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Theyre telling me not to eat....that all food here is unclean as in made of sentient much pressure and my mum telling me eat eat eat! Had to go to psych ward. They questioned me about loads of junk but they knew exactly whats going on. I cant believe these ppl get paid to lie like this. All these poor souls who go to them for help and they cover this disgraceful crap and collect their fat pay conscience!

I have to admit choice...they want me back in the system. My mum crying crocodile tears. This thing is a crap all involved disgrace. God must be shaking His head in shame of us all. Im waiting on their call to admit me to psych as they have boxed me in....

Im thinking that the psych ward is this world and the only sane ppl are in the psych wards. 

Something about a true Tl is different to the rest of this world. Problem is they incarnate us over and over again. They hate anyone with universal love and compassion. They dont know how to love outside their own homes....we are strange to them. But they lied all my life they were like they blame me for their lies.

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Comment by CLS on August 22, 2017 at 12:19am


Eat a lot of green vegetables and exercise. It increases your natural brain frequencies and makes it harder for them to abuse you. Also get a good night sleep. The less sleep you have the easier it is for them to assault you and manipulate you.


Comment by Citizenfriend on August 23, 2017 at 4:09am

Don't give up! A famous physicist Richard Feynman said: "Psychiatrists are not better than witch doctors."

I think he was right. Just try to get them to say something that is not correct and you can sue them. Never trust a psychologist or a psychiatrist - they are trained to manipulate. And what CLS said is right. Big hug to you from me and don't let them drag you into evil. Their diagnosis is often incorrect.They have no knowledge and they do not verify the information they get. They are money oriented and evil. I am thinking of you. All the best to you.

Comment by Javier on August 23, 2017 at 1:09pm
Sorry but.. why would you care to live through heavy torture, enough to avoid food? Why would you obey some retarded voices when you consider everything related is a lie?

Easy, don't listen to the voices if what you want is to live outside a psych ward. Meditate and reconsider the whole situation again.
Comment by Angeline Klas on August 23, 2017 at 11:08pm

Oh Sue, please stop listening to the Perps. They did this to you. Please take the advice of T.I.'s. They will destroy you these Perps. Eat what ever you like when ever you like. Take control!!! This is your life. Think about what you want and do it.They torture you every  day, to make you unhappy. Have fun, find funny things to look at. Aspecialy in this scary time for for you. Ignore the Perps it will shock them. I took your advice  and went for a walk yesterday. I use to Jog but the Perps sabotaged me into not doing that any more. I plan to go jogging again no matter what They do. Dis they leave once you started listening to them? NO! They are making live worse for you. So break free.

Having you commited is their next step, they are taking your freedom away from  you. Can you see the big picture now? This was their plan. All this time they were controling you they had this in mind for you. You need to be you.Never ever listen to them again.

I am so sad about what They are doing to you.

Hang in there Sue.

Bye bye for now your friend,

Angeline Klas

Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on August 27, 2017 at 4:53am

Hi Sue Wayne here don't give up I'm here for you. 

Comment by Sue on August 30, 2017 at 10:02am

Ty so much support mean so much to me. Yes the psych profession is a big farce for most are not psychotic and they know it. The thing they have on me is telling me others are hurting for my actions....even my thinking. This is driving me to insanity coz l beleive the possibility of such evil. 

Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on August 31, 2017 at 10:28am

you have a beautiful new avtar.

Comment by Anneline Harisunker on September 19, 2017 at 4:51pm

Hi there guys.

I have been harassed into not going back to work, unfortunately i am in a bad financial situation and i communicated this to my boss. i sent an email requesting to go back to work. they want me to go for a psychiatric evaluation. these people know whats going on but are not going to admit to it.

i need advise. 

i am in my final year of studies and i require the funds to complete my degree. 

i really need advise. i am going to meet my boss on thursday.

let me know what i should do....

Comment by Sue on October 1, 2017 at 4:34am

This is a hard one Anneline....l feel for you. I went through the same thing early on. They attack most of us financially to increase the difficulty of living and to isolate you. I would really push it with your current employer....maybe persistence will pay off. You cld try calling a union rep (join a workers union) to represent you. They might be interested in taking up yr case as its obviously a very injust situation. Otherwise you may find applying for a different job might work. I suppose youve considered legal help?? But that can be expensive of course. What about just telling yr employer youre going to seek legal rep? That might scare them into doing the right thing?

I was pushed/bullied out of jobs but they wld let me get hired at a different company.....sometimes so they can set you up in a different position of being targeted. Obviously you are going to have to be strong enough to handle the work place harassment. I cldnt cope with it in the end so l decided (very reluctantly) to go along with the docs and agree l have a mental disorder so l can get on disability benefits.

This was a last resort. I Hated having to do this but felt l had no was either that or no income. Im only suggesting this is a last resort. Disability allowance should help you pay off yr studies and once you are qualified you cld look for employment again. Sometimes perps change their tactics.....they may not want you working now but will in the future. Pls understand lm only advising this as a last resort avenue as it felt like such a "defeated" thing to do. The solace l had in it was knowing that they (the docs, employers, collegues, psychs, family) all knew that l was not ill and that they were committing a big injustice by bullying me out of work.

Comment by Anneline Harisunker on October 1, 2017 at 9:35am

Hi Sue.

Thanks for the advice. I have since seen my employer and have to undergo psychiatric evaluation / therapy in order for me to return to work. I will continue fighting and hopefully I will be able to continue with my studies.

Honestly, these people know what's going on but pretend and perjure themselves. I have decided to go through the motions and I am also applying for other jobs.




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