Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Torture from a victims point of view



If you think that you can prove that someone can be tortured by remote based brain or cranium you are absolutely wrong. The only way torture by remote control, is if it could be done by using the mind of a target. If you understand that mind has nothing to do with what is in a person's skull, and that things like sleep are not biological at all, then it is possible to torture a person at will from anywhere. Not only have been tortured for 17 years night and day 24 hours a day, but I was physically tortured by my step brother when I was 12 years until the time my step brother went into the Navy. If you think it is not possible to cause someone to do something they would not do if they weren't controlled I am positive, after 30 years of thinking I was to blame for something that most people would not understand. 

My step brother became my step brother because of an arranged marriage through using my brother to set up our dad without knowing what was happening and why it was happening.

If I could explain to you what it is like to live from month to month counting on sleeping pills to help you to sleep, but realizing that not only does the sleep deprivation continue, but they escalate the torture when you have run out of sleeping pills for the month, The kind of torture I am talking about is real. It not the same as the torture that was done to me where I could say even though no one not even me could identify that the person living in my bedroom and calling me step brother did. It is the type of torture that is done using something that somehow, even though I do not understand or know how it can be done, can use invisible devices of a 4 dimensional nature to actually touch my skin, because the device is built to recognize when it touches skin, and it is always done while I am trying to sleep. I have to hold my hand over my crotch all day long because it is directed at my pelvis area.

I have a few pages that I printed directly from that prove that what I am saying is true. they have changed that site so it has nothing on it that it did have on it. I used my notebook computer to access that site when it did have something on it, but because I was still catching up to figuring what was going on without anyone to turn to tell me, I did not get off the site everything I could have gotten. Not only that but my laptop computer was destroyed so I could not even go to the site anymore. If you are familiar with the dynamic fourth dimension it is possible, and it can be done at any time, especially since I have been a target since I was seven years old to take any electronic piece of equipment and disable, or even damage so it can never be fixed by matching the circuit or something like that. My laptop, at one point in time was the only computer I had, and I had two at the time that had a link, using my favorites, that allowed me to still get to Temple of the Screaming Electron. Someone that really knows the internet knows how to make it possible for someone logging onto a site to somehow scramble the address so your browser is not able to go there. But my favorite got that when I marked it as a favorite. So I was able to go back just one more time, and the laptop was disabled and I was never able to use the laptop again.                                  


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Im a former NYPD/School Saftey Agent1998 - 2005After resigning in 2005...2007 perpetrators began attacking with energy weapons they murder my grandmother and scamed my father who won NY lottery 2002 millions of dollars in stock market scam.
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WE COMPETE WITH THE SUPER RICH FOR THE WORLD'S FINITE RESOURCES SO IT APPEARS THAT THEY ARE PLANNING TO GENOCIDE US.The worldwide power grids may be taken down by the unelected worldwide hierarchical based chain of command by electromagnetic pulse weapons. The worldwide heirarchical based chain of command new world order commanders see their fellow men and women as their enemy because we compete with them for what they believe are worldwide finite resources. Then, waste water treatment plants…See More
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"All that's going on in the world is UN AGENDA 21, which is also known as, AGENDA £30, which is the same thing.  when you hear a politician talking about, 'sustainable' development, productivity, energy, agriculture,…"
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" this page will show ST-SCAN taken in the VA Hospital Washington DC same person same chip implant taken in 2017-2018-2019 in main lane China"
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