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Turkish PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg: Is the Rule of Law guaranteed or merely not before this background, some analytical thoughts and comments about this

The german law/authorities versus PSI-Terror from Kilic's PSI-Group

Some observations and an analysis

Up side down. Or "Up-side-down" is a telepathic phrase from the time after 1990, the first years in Kilic's new homeland, in Germany. A female turks was and is known for this. It is probably taken from somewhere. But what does such a phrase really mean if it was telepathically brought? The malevolent intend to manipulate.

I think that it marked the beginning, together with hundreds or thousands of other manmade PSI-contents and PSI-manipulations of our legal system, of total corrupting and directly influencing, on a real time basis essentially and if necessary, citizen's understanding what is justice, what is legally conform, what is fraudulent misconduct, what are the rights of ctizens. With Kilic's move to Germany and with the rise of the PSI-groups' manipulative experiments the rule of law is impaired/was/is permanently violated and is obviously itself under the dense impressions and the full manipulative influence by methods of this Kilic PSI-group.

Is our legal system that much sofisticated that it is immune against permanent PSI-influences, are revengeful acts of wrongdoing, of arbitrarily fraudulently misconduct, precluded at all?

Quite certainly not!

I am a victim of a special fraudulent misconduct. A combination of first Parapsychology and then fraudulent misconduct.

What adds up, and this is why it is first, I was a close neighbor to this suspect turkish PSI-household Kilic in Heidelberg, then many years later a fake process, being completely illegitime and unlawful at all followed, this was and is evidently a malevolent fake process. I was legally represented by a former attorney. Heidelberg is known for such paranoid methods, I have already mentioned it up to a certain degree in my other blog, although not necessarily all details refer to what I personally experienced, at all. A selected circle of persons, some judges, some attorneys, some employees of the local "Ordnungsamt" in Heidelberg performed a foul play, showing at the best how sofisticated alleged proof can be fraudulently misinterpreted, fraudulently planted and even manipulated, how sofisticated lies can be propagated.

Comparing this to other german authorities in other cities, I must say I have never had anything like this ever again, but this is merely due to this previous Heidelberg story. 

I have always expected that this must be due to a pronounced dangerous combination of circumstances, namely the fact that malevolent PSI-assaults happened to high ranking local CIA-officials for example from the local USAREUR in Heidelberg and others, who themself do not see a possibility to get rid of this. And Kilic/Kilic's family, including Kemal Kilic, is a local resident since years, think about it!

It is then the predominant U.S. influence on german law-authorities(weisungsgebunden) the special circumstances from Kilic's PSI-group in Heidelberg that reasons why legally fraudulent and malevolent conducts exist and why citizens are accused with that much nonsense. This must be understood as a generalized reaction to Kilic's PSI, with arbitrary wrongdoing included and pre-installed.

According to what I personally came to know the PSI-background, especially from far past years, played a pronounced role. The female judge Barthels and the attorney Pistor, expert witness Prof. Rolf Aderjan with known ties and deeper relations to U.S. services and gov'feds from former times, chief attorney Dr. Grauss, the law enforcement officer Körner, the employee of the Heidelberg Ordnungsamt Karl-Heinz Wolfert and his colleges all have one thing in common, namely yearslong extremely cutting-edge experiences with PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg. Then, at least in this case, revengeful acts like sudden misunderstandings, claims to allegedly know special law differently, fraudulent misconduct, or perplex suspect without legal base follow. Although it seems it could be much of "a giant first rage from numberless past years" and personal problems with PSI of these employees of the state, I have no doubts that this fraudulent misconduct happened with other citizens. It must be understood a direct revengeful reaction to Kilic's PSI-activity. Another suspect judge from the Heidelberg area can be stated, the civil judge Rauscher, as being much more frequent known or present over the years with having unpleasant PSI-experiences from Kilic Heidelberg, knowing to the fullest about Kilic's PSI-Terror and yet playing dubious unlawful games, then again protecting Kilic and damaging millions of citizens with alleged psychiatric diagnoses utilizing and instrumentalizing Kilic's PSI-group against the public, also disturbing other citizens. According to these named persons, all citizens but Kilic and Kilic's PSI-group, are stupid, disqualified and unworthy citizens. Considering their own deliberate PSI-experiences there's no question in my mind whatsoever that fraudulent, malevolent and illegal juristical acts were perpetrated by these employees of the state, a revengeful act of extreme hatred because of PSI, telepathy, psychokinesis, mindcontrol from Kilic. We have the proof from a previous court case, if somebody is interested, we can discuss all the details of this case publicly. Don't forget: Kilic was and is a local resident in Heidelberg am Neckar, Baden-Württemberg.

One example chosen from many other noteworthy details and faults of this case is for example: when asking the female judge Barthels in the courtroom why a totally faulty indictment was granted and why we can't proceed in conformity with law as we know it and as it is required by law, the female judge Barthels in Heidelberg answered unprofessionally but consciously: "Ja, dann können wir es ja gleich lassen...."(precise!). This shows so much with what fraudulent and malevolent intents, and definitely legally faulty and invalid, the legal system and moreover selected employees of the state, possibly with intelligence ties the one or the other way, perform out of a personal hateful, revengeful and malevolent intent, and maliciously, with the irrational and superstitious goal to get off Kilic's PSI and make it somehow attach to somebody, and therefore utilize and re-instrumentalize, with an astounding creativity, existing PSI-Problems and also invent here and there whatever is necessary. What adds up is that all named persons claimed to know and perceive a certain law exactly the opposite way it actually is, the judge included. The female judge Barthels was then called as a witness for another lawsuit some weeks later and lied again, claiming again to know the law different as it actually is.

So with other words without manipulating fraudulently the whole lawsuit and several definitions and interpretations, there wouldn't be a lawsuit. My lawyer, a former attorney, also notified it immediately.

Many victims and many patsies exist from this fraudulent misconduct of the law in modern history. We should never hesitate in any way to question the sanity of those employees of the state, because fraudulently inventing a non-proof, in my case also planting "alleged proof" by a Law Enforcement Officer(LEO), disobeying valid laws, misinterpretations, and many other perversions more, in the is all a revengeful act ordered in past times from U.S. intelligence or the Military Government(MG) to maliciously damage innocent citizens, most probably to counter in any way terrible PSI-experiences and circumstances from the own PSI-PSY-Warfare programme, Kilic's PSI-activity from an apartment in Heidelberg.

Political biased justice, political show trials are the most pervert consequence, and this happened in Germany, approximately only 70Km away from the highest german courts!.!.!

I am expecting that an attorney who himself was assaulted with PSI-Terror to the genitals can become acting revengefully and with malevolent intent. As a consequence certain arbitrary and unlawful acts happen, there is utter wrongdoing, there is others. 

All named persons from above can be shown and derived in detail to have one thing on common, namely yearslong PSI-experiences. Arbitrarily wrongdoing with the consequence of degrading, inhuman treatment is a long-term preferred method in Baden-Württemberg and Kilic's PSI-Terror had the effect one of these female turks telepathically brought, namely the up-side-down effect.

The problem is that it is all due to Kilic's foul play using PSI-methods, PSI-Terror, PSI-rapes and all the other ugly PSI-torture methods.

Another aspect is the utilization of PSI-methods by german authorities, provably along the line of experimental manovering. There are different sources with different, partly contradicting statements about this. One the other hand Kilic's PSI-False-Flag-Manover is solely in his private hands, he or the PSI-group is the perpetrator legally. But who benefits, Qui bono?

I see merely the concrete and solid problem that many crimes actually are PSI-catalyzed crimes, which means the necessity for it, that it would happen is too much due to the highly manipulative influence of Kilic's PSI-Terror, PSI-experiments, PSI-methods, manchurian-candidate principle, PSI-rapes and OCD and all the other ugly and pervert PSI-perversions from Kilic Heidelberg. If this is a PSI-False-Flag-operation with consent and help from intelligence services and beyond to cover it, to suppress any legal process related to Kilic and PSI in Baden-Württemberg, then it's also the new problem of the world, this PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg. 

Is Kilic's PSI-group protected by the Military government(MG) and by still active laws by this Military government? Another possibility is that this was from the beginning a special President's programme(Star Wars programme) during the Reagan-Era, that Kilic actually succeeded in placing himself right into the most expensive programme of the world. To add up to the officially known contents of remote viewing. This might explain why I became an easy and circumstantial patsy for them, an unemployed patsy. There is also proof that I was intimidated and blackmailed in several ways. Parts of it were perpetrated over my Smartphone, for example with bogus-trapping and two colourful OS-modifications, a violett and a grey. Considering the authentic content of my other blogs it clear what reality looks like and what really bothers in our recent time.

In summary we can say that some dubious employees of the state, the persons named above, conspired to personally and professionally ruin me, breaking the law, claiming to read the law differently, claiming to allegedly know the law differently.("Die Schrift ist anders zu lesen"), all this before a yearslong background of continuous and groundshaking PSI-rapes and molesting sexual PSI-Terror by a turkish PSI-group from Heidelberg, leading directly to U.S.Intelligence and even their consensual helpers or should we say main perpetrators(Kilic Heidelberg) of a U.S Defense-Program, namely the remote-viewing-program within the Star-Wars-Program. The only known really effective source of disturbing telepathy and psychokinesis. There is no doubt about these essential connections: I was a close neighbor to alleged or "self-proclaimed defense psychics Kilic's PSI-group in Heidelberg", U.S. Intelligence tries to control this or keep it in control, the chance to personally make me financial and professional damages in the courtroom with fraudulent misconduct, intimidate me as a direct witness, at the same time a "Remote-Viewing-Program" is (still) run by defense using directly these turks Kilic and their PSI-concepts and PSI-approaches in Heidelberg. It is only about this one central and main source of illegitimate domestic PSI-Warfare, alleged "psychics" behind Memet Kilic(Die Grünen). This one telepathic source serves thousands of analysts as alleged source of insight or orientation.

Unemployment is a method to keep the patsy in this state and things calm, it is unclear if any employment is ever agreed to because the german lobby is also a highly intelligence compromised area.

The next question is that all PSI-victims should unite to seek forms of financial compensation from Memet Kilic(Die Grünen), because PSI-Terror, Mindcontrol experiments, telepathic experiments and psychokinesis is not a legitimate function of a state, but an illegitimate, sharply prohibited and unlawful manmade circumstance. Numberless laws and whole human rights working fields are violated or made impossible due to Kilic's fatous PSI-Terror from Heidelberg. Up to now, the real victims of Kilic's PSI-Terror, experiments for the alleged benefit of certain blocks, didn't receive any form of compensation whatsoever, they are merely threatened and treated like a piece of meat or much worse.

Violating the RULE OF LAW is very certainly not the solution to what happened in Heidelberg and to all other regions and countries in the world over the years.

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