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Over the next few weeks I have alot going on.My You Tube video of recording the Electronic Harassment under surveillance cameras will be on the internet.I will be making a follow up video using a RF detector on myself.I will be finding an attorney and hopefully having my and my daughters attackers arrested.I have a list of their names along with recorded evidence against them.The crimes range from Break ins to confessing to murder.The latest activity in my life is that my attackers claim they've made my daughter a prostitute,and one claims to have raped her himself.Yesterday I decided to go check out a white van thats been setting by my home for three months.Today it's gone.A couple of days ago a man pulled up beside me in a parking lot,told me i'm going to hell and he's gonna kill my daughter and "my entire family tree." The V2K attacks have also got alot worse,as i expected they would.I am of complete sound mind when I say that with the increased threats to myself and daughter,if I cant get anything done legally,I will be purchasing a tactical 12 gauge,and hunting my attackers down.My only regret is if I get stopped before I get them all.I will never break or go insane, or compromise with them.I know this will be used against me so I ask of the jury to look past what i've done,and focus on why I did it.I have gone to the FBI,The State Police internal investigator(Patricia Kennedy),and a Public Intelligence officer with The Department of Homeland Security (Corey Beauman)for help,nobody has done anything,the attacks have been constant for almost six years.I realize by saying what i've said that I can be arrested for being a threat to others.Getting in front of a judge and public attention to this situation is a fine idea.I am of no threat to anyone,other than my attackers.Since the plan with V2K is to make the target commit suicide,and with all the times I have recorded the murder threats,along with the threats to my daughter,I hope everyone will understand.Until then,my message to all other TIs is to smile and laugh as much as you can.Things will get better for you. -(TI)Don

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Comment by egyptarian on August 19, 2012 at 5:51pm

I totally understand don....back 100 years ago, it was totally legal to pursue your own justice...and not just legal but "just" as well.  If our legal system has become so corrupted. failing to comply, uphold and follow through with written laws to protect its citizens, then seeking alternative means for justice will soon become common place in our society.  The police or judges would not admit it to you or the public and probably not even to them selves but deep down "they too would do the same to protect their children as well"  and if anyone ever told you know they are lying....were here for you don.....bless you and your daughter during this time...egy

Comment by Kori on August 25, 2012 at 9:13am
I really respect the way you are handling this. You have managed to gather evidence by staying focused on what is real and tangible. This is no small feat given the constant harassment meant to confuse us and drive us insane. It has helped me tremendously talking to you and I just wanted to say thank you! I pray that you find the justice we all deserve. I am looking forward to hearing your recordings!!


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