Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Here is the new term: THG-The Hidden Government. Members of THG Canada hide themselves in military, CSIS, RCMP, police, prisons, research institutes, hospitals, universities, companies, etc. They are mind controllers.

PM Stephen Harper has no control over THG Canada.

THG Canada has control over the parliament, the senate, Harper's cabinets, CSIS, RCMP, banks, big corporations, hospitals by means of mind control technologies.

Recently I built a website called Bloody Mind Control. (Address: So why mind control is bloody?

Yesterday I read a news about a chinese children poked a scissor into his right eye by
accident. He slept and woke up to look for food in a drawer, the scissor was there, and he got the accident. (

I know mind control was behind it. Eleanor White would say you cannot claim it as a fact. But it is a fact for me. Nowadays simple mind control is not experimental any more. Mind controllers have higher aims. They are doing comprehensive experiments on human body. They build the brain cell models and research the effects of the injury to the brain and physical systems. Kid with the injury must develop differently compared with healthy kids. That is what mind controllers are interested in.

Vince Weiguang Li beheaded Tim McLean in the bus. He was just a robot. It was actually THG Canada who killed Tim McLean.

THG Canada may be better than THG China because they don't kill family? A Chinese family, the elder sister jumped to her death from their apartment in Beijing(?). A period of time later it was the mother, after another period of time it was the younger sister. Do you think they all have natural melancholia? I don't think so.

This year Malaysian plane MH370's disappearance should attribute to THG China, THG Malaysia and other THGs. Some families were in the plane. They killed families too. Most passengers were Chinese. The plane disappeared to normal governments. The hidden governments know exactly where it is.

A Chinese immigrant Jiang, who held two PhD degrees, jumped to his death from a bridge to highway 401 in Scarborough Toronto in 2005. A Chinese woman nicknamed as "bluelove" lived in Mississauga, ON, who had troubles with CAS (Child Aid Society), jumped to her death from the 19th storey apartment home in 2009. An acquaintance's wife killed herself on a rail track in Scarborough, Toronto, in October 2013. They are all Chinese. I think THG China could not avoid the responsibilities.

A man born in Canada, lived in Germany, had trouble with the ex-wife, killed his two kids and then killed himself on a rail track in 2011. German THG was involved?

In Dec 2009,Li Lei(李磊) in Daxing district of Beijing killed his parents, his wife, his sister and his two sons.

The Washington Navy Yard shooting occurred on September 16, 2013, when lone gunman Aaron Alexis fatally shot twelve people and injured three others in a mass shooting at the headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems.

The Ottawa bus-train crash was a collision that occurred between an OC Transpo double-decker bus and a Via Rail train in the Ottawa suburb of Barrhaven on September 18, 2013, that killed six people.

Mind controllers killed children to do psychophysical experiments. They don't think lives of big guys like Jack Layton, Jim Flaherty and Rob Ford have higher value than lives of kids. So they don't hesitate to mind control big guys and if it is necessary, they could kill big guys too. Of course they don't do microwave torture on big guys.

Mind controllers talked with me via V2K, homeless people are all psychophysical experiment victims. Homeless people's life has the same value as big guys like Jim Flaherty. Mind controllers destroyed the lives of homeless people. But they look down upon them too, for mind controllers are all mankind and have the weakness of mankind.

Mind controllers killed my father when he was only 53 years old. Mind controllers destroyed my mother's life and caused her mental illness. Mind controllers destroyed my life and they attacked my daughters too. Reasonably, if they damaged my health, they should treat my kids well. They should give my family a lot of money as compensation. One explanation is that they do genetic research. They are doing genetic research not only on healthy families, but also on damaged families too. They let their test subjects poor. That is their rule. If test subjects are poor, they are safer?

"Brother Parren"

Written in Ottawa on July 4th, 2014

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Comment by Sally on July 6, 2014 at 6:28am

I agree with you and frankly I believe part of it is their love of torturing people, their appetite for human suffering.

Comment by Brother Parren on July 7, 2014 at 9:30am

V2K told me that torturing me is their job. They worked more than eight hours a day, they watched more than one person and they were very busy.They kept on torturing me that they became perverted. They had got to enjoy torturing people. Otherwise they could not get their job done. It is the human nature.It is like serial killers.Serial killers killed many people and killing became enjoyable.So torturing became enjoyable for the mind controllers too.

V2K told me they are mostly single or divorced. So they can work long time a day, and working time is flexible too. Some operatives still have marriage, but normally their spouse do not do the same job, otherwise they both don't have time to stay with famiy. Although they are mostly single or divorced, they have sex with colleagues.

V2K told me sometimes they worked while lying on bed; sometimes they worked while standing; sometimes they worked while sitting. So they would not get tired. Sometimes they were still working while making love with colleagues.

V2K told me a story. A mind controller was a policeman. He often controlled his boss in the police station to scold him. His boss was not a mind controller and had no idea what is mind control. After the scolding, he controlled his boss to be very happy. The policeman used his brainwave to operate a computer. The computer sent commands to control his boss' mind.

TI can choose not to believe what the operatives have said. But some saying are reasonable and can be proved and explain what are happening.


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