Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


Now Who’s Crazy? Washington Post Reveals Gov’t Mind Control Horrors


Washington Post Magazine : Thought Wars  (Interview activism Sharon Weinberger -
[Thought Wars Was featured in History Channel That's Impossible : Mind Control]


Mind Games


Mind control Community Article In Washington Post


Brain Wave of The Future


Coming Soon to a Store Near You: Mind Control

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Kamran khan posted a status
"pathetic demons voodoo queens and technology from bayamon,puerto rico.shut down mind torture."
26 minutes ago
Kamran khan posted a status
"heart rate manipulations at night so i cant sleep.demons are evil."
30 minutes ago
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The Forum

Hey people the tortured American /the freedom files dude I did something today 3/28/15 and I think the right people got happy they said nobody thinks like I do I sent my passwords with a Email I also gave it to the churches I frequent to help monitor my sight. It's up to you but the forum asked me if they could use one of my letters so I gave them all of them on my Email sight's. Be Cool David D. See More
52 minutes ago
达 李 replied to Soleilmavis's discussion Introduce Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons
"这是我在美国西部检测到超过国际电气和电工委员会IEEE标准1 mW/m*m一百八十一倍的无线微波射频RF强度:181mW/m*m, 我个人认为RNM技术已不需要纳米芯片植入, 朋友们和我都做过核磁共振成像MRI, 没发现有任何芯片. 有人说是吃下去什么药,也是在生理学上解释不通的, 任何吃下去的物质会被慢慢排出体外, 即使吃下去放射性同位素, 放射性物质也有半衰期, 比如日本的广岛和长崎在被原子弹炸过之后的三到五年后,原子弹所含的放射性物质:铀235的咖码射线就会消失.…"
1 hour ago
deca commented on Ronaldo Delos Muertos's blog post Gang Stalking & Targeted Individuals: Understanding Myron May and Other Targeted Individual's Mental Issues
"they could not pay me enough to sell out humanity dude"
1 hour ago
Marty replied to Franky's discussion The Disinformation Train
"My perp was somebody alleging to be a T.I. (while I did not want to admit at that time that I entered in communication with the perp) that I was a T.I. myself and it went from there.  But I'm a fast learner. Franky's quote: …"
1 hour ago
Marty commented on deca's photo


"Show us your genuine cute eyes deca....Comment by deca 12 hours ago why believe what anthony says on his blog then ? why even read it until you have all his credentials then ? fact why believe what anybody says .....why believe any post on…"
1 hour ago



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