Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

1. Take some panadol or Nurofen to stop  the pain
2. Put rare earth magnets on the spot where the harrassment  is
3. Try pointing your phone, television remote or air conditioner remote around and see if you can find the direction the harrassment signal is coming from. Hold the phone there for a while until the harrassment reduces
4. Try putting both your arms up in the air
5. Try just putting left arm up and palm flat as if trying to put hand on the ceiling
6. In the long term, take Silicea 30c homeopathic remedy to get the implants out.
7. Put Magnoplasm on the spot as there may be implants under the skin causing the harrassment. The magnoplasm will help get them out.  
8. Try saying 'I don't believe' it 3 times 
9. Use a Faraday blanket from Amazon. They would stop  the signals getting through. It might be worth trying. I didn't know about it when I was a TI so I don't know if it works. 
10 Don't forget to put Magnoplasm in right cheek hollow to get voices out of your head. 

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I recently have become a victim of V2K. I was wanting to know of any ways to block it..
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