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WE WILL BE SAVED!!!!! Department of State...

Dear Department of State,

I currently sit on the medical committee of the human rights organization Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance. Our concern is about the growing number of people voicing complaints regarding organized stalking and victimization by weapons based upon the electromagnetic spectrum. Our group has over 600 members and is one of many that exist to counsel and provide information to victims that find themselves in harm’s way due to this phenomenon. I am one of several medical doctors that see this as possible experimentation being perpetrated on a non-consenting public. We know, historically, that the U.S. Government has used the public for experimentation in the past. Examples include prior radiation experimentation, the Tuskegee syphilis study and MKULTRA which have all been exposed through Freedom of Information. Currently, no legislation exists protecting the public from such experimentation. Senator John Glenn attempted to pass legislation requiring the military and intelligence agencies to procure informed consent for experimentation, but it failed.

The phenomenon I am referring to is the combination of organized stalking and attack with directed energy weapons with the goal of behavioral modification. For your information, organized stalking is the term used to describe the stalking of a target by individuals unknown to the target for the purposes of harassment and psychological torment. Again, this is not unprecedented and was the technique used by the FBI in its COINTELPRO operations in the 1960s. A recent survey conducted by the Department of Justice on stalking in the U.S has shown an exponential rise in stalking complaints. In addition, the study also illustrated the futility of the victims to have their complaints investigated by local, state or federal law enforcement officials.

Along with the stalking, victims are complaining of attack by directed energy weapons resulting in headache, heart palpitations, tinnitus, gastro-intestinal disorders and burning of the skin and eyes. The attacks are described as unmistakably coming from an external origin. Also, many victims are complaining of audio harassment similar to the effects described by the Army of the microwave hearing effect in their 1996 Addendum to the Bio-Effects of Non- Lethal Weapons. Many of the victims have had their lives further destroyed by wrongful diagnoses by the psychiatric community as delusional. It is my opinion that the number of people voicing these exact same complaints more than exceeds the percentage of the population suffering from delusional disorder, as published by the NIMH.

In conclusion, the combination of stalking, attack with electromagnetic weapons and audio harassment is rapidly becoming a national crisis. More victims are coming forward from every state in the Union at an alarming rate. The complaints across the board are exactly the same and appear to be the result of a template or experimental protocol. Whether these complaints are the result of governmental experimentation or criminal access to the technology, the resulting abuse of the most basic of human rights is the same.

We therefore feel that the United States needs to do much more to protect its citizens from outrageous human rights abuses that are occurring due to the lack of oversight of its military and intelligence agencies’ research programs.

Many from all levels of society are suffering from these abuses and we as victims of this technology are seeking congressional hearings, legislation, and other protections to ensure our human and civil rights in this country.


John Hall, D.O.

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