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were you a chosen target at childhood?

I first noticed my targetting in 2005 and so thought it all began there as with many other TI's we are being introduced to this in this new millenium. But Ive thought back and can now trace this back to peculiar events/dreams in my childhood. Do many of you believe you were a chosen target as a child and they've kept an eye on you until this new millenium where they have chosen to exercise this targetting?

My thinking is I wonder WHY particular people are chosen as targets. I wonder if there is something we have in common. In my experience there are many targetters/stalkers out there so what is it about us that makes us the targets. If we are in fact chosen in childhood what is it about a child that could make them worth targetting???

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Comment by David ofTomorrow on November 28, 2011 at 4:32am

I thought about hat at one point-being a target since child hood. I no longer believe it to be so. The feelings I had were most likely premonitions about what was to happen in my future.

I beleive most of us are simply chosen at random, some aren't. I knew someone who wastargeted because he emailed a fried about killing the president as a joke. The secret service showed up at his house and told him they were going to make him a target.

I had an incomplete discusion that was made in jest about how it would be cool to live like Ed in the movie Ed TV. The mob member I told this to said, "I'll talk to someone and maybe they can make it happen." I didn't realize she was seriouse until two years later when I was asking myself why everybody in the city of Seattle knew my private life. I didn't even remember having the conversation until two years later, that's how unimportant tyhe conversation had been to tme initially.

I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wasn't anything special until after I was a TI for several years. Then they saw talents and abilities that hey could make money from, and they did.

Anyway, I hope you are doing well, and that you have had a nice Thanksgiving  weekend.

Comment by suzy on November 28, 2011 at 5:21am

Its interesting, I just read a blog further down the page - 10 things they have in plan for the world and one of them was in future they are going to assess peoples compatability for having children. They want to ensure that babies are not born with particular genetic codes so if two want-to-be parents are assessed as passing down those particular genetic codes they wont be allowed to have children.

I wonder if those chosen at birth have more in common than we think, we may have something genetic that they dont like. They dont like rebels (not that i am particularly) but it could be something like this, people who will go their own way and not follow the crowd.

Comment by Annie on November 28, 2011 at 5:24am

Suzy, these are questions I have asked myself aswell. I was targeted in Feb 2010, but can recall "incidents" from a few years before that. 2010 was the year they started the BMI on me, but I suppose before they do that, they have you under control and map things out before they start the hole "programme". I have also thought about that they might have targted me already in childhood. By, for instance with all the vaccine that was mandatory to all children back in the 60ties. And then, maybe (only my own theories) something triggers it to start up. The classical scenario for almost all TI´s are either some new hostile neighbor issue, or some other conflicts or trauma in life. These are common things among all people and doesnt make them TI´s. I believe that its just a cover and to make the TI accuse innocent people, so that the TI will appear as "paranoid" or mentaly ill and cen easily be dismissed when trying to speak out about their experiencies. But, the question remains then, why does this "programme" starts by some trigger on only some people, not all? In my case, I had a surgery n 2005 and a history about not being able to work due to neck pain (herniated discs) and Fibromyalgia. Your question about, "what do we all have in common, making us interesting" is very interesting and important. The answer may be there, and its of major importance we share our stories so that we can compare and see the similarities we might share. Take care/Annie  

Comment by David ofTomorrow on November 28, 2011 at 6:14am


I think finding our demographics is extremely important. I wish we knew if there were software people in our numbers. We could develope or purchase a program to help us tale census information. This would also help us gather information on how the perps operate.

Comment by Annie on November 28, 2011 at 6:36am

Paul, Yes I know. Maybe the dont target people with those skills...A hacker would also be great. I have mailed the WikiLeak when there was a site to go into. These days they suffer from economical problems, and considering Assange is accused for a crime here in Sweden, I doubt my message would have a high priority...but then again, if several people send them information about this crime from all over the world, it might get their attention./Annie

Comment by suzy on November 28, 2011 at 4:33pm

Yes I definitely agree Annie we should keep in touch at this forum & compare stories. Its funny I recall now incidents of this starting in childhood and i wonder how much subliminal input they have into us before they attack us fully. I know they are interested in the genetic patterns/psychological makeup of people.

Paul its interesting you said half of your city is aware of your thoughts. Its the same for me in melbourne, half of melbourne know my thoughts and movements. What has happened to manKIND?



Comment by David ofTomorrow on November 28, 2011 at 11:35pm


I'm sad to hear that you too have such an extreme lack of privacy.

One thing the perps here have done o the people is to insert words and thoughts among my own so that the people that hear  are experiencing lies , as they are inserted thoughts and not my own. Thankfully, intelligent people have picked up the difference in the linguistics I use compared to the ones the perps use. It is then easy to tell which thoughts are more likely to be mine. I've had much more intelligent people running programs on me. They are much more terrible to deal with. Stupid perps are easier to deal with for me.

As for what's happened to mankind (besides Satan) They have accepted the technologies with help from the mind controlling perps. I believe a form of mass hypnotism may be at work. I know many here in Seattle don't like what's happening. I've heard parents tell children not to take part because they are being used. These people may be threatened into not saying anything. Mostly though, the people around us are sucked farther into the hole than we are. If there is any reason why we are targeted it is because we have woken up to the reality that we are ALL being systematically controlled. There is a video buried in our archives that explains clearly how those around us are targeted for mind control far more than we are.


Annie, I too think there is a likelihood of them being selective in whop they choose to target. I also wonder if they will control our numbers so we don't get too large in number-there is strength in numbers. That control may mean releasing us to God(death).

I wonder what keeps us alive. What value system is it that makes us worth while to them? It might be that the only way a government can test this technology on everyone on the planet is to do it in the way that they are. When the experiment is over, they will kill us and cause everyone else to forget that we existed.I don't mean to be a downer, but it seems we all must have thought about our mortality here. I know I've received death threats from the beginning and have come to terms with death. I don't ever want to fear death. The fear can make you do strange things.

As for the perps, I think they are under control themselves. Their superiors are going to use this technology at every opportunity, including on those we call perps. 

Comment by suzy on November 29, 2011 at 5:14am

Well society being all under mind control makes sense to me because peoples humanity is leaving them and our humanity is what makes us human. According to Biblical prophecy we must be nearing the end times because the days are VERY evil. Now they have established the technology to turn person on person this world is only going to become more violent and anti-humanity..........................ENTER GOD !!!

Comment by Annie on November 29, 2011 at 8:28am

Paul Philip said:

"I wonder what keeps us alive. What value system is it that makes us worth while to them? It might be that the only way a government can test this technology on everyone on the planet is to do it in the way that they are. When the experiment is over, they will kill us and cause everyone else to forget that we existed.I don't mean to be a downer, but it seems we all must have thought about our mortality here. I know I've received death threats from the beginning and have come to terms with death. I don't ever want to fear death. The fear can make you do strange things."


Annie said:

I agree and those thoughts have been in my mind aswell.I think its important to also discuss those issues. Me aswell have had death threats, threats of going blind, threats of many other issues. And those were all made in the very beginning of my targeting. So, its obvioulsy a pattern among victims. Maybe they do this to start the psycological spin, so that they can register what happens in our minds..evil. And I can also say that I dont fear death either, in fact it would be a relief. Since I have "only" been a TI for almost two years, I sometimes think that its better I end my life now, so that they wont have that much material documented from my brain, and that all their efforts getting me in to all this would be a total waist..../Annie  

Comment by David ofTomorrow on November 29, 2011 at 9:18am


I have definatly been where you are right now. In our stuations, life and death mean differnt things now than they used to. Some things still remain though, Love. I need to be here for my Daughter. I know the things you've posted has helped me get through some tough things latley, suzy as well. We need each other here right now. And as far as you being a young TI, things may let up for you, we may gt some releif from authorites. Anything could happen to stop the terror. I would like to think that we will make it through this, I want to fight for it. I neeed people like you to be there for me.

Sincerly, your friend,



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