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The World Economic Forum is behind  a program called ' the internet of bodies' according to its website which is called ; I have been illegally connected to 'the internet of bodies' against my will and without my permission.   I do not use a smart phone and I don't wear a smart watch or any watch whatsoever.  I dont wear any jewellery and I have not done so for the past twenty five years.  I do not carry a handbag except for a short while each week when I visit my local town to get some messages.   I do not drive a vehicle.  I cycle an ordinary bicycle without any electric or digital parts attached to it.  Therefore any data which is being constantly collected from my brain and body over the past seventeen and a half years has been collected from implants which have been illegally implanted inside my brain or body or both.    I sometimes use a computer which is now wirelessly connected.   For the first several years of my connection to the internet of bodies I did not have wireless technology on or near my home.  I had a computer but it was connected to the internet intermittently from my home telephone line until 2010 when broadband became available to me.   I would need to be located quite near that computer for the entire day each day in order for data to be taken up  by that avenue and sent to an unknown remote location. I  normally keep the computer in a room other than the one I am in throughout most of the day, each day.  Yet , I believe that data is being stolen from my brain and body on a continual basis.  Data is being transmitted to my brain and body at random times throughout each day, every day, even when I am out walking in fields a long distance from roads,  houses, electricity poles or electricity wires or other electrical or telephone infrastructure.     I live in a fairly remote location and I often walk in remote fields.   While I am out walking in those remote fields  I constantly hear the voices of the neuro scientists and others who monitor and conduct experiments on me.   The lack of roads, houses, electricity poles and electricity wires near me  does not stop them from forcing me to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission.  Who illegally  implanted me with implants and when and where did they carry out the implanting?   What did they use to render me unaware while they were doing it.   I always sleep alone so it could not have been done to me by a sleeping partner.  Whoever implanted me with implants would have to have broken into my home and rendered me unconscious or comatose in order to implant me.   What is the name of the individual or individuals who implanted me with implants against my will and without my permission in order to illegally connect me to the internet of bodies which has allowed others to psychologically tortured me and sometimes even physically hurt me since early 2003 without a break.  My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

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"'And the Doctors write on the death certificate,' Osabandus neques neqour quipsa milus,' (Mollier) therefore....' Robert."
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"onkos muille käynyt niin että tietokoneessa  on ollut vaikeuksia  ja  vähän  ajan  kuluttua on soittanut  englanninkielinen  muka  microsoftin  henkilö"
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"I might be wrong about Gadaffi. It appears some Arabic countries are involved in this ring of evil."
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"French Germans Muslims KKK Nazi harvesting humans for organs underground"
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"Harvesting humans for organs!!!$$"
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"Doing blood transfusions to victims in their homes to experiement . I know everything"
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