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Why are these weapons in the USA? Report on TETRA Strictly for the Police Federation of England and Wales B TROWER

Report on TETRA Strictly for the Police Federation of England and Wales B TROWER WHAT IS BELIEVED TO HAPPEN AS THESE WAVES ENTER OUR BODIES? I will try to summarize the thousand or so research papers written over ...the last 20 or so years and explain or summarize what happens when the electric and magnetic part of the wav.e goes into our bodies. We being water based animals act like aerials to these waves. As the waves go into our bodies an electric current is generated inside our bodies which is how aerials work; waves come in and electricity is generated. The electricity generated in our bodies like all electric currents goes to ground through our bodies and like all electric currents it takes the path of least resistance. Unfortunately the path of least resistance through our bodies, although only representing 10% of our pathways, carries 90% of our traffic rather like the M1 motorway. The traffic in our bodies, namely hormones, antibodies, neurotransmitters know where they are going because they also carry an electric charge. The hormones, antibodies and neurotransmitters know where to "get off" because there is a corresponding opposite charge at the site of delivery rather like the positive and negative ends of a battery. The problem is if you have an electric current passing through the body it can change this charge, either on the hormones, antibodies or neurotransmitters or the site of delivery.See More Confidential Report on TETRA Strictly for the Police Federation of England and Wales B TROWER INTRODUCTION ... With respect to my fellow scientists I shall be writing this report in non-scientific speak for all of those readers who have not had the benefit of a scientific education. WHAT IS ALL THIS REALLY ABOUT? Imagine the field around a magnet and imagine ordinary everyday static electricity. If you put the force field from the magnet with the force field from the static electricity you make a wave. This wave is called an electromagnetic wave. There are lots of different types of electromagnetic waves but they are all made of the same two things – magnetic and static. The only difference between the waves is their wavelength or the length of the wave and the number of waves that can be produced a second, i.e. the frequency. All of these waves are put into a table called the electromagnetic spectrum. At one end of this electromagnetic spectrum you have the very short waves, namely gamma rays and x-rays and at the other end of the spectrum you have the very long ways, namely radio, TV and waves from overhead power cables. All of these waves have the same properties; that is to say they all behave the same. They can all be reflected, refracted, and they all travel at the same speed, which is the speed of light. For interest, if you were one wave of light you would be able to travel around the world nearly seven times every second; that is the speed of light. The electromagnetic spectrum is ordered so that at the short wave end you have the gamma rays, x-rays, ultra-violet, visible light, infra red, microwaves, radar, TV and radio in that order. The ultra-violet and above are known as ionising waves and there is no argument as to the damage they can cause when entering the body. Below ultraviolet is said to be non-ionising and this is where arguments occur between scientists as to whether damage can occur inside the human body through exposure to these waves. The microwaves used in the TETRA system are in the non-ionising section of the electromagnetic spectrum and I will be discussing the arguments concerning microwaves and health in this report.

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It appears that the majority of the targeting tactics used against me as of late are physical. Crushing pains I've been experiencing in my heart for months now. Sleep deprivation. And attacks on my joints and organs. Tampering with my supplements, to cause more damage than good. They have used this method to severely impact my health in the past. It appears they are turning up the pain bc i won't take anti-psychotic medication. They make threats on my life bc i know too much about the…See More
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