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As most of us are aware of by now, most cities and some rural areas throughout the world are currently being sprayed with chemtrails. We inhale and ingest the nano-particulates contained in these chemtrails. These nano-particulates pass through the blood brain barrier and line the neural pathways of the brain. These nano metals and salts turn the human brain into a transceiver. A selection of human beings are then targeted with neuro weapons and voice harassment technology.

I am one of these human beings who has been selected for non-consensual neuro weapons research. This neuro weapons research has gone on for more than fourteen years. On one occasion a technologically induced voice which I heard coming from inside my head informed me that if I did not obey them they would transmit digital pain signals to me within hours. That internal voice also informed me that I could expect to be locked on to a super-computer for the remainder of my days if the human race did not dismantle all telephone towers and related antenna.

Telephone towers are essential for world wide neural enslavement of the human race and they have a dual purpose. Telephone towers emit wireless microwave radiation which is essential for carrying digital signals from the super-computers to the nano-technology which is to be found inside each human being throughout the western world, which they inhaled from chemtrail infused air. Telephone towers are also being used to mass mind control humans who live close to them. Human beings who live close to telephone towers can be more easily reached by microwave signals which are being used for mind control.

When you are a non-consensual neuro weapons research subject your brain is partially mapped. This process of brain mapping is enabled by the research team listening to the research subject while all the while interjecting in the conversation of the research subject while the research subject goes about their every day life.

Brain mapping takes many years. It is a complete invasion of the privacy of the research subject and it completely takes over the whole private life of the research subject.

On another separate occasion a technologically induced voice informed me that if I continued to refuse to obey the neuro weapons research team who are now known to have criminal intent towards me and towards their fellow human beings throughout the planet I would eventually experience a process now known as neural curtailment. When a non-consensual neuro weapons research subject has their brain more than partially mapped then criminal neuro weapons researchers can partially dismantle their neuro structure and render the research subject incapable of movement throughout certain parts of their body depending on the whims of the neuro weapons research team. They get to choose what part of the body of the neuro weapons research subject becomes paralysed.

Furthermore, if the process of brain mapping ever becomes fully automated then most of humanity could effectively be enslaved by this neural curtailment system.

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"Recently, Governments Mind Control Technologies abused me during middle night with strong electronic singals and BRAIN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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"I was/am suffered by Mind Control Technologies tortures and abuses since 2009 Fluor Corp SOLD ME to Governments Mind Control projects."
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"I am abused by Governments MIND CONTROL Technologies extremely BRAIN PAIN on Feb 24 2018. My memories were damaged by Governments Project"
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"I am abused by Governments MIND CONTROL Technologies extremely BRAIN PAIN on Feb 21 2018. My memories were damaged by Governments Project"
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