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Voice of God weapons are in widespread use through out the Republic of Ireland but the general public are not being officially informed that they are in use.    According to the scientist called Dr Robert Duncan who specializes in weapons development and who has written and published two books on the subject called "How to Tame a Demon" and "Project Soul Catcher" there are four different methods of inducing voices inside the head of a human being and they are collectively known as voice of God weapons.    The aforementioned weapons have been used to transmit voices inside my head on an ongoing basis for more than seventeen years entirely against my will and without my permission and I have been psychologically tortured by those who use them against me.  Today, Thursday 16th July 2020 at ten minutes past five pm, Grenwich Mean Time which is Irish time,  I heard a voice coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission.  The individual who transmitted that voice inside my head identified himself as a Garda ( a police officer is known as a Garda in the Republic of Ireland where I live).   I then asked him why he was impersonating a Garda and he informed me that he was not impersonating one and that he actually was one.   I asked him who ordered him to transmit his voice directly inside my head against my will and without my permission and he answered that nobody did.  He did it himself of his own accord.  

Because I have enclosed herewith the precise time and date as well as the time zone that I heard this particular voice it is possible for the neuro staff to identify this man and to ascertain if indeed he is a Garda or is he merely impersonating one.    Nobody alive  has the right to transmit their voice inside the head of another individual against their will and without their permission and nobody has the right to order another to do it either.   Why doesn't the Irish government release information to the Irish public about the widespread existence as well as widespread abuse of all four methods of transmitting voices inside the heads of unwilling members of the public.

Those who are being targeted by any of the known four methods of so called voice of God weapons have given up attempting to inform the police or psychiatry about their extreme torture because whenever they attempt to do so they are being illegally detailed inside psychiatric hospitals by both police and psychiatric staff who are presumably under mass mind control programming.  They are also being illegally forced to ingest anti-psychotic medications under the false presumption of being mentally unwell.  Both the worlds police and psychiatrists are under such severe mind control  programming at this point in time that they are aiding and abetting in the worldwide enslavement process that is currently underway.


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