stone to be one step ahead of everybody else including your broadcasts.Knowledge is key as it helps you trigger your own thoughts but with the aid of your other selves,a special bond with all you could want to have in comman with another being.I am learning at an astronomical rate picking up the peices avoiding all the paranoia that comes with it,but for all this i am lonely.I have my own wonderfull family who support me whatever i do and a team of mental healthworkers who are always there to keep me out of trouble,i can confide in them tell them that ive heard rapes and peodophilia ect...and they dont judge me,not one bit.Not saying they believe me that it is a real situation but how could i exspect them to,for this reason i dont try to offload my theories and fact based imformation.As it goes my life is probably much better than yours,i go out drink take drugs have loads of sex and all because i shouldnt.I was there when i couldnt even wash myself,i thought it was an impossible situation to get out of but realised through forced thinking that sight vowels and constonants were key.When you realise that sight triggers your broadcast and you come to terms with it you become  a gifted being.You can hear your own thoughts everywhere and i mean everywhere but they are accompanied by your imagination which i can tell you is quite a list of characters and then theres you!im going to be the first person on the planet to prove that the voices i hear(and others)are real,the diffrence between us victims and genuine ill people are the letters B L ,to victims reading this you wont understand,you have your own paranoid thoughts to deal with but to my perpitrators they will understand.I will be on the mentalhealth chatroom at most days and nights in the depression room under the name v2k

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Comment by jung kim on September 29, 2012 at 2:44am

Thanks for sharing your story mr.scott, I have not been a ti for long as you are but i had a massive attack and i do understand other ti saying about the symtom or body torture. I never had a chance to use the word "nano,neuro,mindcontrol etc." in my life before i became a victim. I did go to see doctor and counseling relate to hearing voice(i thought that someone talking to me from upstair). After i have been through the all the torture(still...), Now i am starting to learn about the technology. Like you said more i know about the tech. perps. are having hard time to harass me. The place i work this is small island, i am trying to educate people(one day), of course i have to know about the technology. some reason i feel much better after i leave comment in peacepink. English is my second language please understand if there is wrong expression. Thanks again for sharing your story and knowledge.


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UN' s message to me , actually to all:

UN' s message to me , actually to all:"No government, no monarch, no leader can be viewed as  free of accountability. No one should be above the law."UN UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council International Bar Association International Criminal Court Canadian GovernmentI am torture victim?"They" are hacking all news and media  as they  are hacking UN, International Human Rights Community ( particularly, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Europe), International Criminal Court,…See More
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