Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


Now Who’s Crazy? Washington Post Reveals Gov’t Mind Control Horrors


Washington Post Magazine : Thought Wars  (Interview activism Sharon Weinberger -
[Thought Wars Was featured in History Channel That's Impossible : Mind Control]


Mind Games


Mind control Community Article In Washington Post


Brain Wave of The Future


Coming Soon to a Store Near You: Mind Control

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Lez commented on Sonar♦0's group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".
"@mchristo " cinq minutes ... " très juste et résumé de façon incisive.  Bonne idée que celle du scientifique en phase terminale ... qui n'aurait même pas pas besoin de courage pour…"
1 hour ago
Lez commented on Sonar♦0's group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".
"Bonjour,  Bravo encore Bestofcomputer.  Outing ----> sauf cas de figure particulier de "nuit debout" et de son environnement proche, il faut peut être garder en mémoire, qu'en général une…"
1 hour ago
mchristo commented on Sonar♦0's group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".
"J'ai pu produire un petit effort : Cinq minutes de la peau d’un TI"
2 hours ago
cat cat commented on Wayne Morin Jr's video

Man in panda suit shot after threatening to BOMB Baltimore TV station!!

"Wayne I just saw this on the news.  I am probably being naive but surly some federal agency is investigating all these tragic situations that are happening all over the USA.  I often think about  the one several months ago were the…"
3 hours ago
Douglas A Ivers commented on David ofTomorrow's group Seattle TIs United
"The most recent thing they are doing is causing my body to feel cold, and then doing something that burns in my head.....What could that be?"
4 hours ago
Sue commented on Carl's blog post All we have to do is focus! ;-)
"I get that too Gods grace....the pretense that there are good guys on my side wanting me to conquer my enemies. This seems to be a common tactic used on they think we're total fools?? Thanx Carl...yes we will conquer....l hope you are…"
5 hours ago
Sue commented on Sandy Lomax's blog post Neuroscientists show areas of brain responding to words while listening to stories
"Oh yeh there is def mind reading including abstract thought....all thought. Remember these scientitic experiments and discoveries are miles behind whats being used on us"
8 hours ago
Wayne Morin Jr posted videos
8 hours ago



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