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Hi everybody,

Today koste water by so kant people in one day. Nu date jeeps on ontsporing out date. Nu sisters houd diens koste water me Today. He hates me. I hate hun too. Nu youngest jeeps on ma King excuses why she can't hang with me. I quess she don't REALLY like me. Nu mother told me one day that my sisters don't really like me. MY COUSINS Refuse to tell me the truth about the Social Media hype thing. They think it's all a big joke. By keeping it quiet They support the perp. Every is turning their back on me.

It's like the harder I try the more people run away from me. The perps keep on telling them about my grieve and Frustration. And makes it even worse because these people do'nt tolerate my thinking. They will hate me for it. ONE OF MY COUSIN accused ME OF BEING JEALOUSE of him because I don't I have a boyfriend. Then when I am alone at home the Neigbours start bullying me. People break into my home and lock the door behind them. So you see I am not wanted. My family doesn't want to watch my house for me.

As I am writing this blog the Perps use Social media to tell everybody and anyone what I do, say and think. They feel like they are in control. They rape me a least 2 times a day. They enjoyed to see me cry I only tried to do good, but it's not appreciated. Nobody will speak out for me.Nobody will say leave her alone. I JUST have to be my own hero. Every time I am in trouble nobody is there. Even my little cousin I  use to care for hate me now, I even lifted one with the stroller when I was pregnant. ENDANGERING my unborn child. I cleaned their dirty daipers, now They feel to old to even say hi. Or run up to me to say hi, now I am just a bad smell to them. They don't respect me for it. My time will come, now I am Just not wanted. It's mean and heartless of them.

My time will COME . EVERYBODY WHO ever fellt like I was nothing will want to a a part of my brighter days. I will put up a fence so that they can't reach me. They are not welcome. Well people I had to vent. You see I have nobody to talk to. The Perps Call it Gossip. When I talk it's Gossip, all my speech the call  Gossip. THE TELL PEOPLE I KNOW THAT I GOSSIP. So people can hate me even strangers. So I quess I am done crying.

Bye bye for now.

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Angeline Klas on September 10, 2017 at 3:23am

Thanks cat cat, it was a hard day for me It's like my family doesn't remember who I am. I was there to help and support them. Why would I change, I did not change. They have to know that, but it seems like I do'nt belong to my own family. 

I feel like I don't belong anywhere.

Yes it's true Elon Musk is afraid of what this world will turn into. 

I am going to listen to music to ease my soul and to forget about my problems for a while.

Sorry for my spelling my laptop is broken so I have to use my tablet now. My tablet/iPad, doesn't know English so it mess up my gramar. When typ an English word it jumps on a Dutch word.

Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

Comment by Angeline Klas on September 11, 2017 at 12:17am

I see that I still have to prove that my kind of Stalking is true en Real. MANY MANY TI's don't know about it. SO If there's anyone out there who knows what I am talking about please react. I REALLY need all the support I can get. Don't leave me to drown. This is real no shit. Does anyone know about loud noise campaign? It is meant to drive a Ti insane. Please don't deny me my right to speak out about something you have never heard about. I AM NOT deaf or blind. I AM going to make a film to prove that they use sociale Media. The Dutch people people in Almere are the cruelest people I have ever met. I AM TALKING about the ones who support the Gangstalkers. CRUELTY IS THEIR HEARTS AND MINDS. My neighours want me in the Mental Hospital. Some are after my house. Baby's hey they support the Gangstalkers. They also want to take revenge on me for my thoughts about them. It's true people on top of the torture I am being Slaunderd every where I go. Please don't deny my kind of Gangstalking anymore everbody else around me is.. why should Ti's do the same. I AM already being Gaslighted. Just because you never heard about it doesn't mean it doesn't exist! When some one wants to destroy you they will do anything to achieve it. They will use anything and anyone teach the or goal. These people are not playing. They are out to destroy me. They torture me Heavily.They will only leave when I am dead.

Well Bye bye for now,
Angeline Klas


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"Sorry what I am trying to say is that they tell everybody I gossip about them. They lie! I believe that a lot of people believe what they say about me."
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