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We should understand the administrator of this site and stick it out

I don't know if its just me but this website seems to have a large amount of ads and pop ups that navigate you to some products sites too frequently but I understand that this sites creator and administrator is also a TI who had quite a hard experience. That's why even if it is bothersome and irritating; I decided to stick with frequenting this site because I understand the administrator has to have a source of income to make ends meet.  But with the recent message from Ms. Mary Ager; I am having second thoughts......I hope our profile info is not being peddled out.....your thoughts....

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Comment by TI in Florida on January 22, 2014 at 11:38am
Could Mary's postings be due to a spambot, some sort of virus/trojan, or some sort of artificial intelligence? DeepThought claimed in his articles on the NSA and artificial intelligence computers that the computer could create its own YouTube account and post to the account without human help. Are Mary's postings on Peacepink so close in time that only a computer could make the postings, or is there a time lag between postings?
Comment by Sue on January 22, 2014 at 12:19pm

I dont know, it happens every so often but when the moderators see it, they usually fix it. Problem is I dont know if there are any moderators around anymore.

Comment by Lyn on January 22, 2014 at 4:00pm

Where is the administrator of this site, there seems to be repetitive spam posted here by one profile.  The site used to delete that kind of posting before.


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"Here is another post where LaBrat calls all members who believe that they are sexually assulted by way of macine, Fools!!! He also says the picture of me thst Carrin copy pasted isnt me.All the members that im facebook friends with happen to know it…"
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"This is a blog where labrat highjacks a blog and discusses Heikki and scaring him off;"
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"unfortunately hes the type of "TI" that lurks/clings to the community that I don`t want to have to deal with or be associated with .....and the way he got it in his head that he has to troll me off peacepink makes it pointless at the…"
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"Ive been deling with LaBrat s sick sexual shit for a whike now. He not only makes fun of Everyone who us sexually assulted by machine, he admits to scaring off Vernon, by making fun of him whike claimi g he is ne!!!! This brings me to Chanath…"
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My story

My storyI came across an email with a link to an eBook written by Fritz Springmeier exposing the mind control tactics by the infamous satanic group known as the illuminati. Also I also came across a document by an anonymous investigator investigating the JFK, RFK and MLK assassinations back in the sixties. These series of events happened back in 1999.Here's what I found out:The illuminati  in Hong Kong orchestrated these terror events including 911.They have been attacking me with itch attacks…See More
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"Excuse me Sir/Dame are you a doctor or a fake? PeacePink Doctors Group Dr Carlos Dora? Dr. Dora Cirone? Dr Giovanna dora? Dr. Maria Dora? Dr. Dora Angelaki Vivisector of the…"
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