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I have become non-consensually wirelessly linked to a computer network which allows unknown neuro staff to monitor my brain and body on a continual basis from an unknown remote location. The neuro staff use this two way wireless link to issue inner voice commands to me whenever they wish. They can send me pain signals if the wish. I have become a type of slave by this wireless enslavement method which is known as remote neural monitoring combined with remote neural manipulation. You have not been informed about this wireless enslavement system because the enslavers already regard you as a slave and they don't bother to inform you of your future fate which is to also be enslaved in this manner. However, these is an easy solution to this problem. The slave masters can not wirelessly enslave us without microwave radiation to empower their wireless enslavement system. Therefore in order to free ourselves from this enslavement system we must urgently disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters throughout the world.
In order to raise awareness of my reality as a wirelessly enslaved human being I post my everyday experiences online most days. I am posting the following information in order to raise awareness of how cruel the neuro staff who speak to me continually via the two way wireless link are to me.
At some time in the past I posted online that I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. Today I said that I was planning to cycle a bicycle to one of my local towns. I then heard one of the neuro staff speak to her colleagues through the inner voice command communication system about me in this manner as follows "Whenever she gets off her bicycle I will check her clothing for fecal matter by wireless means." I find that their comments are cruel and they mostly speak to me and about me in this cruel way. I have endured this wireless tethering of my brain and body to this computer network for sixteen years and because the billionaire industrialist Elon Musk has stated that the whole human race are to be wirelessly connected to a super computer in the same manner, I post warnings on the internet on an almost daily basis in the hope that this incremental wireless enslavement of humans will be stopped.
I would never go to town unless both my body and my clothing were clean. The neuro operatives are aware of this but they love to torment me with the God like power their wireless weapons give them. I enclose here below information about germs which I found online today, which states most germs are actually harmless.…/the-germiest-place-in-you…/ar-BBWiHUG…
Using data from home bathrooms in the Home Microbiome Project and past research, Gibbons and his colleagues were able to see the same general trends. “Most of the bugs on these surfaces are coming from humans. Almost all humans are carriers of HPV and herpes,” Gibbons says. Only about 15% of what they found was fecal bacteria.
There are health risks associated with these germs, and some of the germs could be pathogenic—but chances are you won’t catch anything, as previous research has indicated. Most gut bacteria don’t survive when they leave the body, so the fecal bacteria that show up in places like bathrooms are dead, Gibbons explains. “There is minimal to zero risk,” he says. “[Most people] are healthy enough to prevent it from hurting it us.”
Germs can spread all over the bathroom
Drying off hands with a blue towel above the bathroom sink
Most bathroom germs predictably start in the toilet, but they can easily spread to other parts of the room (like a toothbrush holder). “Over the course of a day, the first thing that shows up is fecal bacteria—microbes from your gut—transmitted to the toilet seat and things like that. But those bacteria actually do poorly on those surfaces,” Gibbons says.
Thanks to an aerosol effect that happens when you flush a toilet with the lid up, bacteria can land on damp, dark places and thrive. “An exposed surface may be too dry for bacteria to grow. But a dark, moist environment, like a toothbrush holder, can support much more microbial growth,” he says.
In the NSF study, faucet handles were the second-dirtiest spot in the bathroom. 27% of faucet handles tested positive for yeast and mold, 9% for coliform and 5% for staph.
Even drying your hands can spread bacteria
Several studies indicate that bacteria spread when using automatic hand dryers. A study published in 2018 found that hot-air hand dryers collect bacteria from the air and then spread those germs onto freshly washed hands, and a 2015 study concluded that jet-air dryers spread 60 times more bacteria than warm dryers and 1,300 times more than paper towels. What’s more, hand-drying facilities in public bathrooms have been found to harbor bacteria that’s resistant to at least one antibiotic, according to research published in 2019 in the journal Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control.
But there’s also some debate, as The Verge reported, about whether paper towels are actually more sanitary. Dr. Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease physician at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, says it may not matter that much.
“There have been studies that show that hand dryers can disperse bacteria in bathrooms to a high degree,” he says. “However, much of the focus is misplaced as it is impossible to avoid acquiring ‘germs’ in everyday life. I personally use paper towels not for any sanitary reasons, but because it is quicker.”
What’s clear is that you should wash your hands frequently (and probably use paper towels from a motion-detected dispenser) to avoid spreading these germs, especially before preparing food. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), fecal bacteria can spread and make people sick if you use the toilet and don’t wash your hands.
Gallery: The Grossest, Germiest Parts of Your Office - and How to Avoid Getting Sick (POPSUGAR)
Still, scientists agree that there’s little need to worry about bathroom germs. “Much of the concern regarding viruses and bacteria that reside in bathrooms is misplaced,” says Adalja. “Most of the bacteria there pose no harm and are not too different than bacteria in other parts of one’s house, or the bacteria that reside on one’s skin.”

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