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Hi everybody,

My neighbours have gone too far. The dog is going crazy, barking like crazy. It's owner is teaching it to talk. It barking everthing the Stalkers want them to say to me. I have no place left where I can sit quiet. People follow me to come in my face. Even in the shop they stand close to me and whisper things the Gangstalkers say in my ear. 

The Neighbours do not complain about that evil neighbour with the dog. I do pay my rent like all of them. I demand an compensation for it. They take turns in harassing me. I they harrass me and then they come around to greet me. They pretend to be genuine surprise when I tell them off. It like I don't know what they did to me. Bunch of hypocrites. 

The "Lady" Gangstalkers is harassing me like crazy. The more she talks the dumber seems. She has got to have a low self esteem. EVERYTHING I DO THEY WANT TO CONTROL. WHEN I AM DRAWING SHE COMMENTS  on it she want me to draw the way she wants to. They way  I Dress, what I cook, when I have to get up, what I have to say in a conversation, what I have to write on Peace pink and social MediaThey are Crazy!! She puts words in my head she don't to leave any room to say anything in my own way. She wants to be the one the one who calls the shots. She Dumb.

She the one who tortures me the worst. I had to go to the hospital for my knees, she push me around, she tortured my back so badly that I had trouble standing straight. She gave me a psychosis, she tortured my neck badly I almost cried, she made me loose my balance she burned me serverly under my foot, she raped me worse than the male Perp. She proud of what she did to me. She laughs out loud about it. She reaptely rapes, more than once a day. She likes it. She gets high it, she gets high on seeing me naked.

Than she shows me her naked body parts like her vigina and her entire body. She only into Sex the male Perp is the same. She doesn't care at all. The more I cry the more she likes it. She thinks she's intelligent and beautiful She even thinks she a kind person, she says I am Jehovah witness and you are not any more, She thinks God likes her better than me. She thinks she a better Person than me. She calls me names on top off all the torture. She manipulates my my thought in wrong thoughts than she tortures me for them. She mean. I use to call her Angel face Devil heart. But that's not true. There's nothing beautiful about her. She is a demon seed.

They show me their faces to let me know that they are beautiful. She even copies my hair style and clothes. When wear I a hat for instance. She drives by wearing a hat. They are the same people project in my mind as the one I see following me on the street.

The Male Stalker is a Dumb ass. They tell the neighbours everthing I do, if the Neighbours think it's wrong they get angry at me and start harassing me. The same goes for people on the street and at my job.

Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Sally on October 2, 2017 at 10:38am

Me too Angeline. The dogs next door and all the dogs and birds around my house are tortured by the perps. The perps are abel to give them v2k sounds, pain etc (same as us) to make them bark. Lately they are yelping like in real pain. It drives me to tears. I feel so sorry for them. 

I understand the "control factor". The perps are trying to control everything l do to the point they barely let me do anything even read or pray. They let me smoke and drink and because lm not supposed to do much else l end up chain-smoking. I have no light-filled things in my life so l just end up doing negative things.

Angeline do you know what happened to cat cat?

Comment by brian bovo on October 2, 2017 at 9:47pm
They imitate voices and the pain is real. I think its fungus sprayed with aluminum particles we breathe and get in skin. They use a 20 mile radius around the target.
Comment by CLS on October 3, 2017 at 12:03am

They can imate voices using voice cloning technology. They can imate your inner voice with voice cloning. When they voice clone your inner voice, they can subtely manipulate you if you are not aware. It's hard on adults and people who think about their actions. It is easy on children because their brains are developing and they do not understand as easily. The person behind this is the BIGGEST FAILED HUMAN to exist behind hitler. I don't understand how a FAILED HUMAN (EMEMBARRASSMENTF A PERSON and his EMBARRASSING SUPPORT SYSTEM), get up and look at himself everyday. He is a FAILURE. If he is a human, how do you go home at night and say I did a good job ruining other peoples lives? THIS SERVES NO BENEFIT TO ANYONE WHEN  IT IS USED AGAINST INNOCENT CIVILIANS.

Comment by Angeline Klas on October 3, 2017 at 1:48am

I know it's wrong what they are doing to me. They me doing things they want. I know people who believe in the voice cloning they do. They believe everything they hear on the recording the perps give to them. To these people I am a mean person.

Bye bye for now,
Angeline Klas

Comment by Sally on October 3, 2017 at 5:02am

Yes one theory is the nano-particles we breathe in have changed our entire physiology and they control our system...body and mind. I cant fathom living like this for the rest of my life. My body has insects and all kinds of junk in it. My mood is near suicidal. I dont see any light anymore.


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