Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Well forget money just try to corregator reason in afirmation 4 times an hour your a shadow to me people

Thinking : pure brain state or thought as a light instead of a brain movement while in objective state ( purely biological brain commands and brain movements)

1 act like I can't
2 act like I can
3give myself the information in my brain

Objective movement frames ( civilized in society because of movements recorded and imaged as who you are as what you are to me)

1234567 catagories

1interacting with myself

1 apply right pressure movements after thought to start commands (never feeling) qaulity movements are a result of muslce placement at the end of thier place for light to medium movements
2 apply circle movements with same type of civilized movements
3apply medium movement ( like singing dancing or moving with the intention to interact with obejects
4 apply medium movement with circle patterns with thte intention to interact with objects for signature " brand new movements" these are the planets highest recorded movements. youre gonna wanna beat these ones.
5 thought to vebalizing information so that I understand what my intentions are or what the information is

2interacting with objects
1 interacting with small objects apply correct pressure to move object
2 interacting with medium objects apply right pressure
3 interacting with large objects apply correct pressure movements to move large object

3 interacting with space
1 look to see how many spaces you have available ( the object usually walls or colums seperate space for your high earth movements.
2 say alright in your thinking langauge to take a movement stance out here
3make objective movements
4get to where you have to move to
5make movements there

4 interating with the outside floor or buildings outside floor
1 get space interact with space method
2 check for human movement patterns safety
3see who is better than the building floor under shadow quality
4try to feel hatred for automatic bio look
5 make objective movements

5interacting with buildings
1 see space within builing (safety)
2 see exits to see who is in the buildiing ( consistency of movement patterns is there a group here (safety)
3 is the shadow quality of the building better than yours me as the governor of this country that means owner (self worth it means that I have genetic holes in my muscles becasue of weakness called atrophy if it is then I should hurry up and make movements and then change either my brain state becauase i lost my self control or go exercise still to get rid of my genetic disease that I am responsible for because of atrophy
4is there someone shadow moving ( that means that in the future citizens are going to want to move "robot" as much as possible meanig black elegance movements which means purely civilized to the imaging machine if so what brain command pressure ?
5use the objects this means if the humans inside of theory city arenot truely white supremacist civilized in the sky opportunity plantaion just use them as a shadow if they are human and not a 1standing object 2 moving object because of movements be supreme becauase of public movements.
6 anger check at the building ( just look for holes ) then anger check at the things inside of the building in up to 6 movements if there a human moving with human characterisics look for a shadow model T model is what you guys call it know in this prehstoric war era. Did yo uhate man that's hella wierd did you intend to direct a satellite on this movement nerd because you hate him? never the governor becuase of every type of worth money worth wealth collecting worth domination worth
7 Make your own objective movements like my skin catagory I think and new national registery moniker "robot the singer and politician" my moves are called a black and white person's "Brand New Movements so make movements ! 09

6 interacting with people
1interacting with your native origin planets governors ( not the other experinceing living things called animals ) the currogator or cavemen here 1 anger check 2 command the weaker brain by moving for anger becuase of safety 3 direct the person away 4 use the person for what you need to use it for

7interacting with the governors of other planets 1anger check 2 do the same thing 3 4

8 interacting with animals
1 interacting with your plnets animals
1 reason with it as something you might hold ( automatic ethics check) anger check command the weaker brain by moving for its anger because of safety anyone angery will want to leave immediately or feel conquered immediately as controllable 3 direct the animal towards you 4 use the animal for what you need to use it for
2 interacting with animals form alien planets same thing (is it like a shark atuomaticlly dont hurt yourself ethics belief should influence movements

9interacting with weapons Dont take pills last night and act like youre going to magically release endorphins bro !09 move wepons like this for inspection or design or cleanig do not move weapon like you would when you are in a male endorphin state to your imaging machine dog!
1 look around for life
2 same as interacting with objects small large or medium
3 thnk while holding weapon to return to biological looking at weapon
4tyry to feel hate for focus check
5move oject

10 interacting with vehicles
1 say alright I'm going to do this for safety reasoning move to biological state only not illegal movements type of citation evil in the futre Black societty
2put on seatbelt
3check mirrors
4turn on ignition
5move vehicle
6 look for other vehciles moving not humans focus on the thing moving only as the safest way to believe.

"These are objective movements"
- The Brand New Thing

Endorphin Frames

1 interacting with self
1 move for high pressure jump movements
2 move for medium pressure jump movements
3 move for high pressure jump movements
4 move for display of endorphin reactions

2interacting with objects
1apply right pressure to objects
4make endorphin edition movements for your personal whiile I am alive worth movements
5make plus two movemtns this is not possible for any of the races here in this plantation I learned from my race
3fighting in defense
1reason with a movement psycho is there a corregator block on the evil
2take fighting stance
3wait to see what the evil is goinig to do
4move right usually attack and use runnig hook action through the thing without huamn actions yet. it reasons with its on 1 2 feet 109
5 run away after you defeat the thing
6 look at the thing that you deafeated
1 this and that
1move every muslce individually to the end of it's place ( youll feel a runnig burn a work burn and a stuck burn) these are the concepts that make this an exercise
6interacting with people
1 command for anger for insecurity
2move them by directing them with your nose
3 talk with a super raspy if you can
4use them

7interacting with women
1 talk with your hands
2speak with a super raspy if you can
3roll eyes for interaction attatchment
4look you don't believe what she is saying sexually
5let her see your face as the expectation design that is in the space for the concept in her brain
6kiss the woman with right pressure * before this I have to communicate the negative things that I have done in the past that is step one.

8interacting with vehicles

1operate vehicle with you mind for serious fast reasoning to action
2enter vehicle with right pressure
3check mirrors
4move vehicle
5look for other vehicles

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