Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please help punish supporters of Gangstalking. Find a law/help make a law.




You name it.

These people will never change.

Second change we didn't get a change.

They didn't give you a chance to survive and work.

Are you homeless? Are you lonely, abandant?

Called crazy?  Did they spit in your face while you cried. Did the gadert around you to hurt you? Where you a lepard?

Yeah they had fun. Did they leave you on the street in pain. Did drive by to hurt you? Did they blame you? Where they full of themselves.

Driving by pretending not to see you, a victim left alone to suffer.

Did they help those who didn't have any problems. They left you to bleed. You the victim hurt for no reason. Tell me now don't that desert anything?

These supports of gangstalking don't have the right to live in freedom and see the light again. 

Punish them. We're in pain. Vote use the law. We didn't get a change. 

Don't ever let them come back and stalk you again. Murdered, accomplish to murders. REMEMBER THEY HAD FUN.!!

These animals need to die. Death row, war criminals.

We all have sences and sense. Common sense.

Right and wrong. Detect evil. There is no excuse of the

why when it comes to Gangstalking.

They are wrong.

I am serious as cancer.

Well Bye bye door now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Sandy Lomax on October 7, 2019 at 8:00pm

Hi Angeline, I hope you are feeling better.

There are laws against human rights abuses, stalking, harassment, assault, theft, spying, in most countries, which in theory we could use. Unfortunately in my case when I contacted a law firm I was tortured so badly I gave up and have not tried again. In the case of neighbours, I believe they are mostly mind controlled, for example I have been getting same-time-exit/entry for years.

Of course the perps have fun, they are sadists and they are excited by hurting people. They are psychopathic, have no conscience and laugh at us. I can hear them sniggering, trying not to laugh too loudly. They enjoy power and control over us, that is what the equipment is designed for. Of course they blame us, psychopaths will blame anyone but themselves.

From what I can see the world is to be taken over with AI and 5g. I am praying against the 5g system, it`s a control grid with spying capability and dangerous frequencies. One child has died in the Newcastle area, apparently from that.

Praying for you and all TIs. 


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