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Turkish PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg and 911: Asbestos in the towers as a chemical hazard, yearslong urging PSI-Terror against services and known PSI-activity from the pre-911 time

Some observations and analytical thoughts:

-both twin tower were finished around 1970/1973 and contained asbestos for over 25years! 400+ tons of asbestos.

-existing GLADIO(since 50's) and Remote-Viewing-Program(since 1978) from past years, GLADIO is proven state-sponsored terrorism, Remote-Viewing allegedly wasn't accomplished convincingly with own resources but was just realized when a radical turkish PSI-group was assigned or self-proclaimed to be domestic operatives for the purpose of PSI-Terror affecting hundreds of thousands or millions of citizen permanently to realize PSI-manipulative methods and PSI-weapons, insofar this is also necessarily realized as a state-sponsored terrorism especially if a state like Germany omits/denies/counters to investigate and name the real PSI-Perpetrators exhaustively and even starts deception campaigns in favor for these psychopathic turkish PSI-perpetrators or malevolently tries citizens to talk into the believe of other normal citizens being the alleged continuous origin of homicidal and evil PSI-activity. Kilic's PSI-Terror is a form and manifestation of turkish right-wing terror.

-Kilic's PSI-activity was known in Baden-Württemberg many years before 1990

-Kilic appears to have urged over many years in advance different services (e.g. local CIA-Heidelberg and obviously also in N.Y.) with the information that there are tons of harmful asbestos materials, practically poisons, talking them into the believe PSI-Terror is because of asbestos and chemical hazards, and how urgent this allegedly is, what also played a pronounced role was Kilic's attacking through the timezones and molesting citizens in other countries and continously commenting telepathically about their issues, he bragged about this "dual perspective" many times and what he allegedly caused telepathically here or elsewhere, it appears he even partially used german language for example: "Nun schau' Dir doch mal an wie Du dastehst...." and obviously choose a personal form to address people, it appears Kilic urged telepathically to achieve changes and this was meant more and more politically, it was known in Heidelberg at every point in time that Kilic caused severe problems.

-many people, my person included, dreamt of dangerously shaking skyscrapers, dangerously shaking floors while being in a floor in incredible height, many years before 911 and also afterwards, as I understand it this happened along the lines of what later became known as "dream telepathy"(a mindcontrol product from Kilic Heidelberg!), also sudden acrophobia suggested over telepathy played a role, this re-occoured in later years but in the clear context of natural earthquakes or collapses of buildings which actually followed and occurred

-in 1999 I worked in the DKFZ Heidelberg(German Cancer Research Center) as a civil servant, several scientific employees made strange hints like "sonst bricht hier aaalles zusammen...." (or everything collapses), i misspelled the german word "alles" to show how this was stressed by these employees back then, obviously something was known back then and it was an unsolvable problem or a combination of unsolvable problems. I understood this the way PSI-activity, telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol from the turkish household Kilic was meant and was/is a serious problem. The story goes further. Some employees(names available) of DKFZ knew this turkish household Kilic and later visited several times in 1999 and 2000 and probably also in later years. I have many details about Kilic PSI-activity in this research institution. Many employees appeared to be molested or disturbed by this turkish PSI-Terror, especially considering the relatively close proximity to Kilic's apartment back then. Every employee there had a qualified and experienced opinion about the basic question of telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol but in the special context of Kilic and Kilic's PSI-group in the town Heidelberg and mentioned here and there several details, fragments and own experiences, made some hints, probably to ease pressures and to inform others. 

The situation changed since then, the institution E0400 moved a few hundred meters on the campus.

-when living in Humboldstraße 24, 69120 Heidelberg-Neuenheim, at one time Kilic showed with thumb and finger "a pronto" maybe an italian "pronto please", this was one year or a little more before 09/11/2001, one of the younger turkish brother who always claimed to have special knowledge in math, he showed this "pronto" out of the window in the first floor, he knew he could be seen and showed it nevertheless at one time when I left the house, this younger brother Kilic also owned a cellphone at that time and showed himself several times demonstratively making a call before the opened window, he laughed and played, it was a parterre apartment to the right, he clearly tried to suggest some monumentally important information. Did he refer/hint to the cellphone paradox in advance?

-yet some months later, before 911, he demonstratively started giving telepathic commands in different directions: "Legt los...!" and "Fangt an...!" These commands could be perceived partially in german and as continuous telepathic comments and while being directly in the floor above them! The direction appeared to be north from Heidelberg and maybe in cities far away. 

-the role of the older Mrs. Kilic("Für Ihr Grüßen können Sie sich mal") in the pre-911 timeperiod is highly relevant. Back then Mrs. Kilic played an eager feminist, strenghening during nighttime her calves, breaking the proud of victims, targets and citizens, with PSI-Sex-Rape-Terror and making it appear solely the work of a woman or herself, in reality this turkish PSI-Terror is perpetrated by a male/female PSI-Group, Mrs. Kilic apparently played "tout calves of a woman", she was walking during the night(sounds!) with heels put on in the apartement(below) where I was living, these heels made disturbing sounds during the night, Mrs. Kilic stressed over telepathy on many occasions that she prefers to keep in a position of "all time ready to leave the house", still clothed for outside and to leave, all these informations were telepathically present but as I lived there in 1999 I know for sure they were physically awake during the nighttime quite quite often, they also stayed awake for many days probably up to weeks many times, Mrs. Kilic also laughed nastily and spitefully even over telepathy and I am quite sure this is characteristic for her. It was/is part of the sabotage, a Sex-PSI-Terror sabotage weakening society and deceiving about what had/has priority, the subversion of the modern society with Sex-Terror over telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol, in combination with this PSI-Sex-Terror many political details were distinct, for example: over many nights Mrs. Kilic and the other members of this radical PSI-Group, especially Kemal Kilic, brought telepathically: "Saddam...."(only this name!) while a woman could be seen telepathically, as if presenting a women, holding her hand high, or presenting the name, also the words "hore of babylon"(babylonische Hure) occurred several times explicitly over telepathy, also extreme jealousy was distinctly present, these and other detailed contents played a role over many years before and after 911 and this is undoubtedly tied to Kilic's PSI-Group in Heidelberg

-the role of the very loud and clear telepathic comment from around 1997/1998 from this turkish PSI-Group: "Hähäh...dem wurde das Gesicht abgesägt...", it could mean to attack somebody or the time after a PSI-attack against somebody occurred, it certainly could also mean to sabotage somebody, if somebody was sawn off it means he was thrown out.

-another oddity from this pre-911 timeperiod was for example Kilic's provocative act to change for a time the name on the door to "Kowalski", it actually does not belong to Kilic but it might be a hint to/for Kemal Kilic himself, also several other residents noticed this immediately, the most probable explanation for the name and the purpose besides distracting all residents in this house is Kilic's pervert attack of one university employee, working at that time as an administrative employee, in german: Verwaltungsangestellter, at an institution of the university(full name available, years later I met that man!) Kilic apparently attacked this man over telepathy that much heavily and that much sadistically and over a long time, Kilic choose habitual victims for joy and satisfaction, he often laughed about his victims and that they were almost pushed trough the walls, it must be perceived a form of insulting and an attempt to malevolently imitate another person and another identity but of course also to ignite forms of extreme domestic terror by this solely turkish family Kilic(born Güldane) from Heidelberg, so this means Kilic was that much aggressive and self-confident in the time before 911, he PSI-raped like a butcher and attacked and assaulted numberless residents of all kind with psychokinesis to the genitals, it is probably Kilic's sadistic, bragging and pervert nature that let him write the name of one of his habitual PSI-victims on his own door. That's true!

-Kemal Kilic owned an older wine-red Opel Kadett "Life"(poor condition!) at that time with the license plate HD-KI1296 (a note: Kilic obviously choose initials of his own name and probably the month/year of admission), in later years he owned a black VW-Golf in Heidelberg, as far as today authorities block any official and formal requests to hand out the precise names of these turks, although we now know that it is also about the name "Güldane", I have stated as a reason my intend to initiate a lawsuit against Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) which is of course true. Interested citizens and lawyers from any country from the international community can try themselves to get from german authorities information about Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) and his dubious PSI-group, male and female relatives and friends of Memet Kilic(Die Grünen), for a formal lawsuit. Highly relevant to the question how the pre-911 timeperiod was and what role PSI-Warfare played and that former governmental "psychics", actually the real psychics or "PSI-active psychics" from the Star-Wars-Program, played the main role over the last 30 years, changed their behaviours and deranged more and more, developed terminal behaviour, to the poor state economically, socially and considering HR that we have now.

-yet another oddity became recognizable when living at this Humboldstraße 24 apartment, at one time a female turk was extremely upset, obviously because "a certain bizarre plan was accepted with approval", this female turk wondered that it actually was approved and was happy about it: "Hääh, die haben es tatsächlich gemacht..."(defense circles and israel?), this also happened in the months before 09/11/2001, this bizarre plan probably also includes Kilic's PSI-adapted version of Mindcontrol, False-Flag-operations, synthetic terror and submitting the whole world, what resulted was an advanced PSI-catalyzed or PSI-supported False-Flag-manover, basically a PSI-catalyzed amok with the help of modern methods of telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol, at that time practically no amok cases were known in germany, but it is my understanding that outside germany a long history of PSI-catalyzed amok crimes exist, which became known in much later years, in the 90's these turks were extremely arrogant, attacking, insulting and PSI-raping each and every citizen, it is my judgment from careful observation that they were interested in making/advancing terror laws, a proven phenomenon we especially heard in the U.S., actually and honestly Kilic's PSI-Terror, a form of synthetic terror, played a most important role, and it was out there over all past years, these turks evoked the impression that they are going to have a brilliant future in Heidelberg, financially independent and almost untouchable, one the other hand it appeared they gained their confidence solely from repeated pervert PSI-rapes of numberless residents in Heidelberg, each and every target could be touched("Kilic erreicht nicht...."), and each and every target must accept their pervert terms which is of course only Kilic's maniac world view and nothing more, it is also possible that with the approval of a certain most bizarre plan Memet Kilic(Die Grünen) got promoted within the intelligence community, his PSI-group played an important role in arranging several conditions including the guaranteed possibility of domestic PSI-Terror, there are rumors he and his PSI-group was promoted and invited for a career in Germany after accomplishing or allegedly helping with the fall of the Berlin Wall with PSI-methods, but this is not necessarily the case because the fall of the Berlin Wall was a long planned geostrategic, territorial, intelligence coordinated and administrative act, facially it looked like a PSI-supported peaceful revolution opening up the possibility to introduce PSI-manipulators in modern society as alleged heroes, but we all know how this story continued: Kilic and his PSI-group became malevolent, paranoid and homicidal, leading the whole world from one catastrophe to just another catastrophe, namely the synthetic terror, PSI-Terror and hundreds of thousands of amok cases, economic wars and desaster capitalism and all this fundamentally tied to Kilic's yearslong terrorizing PSI-Terror in Heidelberg.

-another oddity back then in Heidelberg: the strong telepathic impression of religious delusions or even delusional disorder(Sendungswahn oder missionarischer Wahn/Missionswahn), it appeared Kilic experimented preferredly with this at that time and probably was already experimenting with this since years with any victims, it appeared as if somebody should be made doing/committing something maybe for the first time, at several occasions Kilic even showed telepathically a man holding a blank and shiny silver cross before himself in his hands, this as a fact also points into the direction of religions or religious delusions, sometimes Kilic showed telepathic images from the Neckar and the Neckar bank(towards Neckargemünd), all perceivable easily over Kilic's telepathy and part of an experimental mindcontrol-setup. So with other words: it was known back then that Kilic is actively experimenting with dangerous Manchurian-candidate-style telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol, an indept urge to do this or to do that was present, and one of the turkish sisters(probably sister of Fidan Ulucan Kilic) together with one or more brothers manipulated these "individual targets", it seemed they enjoyed their pervert urges, at that time they were active day and night, I had the impression of a privately sustained operative basis, all members of this turkish PSI-group are participating, females and males, active day and night, regular overnight PSI-Terror. I am remembering the malicious intend of this turkish male/female PSI-Group to arbitrarily select potential victims who do not know at all about telepathy, psychokinesis and mindcontrol, moreover to preferably select just those targets being psychoanalytically unacquainted or unknown to principles of consciousness enhancement, because these turks would be more easily successful with totally unacquainted/unwitting targets. But it was also about the proportions of conscious/unconscious of an arbitrarily selected victim's consciousness, itself. The female turks of this PSI-Group preferredly attacked vulnerable, unacquainted, uninformed targets, it seemed to me the role of conscious|unconscious occouring in the same point fascinated them at that time.

-finally, one the day of 09/11/2001 around 15:00CET Kilic appeared to point into a far direction over telepathy, he probably meant the collision in N.Y., alarming citizens even over telepathy, almost showing them a virtual perspective, as far as I know this was accompanied with explicit and strong telepathic activity from this turkish PSI-group even on a 1:1 time basis and through the timezones with the exact time.

-in later years it became known to me, that sometime before 1990 Kilic repeatedly thought loudly about the "Jihad" like "das ist dann nur noch der Jihad" or "da ist dann nur noch der Jihad". The question is what does it mean and does it belong to any other consideration? For example it could belong to the question where and how wars could be ignited and started. It could also refer to the problem that in modern times intelligence was deemed almost unnecessary and outdated. The cold war was over. The Military Industrial Complex needs targets. If there are no natural targets, they must be created. To create them people must be elicited to be hateful, full of rage. And it should look naturally and genuine, the perfect false-flage-manover is a PSI-false-flag-operation, almost all people can be elicited with this, actually it is a known problem in europe and a problem caused by Kilic Heidelberg.

So it appears this was and is accomplished with Kilic's telepathy, psychokinesis and catalyzing mindcontrol and PSI-rapes and with PSI-torture, prohibited and most banned methods. They constitute a C.A.H., a Crime Against Humanity.

So this means: Kilic started to talk about Jihad before 1990(nobody knew even the word back then, it wasn't common!) using telepathy and psychokinesis to elicit people over years, he organized, invented and formed new military targets so that new wars became possible, actually using telepathy and psychokinesis over years and living in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg. Another reason for this development was Kilic's own high interest to join the intelligence community, but he could only have an intelligence-related job, if the reason for this job exists in reality. If it doesn't exist it must be forcefully created. That's Kilic's crime and longterm characteristic: creating synthetic targets and synthetic terrorisms with his own PSI-Terror-method, a radical, discriminating, degrading, PSI-rape method and direct PSI-assault by this turkish PSI-Group.

In later years it became known: "911 ist eine Intelligence Operation zur Erschaffung und Sicherung neuer Aufgaben und neuer Aufgabenbereiche...". With Synthetic Terror and of course also with synthetic PSI-Terror, both of this is one whole piece now.

Some have called this War-Games, others have called it Synthetic Terror, what is almost missing is this most important piece, the socalled PSI-catalyzed terror, which is essentially terror in it's own. Kilic's domestic PSI-Terror from Heidelberg. I am pointing out, that Kilic's PSI-Terror is not only a C.A.H. it is also strongly connected to generating pre-war conflicts, conflicts leading to war or constituting the reasons for a war, and it is part of a war crime, constitutes the crime of aggression. These crimes are perpetrated in a/with help of a selected circle of highest intelligence, a special interplay of factors in the chosen country germany, the interplay of 18 or more intelligence services in germany, several CIA-staging units in germany, the Mossad, certainly the military government in germany, and the dubious turkish family Kilic(born Güldane) moving for the special purpose of a covert intelligence career to germany, molesting, terrorizing and torturing millions of citizens, making numberless laws effectively impossible, installing and establishing domestic forms of dangerous terror, synthetic terror, submitting the rest of the country and the rest of the world, leading to many different crisis on all levels, leading to impoverishment for millions in all countries, to unemployment and economic worsening with the resulting impossibility to instate citizens, leading to economic wars and desaster capitalism. A longtime known goal of criminal intelligence groups or special self-proclaimed intelligence enthusiasts and PSI-actors(Kilic Heidelberg) is their agenda goal to get and keep people unemployed, financially ruin them or creating the highest dependence from intelligence groups or the military industrial complex and associates. More Kilic PSI-Terror produces more synthetic terror and that's good for the MIC and associates. Kilic probably perceives himself the big MIC-Star, an entertainer and telepathic mediator: "Ihr könnt doch sonst nicht mit ihm reden....."(Kilic meant the MIC!), who can make synthetic terror and wars infinitely often. Yet the question actually leads into the direction that this whole synthetic terror is a direct answer, and not a new one, specifically to Kilic's PSI-Terror, the MIC attacked itself in Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg. Kilic's credo is also: if you don't like wars, military, weapons, destruction and killing, then you can be made consensus using PSI-methods, you'll experience yourself completely different after several weeks of PSI-rapes. And so on.

On the other hand Kilic's domestic PSI-Terror threatens and blackmails citizens to cover him or making citizens to patsys or abusing/involving innocent citizens as his PSI-alibi. His own "survival" as a PSI-Terrorist within a "limited operation/maneuver" depends strongly on an intimidated background-mass of fearful citizens.("Kilic braucht immer jemanden mit dem er macht...").

This together makes up the big picture and one closed circuit. 

If it wasn't for this forum and blogs like these, the truth wouldn't even be out there.

In the UN there is a right for the truth, and this is not a secondary right! There's no right in the world for criminal intelligence services for claiming anything unlawful from any citizens, and yet this is precisely what is happening here, paranoid turks who rise pervert terms, overruling legal standards with overnight PSI/Psycho-Terror against unconscious/sleeping citizens, playing fate with the lifes of others persons and thousands of other perversions more, we all know it leads only to desasters and not to improvements of any kind but to horrendous worsenings on multiple levels everywhere.

We have a right to know if criminal insane turkish PSI-manipulators(Kilic in Heidelberg), or deranged Star-Wars-Psychics, now in a role against the own civil society, try to lead us to wars, destruction, impoverishment, psychological/PSI-torture and terminal developments. It is also about millions of lifes being destroyed politically, socially, economically and as a h-u-m-a-n b-e-i-n-g by only one single malevolent and evil turkish household, namely the turkish household and the PSI-group behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen). The answer is quite simple: there is no right to terrorize a civil society with pervert, sadistic, sexually oriented, malevolent and malicious PSI-Warfare.

We, the citizens, still do not have the full answers:

Was there an intelligence split-up(IL/Saudi/US) due to Kilic's PSI-Terror from Heidelberg in the 90's?

Why was it, that the leader(Jarrah) of the "Hamburg cell" back in 1999 was the cousin of a known mossad agent and did not stop unlawful developments? Most certainly he was himself a mossad operative, a cell-operative.

Did Kilic's PSI-group help telepathically to synchronize the operations of this manover leading to 911, as a combined psycho-physical perpetrated operation in total, for example coordinating with telepathy operatives but also by eliciting hatefully potential targets at the right time, which lead (as in other cases) to committing crimes? Kilic's principle over years: "ausgehöhlte/ausgestopfte Identität/Personality", quasi like two separated worlds quite close to each other, especially a potential "candidate" does not know the full picture, only Kilic knows. A principle of secrecy, related to psychology of secrecy, in modern time this was very much modified/adapted with Kilic's PSI-methods and was and is part of Kilic's PSI-methods of subversion and deception. A dual method with fetish for binarity, grotesque and bizarre.

Did Kilic specifically interfere with his right-wing PSI-Terror in the Afghanistan war of the late 80's, did he interfere with CIA-intelligence operations up to a state of "out of control" from his Heidelberg apartment, did he attack Mujahedeen-fighters in the 90's or did Kilic's PSI-Terror interfere with another part of this one huge Star-Wars-Program in the 90's? A self-interference as he is part of the game! 

Why was it, that warnings of more than ten international intelligence services were neglected prior to the events of 09/11/2001?

What's to Kilic's later telepathic statement that 911 is beneath other goals also a mean and a method to avoid(!) people getting as rich and as wealthy as the rest of the western world? Kilic over telepathy: "Ja, Ihr sollt nicht alles haben...". Fact is that global impoverishment started after 911 step by step, it has reached new horrendous records in recent times.

-Why is it, instead of countering foreseeable terrorists threats the Defense Department and some special units or intelligence circles choose to plant demolitions devices in the Twin Towers, concretely planning to destroy the buildings including over 3000 employees(plus approx. 1600 cancer deaths) not being informed in advance. Instead a future crime scene was staged in advance. Countering terrorists threats of limited persons contra mass murder/genocide or predetermined casualties. They choose mass murder and probably political programs for decades affecting the rest of the world socially, financially, politically and as a human being. The role of Kilic's PSI-Terror plays an extraordinary role not only in staging this crime but moreover in perpetrating the perfect crime. Everything was staged, Kilic's PSI-Group a comfortable way to commit an (almost) perfect crime, an almost untracable crime, and to motivate strong political changes. Kilic plays on both sides.

In the time period after 1990 Kilic began his inhuman, pervert and cruel PSI-Terror, many telepathic images occurred over the years, many names fell, too much activity we don't accept and allow. But what is important: How can it be explained that some telepathic images were extremely aggressive, in extreme rage? One such example I have noticed, just until some years back, is the following telepathic image: the 19th century chemist Mendelejew posing eagerly or a little bit expressive but very characteristicly on a historic foto. Everybody knows this historic foto. Kilic oftenly focused hatred, threads, warnings and giant rage together with this telepathic image on selected victims, a clear and undoubtful telepathic manipulation from Kilic. But why? And why a historic chemist? Did/does Kilic believe Mendelejews eyes or facial features around the eyes resemble somebody in a way? And was this somebody also a chemist in a special field? As far as I know this detail existed since the eighties and molested victims over years. Did Kilic hint to the early "Tim Osman" from 1981?


Why is it, this Kilic PSI-group wasn't committed into a mental or forensic institution in the last years, although thousands of precise and justified reports and testimonies exist? Kilic's PSI-group poses an active homicidal threat/danger to all peaceful, lawful and healthy living citizens.

My First-Hand-witness account about this turkish PSI-Terror:

I am offering to any serious reporter, researcher, humanrights lawyer with interest in 911 or PSI-Warfare or the Star-Wars-Program(RV) and the truth and my personal witness testimony about the relevance and the meaning of turkish PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg in the pre and after 911 timeperiod, how this developed and all other thinkable details and bits and pieces around this turkish PSI-group. There are many witnesses to 911 but only few when it's about very special details. PSI-Terror definitely belongs to the Star-Wars-Program, but was just realizable after 1990 largely. PSI-Terror must be understood as a part of synthetic terror, a criminal bypass of UN-Charta and highest legal standards, an illegal product of maniac and paranoid intelligence and defense circles.

You can contact me anonymously over this blog, we can also meet at a location of choice(when possible!) and we can have a discussion about all the details I know about Memet Kilic's PSI-group in Heidelberg and especially Kemal Kilic, a most radical and pervert turk with certainly a main role within this turkish PSI-Terror.

You can also ask me publicly any question, which I prefer, about this most important and highly illegal PSI-Warfare manipulation from Kilic Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg in Germany. PSI-Terror or PSI-Warfare as a special part of synthetic terror played definitely a role for the events of 911, in the final analysis the socalled synthetic terror is a paranoid, genocidal and maniac answer directly to Kilic's PSI-Terror.

The true story of the fraudulent war on terror and previous 911-trigger event is by far not told completely. Considering the role of Kilic's PSI-Terror it is with certainty a combined PSI-PSY-Warfare operative manover, probably triggered and maybe even oversight using telepathy and other PSI-methods. 911 is a double layered specially staged manover, one part is manipulating future victims(PSI), the other part is staging a future crime scene with nanothermite and other required components on a physical level in advance. Both of it interacted together. One the other hand Kilic's PSI-Group is already proof in itself of CIA/Mossad involvement.

Still the question remains how much drones/drone-airplanes were necessary for this manover. Did some Mossad operatives together with Kilic's highly psychopathic PSI-Terror from Heidelberg trick, brainwash, incite, guide the future hijackers, focusing only on selected persons, to commit real crimes? Did only 2 of the four alleged heavy airliners crash, the other 2 undamaged and switched with small corporate jets(both had very similar debris, blue/red) being later shot down? Why wasn't Jarrah, Hanjour and Atta in one group in the same airliner and lived in 40 miles separated apartments in Florida in the months before? If all those future hijackers were in one group, why was it, Jarrah's apartment and "Jarrah's money" was allegedly always very limited and kept very much separated from the others, while Atta had allegedly very much money all the time? Was this separation necessary to avoid possible suspicion/traces and because Jarrah was a cell-operative, operating and manipulating a cell? Mossad-operatives, that means cell-operatives, separated from incited hijackers. 

We must never forget the fact that PSI-Warfare, Remote-Viewing, Mujahedeen-fighters and later follow-up creations is all within one large program, the Star-Wars-Program from the 80's, over all past years and even now all these features are part of one and the same program.

Last not least in modern days we still observe the "cell-operative-scheme" with KILIC-PSI-GROUP in different areas, which also speaks for the fact that this belongs to "a big masterplan", a principle in the intelligence community where synthetic terror and bizarre plans are drafted, coordinated and synchronized. It is about leading figures in groups leading only selected members to a predetermined goal of choice. Cell-operatives attempt to find others, who can be tricked, trapped, brainwashed and if necessary blackmailed, to do the "real dirty work".

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Nova Scotia reports 1 new death, 163 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday

Nova Scotia reported one death related to COVID-19 and 163 new cases of the virus on Saturday.The death, a man in his 70s, is in the central health zone. It is the province's 71st COVID-related death.The number of active cases marks a significant decrease from the previous day's figure of 227.On Friday, Premier Iain Rankin indicated there were more than 200 positive results that had not been logged…See More
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