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It is now common knowledge that human voices can be placed inside the heads of sane and sensible human beings wirelessly by technological means. We know this because many respected scientists have informed us of this fact on many and varied internet forums. We also know this because literally millions of sane and sensible human beings from many countries throughout the world are currently hearing what appear to be intelligent human voices coming from deep inside their As yet nobody from the controlled main stream media has come forward to inform us of the pertinent fact that voices can indeed be placed inside the heads of anybody who may be selected for this experience.


I wish to know how you treat the voices which you hear coming from inside your head. One well known targeted individual claims he treats them with respect because he recognises that the human beings who generate the voices are real and fallable.

However, I myself treat the voices with distain. I am uncivil to them most of the time. Some of these individuals who speak to me directly inside my head by electronic means take offence when I am rude to them. They appear to be amazed and somewhat surprised that I do not speak to them with a civil tone. I reply that I am an unwilling recipient of their voices. They are the aggressors. I am going about my life quitely, not bothering anyone. They do not have a moral or legal right to place their voices inside my head by wireless electronic means. I strongly feel that I will never be civil to them no matter how long they continue to be in my life.

Is there any point in creating a man-made law making voice induction in unwilling participants an illegal act? The reason I ask is because many man-made laws are no longer in harmony with moral law to the extent that I no longer have any respect for man-made law and I myself would never employ it for any reason whatsoever.

Please let me know what tone you use when you answer the technologically induced voices that you hear coming from inside your head?


At thirteen minutes into this video Dr Robert Duncan states that there are currently four techniques and technologies that can be used to place voices inside peoples heads.

At approximately seven minutes into the following linked video Dr Barrie Trower clearly states that the military can now put voices into peoples heads. He goes on to explain clearly how this feat is achieved.

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