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Turkish PSI-Terror by Kilic Heidelberg: Psychophysical symptoms specifically from PSI and the question of cancer

Turkish PSI-Terror by Kilic Heidelberg: Psychophysical symptoms specifically from PSI and the question of cancer

A difficult topic. Many very advanced concept necessary to motivate the required conjunctions within the complex psychophysical system. Damaging effects from PSI could be, if so, a side-effect or a direct consequence. Naming the central element is a first goal, a sensitive complex of organs, a most complex organ, there are at least some possibilities.

On the other hand, many of us are very much acquainted with the psychophysical PSI-Terror from this turkish PSI-Group concerning psychokinestic effects, a long list exists here in this forum.

There are many highly dangerous experiments from these psychopathic turks from this Kilic-PSI-Group from Heidelberg. Critical PSI-experiments by this KILIC-PSI-GROUP concerning the special role of consciousness levels and the "corresponding" conjunction down to psychophysical levels, certainly the immune system and possibly forms/levels of (quasi) auto-immune-reactions, already showed horrendously how much of the whole consciousness needs to be conscious or made conscious and how much unconscious to effect this or that. 

One PSI-effect is that much important I will state it here first, namely the weakening of our immune system by PSI-Terror, something I personally experienced in my years in Heidelberg and other countries in Western Germany. Psychokinesis, a human's own sexuality and several other details play together a large role for how our immune system works, especially if weakened by continous PSI-attacks, heavy and repeated sleep deprivation, psycho terror and several other disturbances of healthy body functions. Kilic-PSI-Group, a turkish PSI-Group from Heidelberg with bizarre fetish for genital-oriented psychokinetic attacks, assaulting victims sexually overnight, is especially known for interfering with healthy body functions, certainly also brain functions and as I said consciousness levels.

On the other hand these turkish psychopaths did so much to isolate from the rest of the socialized and healthy-thinking society, they do not go out e.g. in the grocery store to regularly buy food for themselves, a fact I have already noticed 20 years back in 1999 in the famous "Humboldstraße 24, 69120 Heidelberg-Neuenheim" apartment, an intelligent and important observation. Because from isolation they got mad and horrendously angry on all and everything.

But what is the consequence of this self-inflicted hunger. Well, one single consequence is for example one of the turk's claim to be allegedly able to transfer mind-over-matter, energy and matter from other people. This might sound a bit odd, but it is true, Kilic brought it with the same telepathy. It certainly means to condition themselves in a way, to not sleep, to need eat, to not go outside, to not talk verbally, to not life psychosocially healthy, to not live emotionally healthy, to not have real friends but lots of enemies, being not a help for others', to not take part in society and many more.

What do we learn from this psychopathic "EXPERIMENT" with respect to cancer? The possibility that other people around this psychopathic PSI-experiments, mind-over-matter experiments, become that much disturbed physiologically, emotionally and certainly biochemically and perhaps even deeper from these psychopathic psychokinesis and mind-over-matter experiments, attempting to move objects, bodies, to not eat over prolonged time-periods....the only thing that results from this bullshit are a multitude of severe illnesses of targeted individuals, victims of this Kilic-PSI-Group from Heidelberg.

Making somebody extremely bad and dissonant emotions from telepathy and psychokinesis might be another cause for dysfunctions. In past times Kilic even coined a word for what he understood telepathically to be utterly ugly emotions. He brought telepathically "Es ist Gur...", referring to forensic medicine and contents of the stomach. And this is only one example. Why did he tell this if not for the purpose to terrorize, sabotage and experiment on victims?

To me it seems more likely KILIC-PSI-GROUP experimented on selected victims with their telepathy/psychokinesis.

Every human is a little different. The organs of a human body can react differently to this radical PSI-Terror, the heart reacts this way, the immune system this way, genitals this way, the skin this way, and so on and so on. There might be a ranking of PSI-sensitivity of our organs with respect to this radical PSI-Terror. What is on the top of this list? Brain-functions, Sleep and immune system? Genitals?

Can we preclude a multitude of damaging effects at all? After all what happened?

Nobody can say for certain what's going on in the brains of these turkish psychopaths unless the turks of this KILIC-PSI-GROUP are under daily psychiatric observation. And nobody can say for sure who's next and what these psychopathic turks are up next in Heidelberg.

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