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Why me? If ever there was a pitiful question, it is this one.

But now I find myself asking what is so “important” about me to deserve anyone trying to harm or kill me using a directed energy weapon (DEW)? Why so elaborate? Surely there are cheaper ways to maim or destroy someone.

The more I thought about this, the more I realized, it isn’t about me as much as it is about my attackers. I’m a nobody. There’s my answer. My attackers feel that nobody will really care if I’m wiped off the face of this planet. They are nothing less than hell bound criminals come to sweep me away.

Then I thought, other targeted individuals have said that my past could be why I’m targeted now. They point to the fact that my mother worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) for her career of 20 years. They state that it doesn’t help that my grandfather, father and several of his brothers were all in the Army. My Uncle worked for Army intelligence. My brother, who was a career Navy man, is now working as a consultant to the military. He writes contracts for sales of weapons and other military needs.

Maybe it is no mistake that I am being experimented upon.  I look back over the past 30 years and wonder “was that an attack”or just bad luck?"  I have felt for many years that I was being “railroaded” into failure, isolated beyond reasonable parameters.

Why did my fiancé of six years suddenly leave me without any explanation?  Why would I get the “silent treatment” after a great interview in which I was practically told I had the job?  Why was I dismissed from the Public Health Service Corp without any explanation?  What did my friend mean when she said that there are things only I could “straighten out” when it came to rumors she had heard about me.  Why will no one give me any details about these “rumors?”

Even my distant past has come into question: For example, as I've eluded to, my mother worked as an analyst for NSA.  She couldn’t share her work experiences with me; the projects she worked on were classified.  I believe that this created a rift between us.  I never knew my mother the way other daughters “knew” their mothers. Again, I felt isolated from the one person that I should have had one of the closest relationships with.

Then I wonder if the iciness that I felt from my mother was deliberate.  Was I put into some "black ops" program when I was an infant?  Was I “chipped?” 

Recently I had a plastic-looking foreign body removed from the back of my head.  The lump it created had been there for decades, but suddenly it started to fester and cause severe irritation.  There was NO REASON for this substance to be under my scalp!

So many TI’s tell the same stories of having implants and being tortured for decades.  They give accounts of their families being placed into jeopardy and used as “subjects.” Human experimentation has been made generational with the victims watching helplessly, unable to spare their loved ones of this tragedy.  Was this what my mother went through?  Did she know?

Perhaps the things that are happening to me now are just the “end game” of a cruel “managed” life?

“You are probably on somebody’s list somewhere,” is what I’ve been told by several people who I’ve told my story to.  Some have said this so nonchalantly that you would think non-consensual human experimentation was somehow accepted, even expected. What have we become? 

Humanity hasn’t completely gotten through the nuclear weapon age. Lately, we are treated to the specter of Iran becoming a nuclear power with the fear of another “cold war” starting.  But In many ways DEWs are even more dangerous than nuclear weapons.  Directed energy weapons allow people to kill other people without any “fingerprints.” 

Rather than ask “why me” perhaps the question should be “why are we going down this path?”     The end point for this essay is this: Whatever the reason, the use of directed energy weapons upon ANYONE is unjustifiable and the closest thing I’ve witnessed to pure evil.

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Comment by Annie on September 17, 2012 at 12:29pm

Resqcheryl, I think all victims go trough those phases thinking about why me, and goes through background and what might be the cause,  which is a good thing because the answers  and the way towards getting the hole thing accnolished and exposed to the rest of the world, might lay in finding patterns, similarities and share experiencies and life stories. But when going to oneself, it really is unimagniable understanding why getting after an average s.c normal and very common human being..but when it comes to science and for example lifecycle experiments for the public health situation, what could be better than having this cathegory-average, normal, general citizeen that represant most of the people all over the world , to be followed,monitored and measured in real life and in real time.. By doing it through the military intelligence no permission for doing human experiments are really needed in the same way as for medical researches and experiments, so at least, that how they work here in Sweden. It also seem as in for example in the US, a lot of victims have relatives that worked for the NSA and things like that.I read you were a emergency medical physician, in the (victims site)there is a man from the US that has almost the same background, it maybe could be of help for you talking to him and maybe find out similarities, just a thought. Take care/Annie

Comment by SheriGrutz on September 18, 2012 at 8:56pm

I think that most women in the program are meant to be sex slaves, and will be tortured and surveilled across the board pleasure and pain.  On this site, I get hit nearly every time that I am on here, blows to the top center of head and direct energy.  They want us to be in this for life and find no help or relief, and that is where, yes, it does become evil.

Comment by Resqcheryl on September 19, 2012 at 10:05pm

Sites like PeacePink are bound to be used by our torturers for locating and monitoring us.  Anyone on the internet is being "seen" by everyone.  I made a decision to be seen and hopefully heard at my own risk.

Comment by Resqcheryl on September 19, 2012 at 10:22pm

As for women being sex slaves, it was bound to happen.  Anytime you give men complete control over anyone it turns into sexual exploitation.  Men are also raped and controlled to be sexual animals. 

It is easier to control someone through the brain's "pleasure centers", than through the "pain centers." Psychologist have studied for years how to "break" a person by using cycles of pleasure and pain.  

Using the pleasure centers can be akin to addicting a person to good feelings artificially hightened.  Some of the "perps" are probably controlled this way.  They will do any evil act asked of them so that they can get their pleasure "high."  Their conscience or moral compass, if you will, is removed by brain washing tactics--more pure evil to destroy the human soul.


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"Got a response. As a criminal matter, as was said, why don't " police" take incident reports? They are required to do so. Its part of their job. Not doing so is criminal fraud , negligence and facilitation"
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