Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Any form of abuse or torture is the LAST thing ANY creature deserves to experience but my biggest torture is the one to my heart and soul - the loss of my loves ones and friends and human connections I used to make in life. That is all gone now, just a memory that I cherish somewhere inside where it hutrs. The loss of connection with humanity is what kills the most.Sorry Happy Easter everyone, its Thursday Easter evening in Oz. I can hear the commotions of people having holiday parties in the houses next door while i sit here alone, im not meaning to feel sorry for myself but that should be me also with my family. I know people have a lot less then that but just to have my FREEDOM back would bring the smile back to my increasingly frowning face. Cherish whatever you have!

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Comment by suzy on April 6, 2012 at 10:41am

Further to that all my pets have gone because they were tortured and now the wildlife around me is being tortured. The dogs of the neighbours yelp and their birds cry with torture,no form of life is respected here! Its heartbreaking to have to see them suffer, I cant stand animal abuse, its so cruel and unnecessary.

Comment by Richard H Lovelace Sr. on April 6, 2012 at 12:46pm

I live on two and a half acers and all my animals are suffering also.I look forward to seeing my freind soon he comes and stays with my family and i every spring,his name is (Big Henery) he is a seven foot black snake and he lives in a hole in a tree just feet from my back deck.He lives in the wild and i pick him up when he is in my yard to play with him.Henery was only three foot long when i first met him in 1993 and he is my Best Freind.(My Heart Has Been Deeply Sading To My Very Soul) Thanks and God Bless!


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Martti Koski commented on H's group Finland
"Tässä toinen juttu mitä voi tapahtua facebookissa, ja sattui minulle juuri. Yritin kommentoida  Clintonien huumausainesalakuljetusjuttua koskevaa filmiä, omilla tiedoillani. Alta aikayksikön kävi näin.…"
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Stephen O' Neill replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Plus who knows , maybe your work mates are being mind controlled, your attacking perps have the power to control what one thinks about or what one says, so when they repeat your thoughts to you it could be that your harassers are controlling them.…"
1 hour ago
Stephen O' Neill replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Hiya Jim Whatever you do don't leave the job , try your best to ignore their comments , yes they are reading your thoughts but you get used to that after a while. If you leave the job then it is a downward spiral, its another domino that falls…"
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Sue replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Maybe try reorganising yr routine at work. Can you sit in a different area? Or go get a coffee first thing?"
1 hour ago
Sue replied to Jim's discussion Need Fellow TI Advice
"Hi Jim It must be so hard to work in close confines with ppl who are harassing you and for so many yrs with their behaviour continuing. I haven't experienced what you speak of before but lm not surprised that perpetrators have the capacity to…"
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jane posted a status
"violated every day, and if I mention it too my family I’m told I’m not taking my meds its tranquilizer not for paranoia, yet I’m threatened"
3 hours ago
jane posted a status
"The latest attack on me, is they cut the cables to the Ariel on my tv, plus they stole my charger for my toothbrush, plus other things/past"
3 hours ago
ghstdtnee left a comment for vicki shelton
"Vicki its called , not limited to, exploitation for the development of technology"
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