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Wind Turbine Syndrome Articles (Caused by Infrasound Waves)


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“Wind Turbines Are Hazardous to Human Health”

Alec N. Salt, PhD, Cochlear Fluids Research Laboratory, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri

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Overview of The Problem

Wind turbines such as those currently being constructed in rural areas generate high levels of infrasound noise. This is very low frequency noise (sound waves of less than 20 cycles per second) that you cannot hear. Even though you cannot hear the sound, it is easily detected by the ear at the levels that are produced and can have effects on the body that profoundly disturb some individuals.

The situation is somewhat similar to ultraviolet (UV) light and the eye. We cannot see ultraviolet light but we all understand that it can affect us profoundly, causing sunburn, photokeratitis (also known as snow blindness or welder’s flash) and cataracts. For UV light, there are simple ways that the damaging effects can be avoided using sunscreens and eye protection.

For infrasound exposure in your home, there is currently no way to protect yourself.  Although double glazing and door seals will reduce the levels of the sounds you can hear, they have little influence on the infrasound level in the home. Infrasound is a slowly-changing pressure wave, that can only be blocked by completely sealing the house, making it airtight. In practice this cannot be performed due to building codes and the risk of suffocation.

The effects of wind turbine infrasound build up slowly on people. For most, there are no effects while in the vicinity of wind turbines for short periods (such as the workday) and when higher levels of other sounds (i.e. sound you can hear) are present.

The problem arises when people try and sleep in their homes in the presence of wind turbine noise. [Editor's note:  Dr. Nina Pierpont's research demonstrates that Wind Turbine Syndrome, for many people, is not limited to their night-time sleep.] The audible sounds are reduced by the house structure, so the room may be fairly quiet, but the sound becomes dominated by the infrasound that the person cannot hear.  The infrasound is detected by the ear and has subtle influences on the body that we are only just beginning to understand. It can cause dysequilibrium (like sea-sickness, but not induced by movement), tinnitus, a sensation of fullness in the ear and worst of all, disturb sleep, probably by stimulation of subconscious neural pathways to the brain. [Editor's note:  Dr. Pierpont's research demonstrates a considerably larger constellation of symptoms.]

People undergo repeated arousals from sleep (brief partial awakenings that are not remembered) and repeated awakenings when sleeping in such an environment that leave the individual stressed and unrefreshed.

Sleep disturbance over a prolonged period is known to be extremely hazardous to health, causing mental changes, high blood pressure, diabetes and increased mortality.  [Editor's note:  Dr. Pierpont's research suggests there is more  going on here than simply "sleep arousal"; it is a panic response, which she suggests is connected to a vestibular organ response to low-frequency noise/infrasound.]

In many cases, these health effects have been significant enough to force people to abandon their homes. In a few cases the homes have been “bought out” by the wind turbine companies (and the owners typically “silenced” by non-disclosure agreements, otherwise known as “gag” orders), but in others the home is abandoned and is difficult to sell to another family. Properties located in the vicinity of wind turbines are becoming increasingly difficult to sell.

Recent epidemiological studies suggest that significant disturbances of sleep and mental health occur for people living in homes up to 5 kilometers away from the wind turbines. This is because infrasound is capable of traveling greater distances than the sound you normally hear (which is why elephants and whales use it to communicate).

The wind turbine companies and most politicians are turning a deaf ear to this problem, and continue to promulgate false and debunked arguments that no problem exists. In this collection of pages, below, we consider in detail some of these issues in which we have scientific expertise.

Specific Issues Considered

Industrial Wind Turbines Generate Infrasound

The Ear Detects Infrasound at Levels That Are Not Heard

Infrasounds You Cannot Hear Can Affect You

Why Wind Turbine Sound Measurements Using the dB(A) Scale (A-weight...

Why It Is Difficult to Demonstrate the Infrasound Generated by Wind...

550 Meter (or Lower) Setbacks Are Insane!

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According to the American Wind Energy Association (12/8/2010),

“The wind industry takes health concerns seriously. Any concern that wind turbines may impact someone negatively should be explored.”

These statements appear difficult to reconcile with the absence of any consideration of the effects of infrasound from wind turbines on humans, and with the exclusion of infrasound components from wind turbine noise by the use of A-weighted sound measurements.

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Comment by LIM SC on August 15, 2011 at 1:12am

Families who live near wind power generator sites generally experience sleep disorders, nightmare, generically scarry stuff.  Check out this site :


On the surface it seems pretty straightforward: most of the families who lived near wind farms had a similar (if vague) constellation of symptoms including sleep trouble, nightmares, migraines, and other generically scary stuff. Dr. Nina Pierpont suggests this is an effect of long-term exposure of the inner ear to low-frequency vibrations produced by wind turbines. Here’s where I take issue with the idea, but I don’t want to take up the whole front page with my reservations. Click below for why I think this is nothing but a healthy dose of fear, uncertainty, and doubt.


Let’s do a little experiment. Yes, right now! Turn off the music and listen. Do you hear anything? Listen harder. Can you hear those power lines buzzing? Can you hear the fridge hum? Can you hear the freeway rumble? We are saturated with noise and hardly notice it. Even in remote parts of the country you are exposed to it, and if constant noise at any frequency were as harmful as Pierpont suggests, those of us in urban areas would all be long dead.

Even if there is a secret frequency that causes all these vague and overreported symptoms to increase, what’s the mechanism? How could a (dis)harmonic frequency be the same for men, women, children of all sizes with different inner ears, different susceptibilities? The symptoms reported are like a laundry list of the most commonly reported problems all over the world since long before wind turbines started spinning.

And even if we grant this secret frequency and that the symptoms reported are related, just how little respect is being given to our bodies and brains? Your brain and inner ear are fabulously elegant and self-repairing; we naturally adapt to a constant stimulus over a period of time, it’s built into neural hardware going all the way back to sea snails. A low-frequency hum somehow cuts through defenses that have held up in the brains of sailors in nuclear submarines for months? Go watch Das Boot and tell me that you’d prefer a month of wind turbines.

I’ll acknowledge that the hum from a wind turbine might be noticeable, and might even bug some people until they got used to it, but I have to object to the idea that they could cause the medical problems suggested, by any mechanism whatsoever. Let me offer my own professional diagnosis of the people suffering from windmills being put in nearby: acute NIMBYitis.

Comment by LIM SC on August 20, 2011 at 3:05pm




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被認為會對健康造成危害的原因是旋轉風車所產生的低周波。低周波頻率低於 100赫茲,1秒間1-20次的空氣震動,人的耳朵是聽不見的。是否有害健康目前尚不清楚,但在日本全國越來越多的居民抱怨低周波損害健康,甚至還成立受害協會要求環境署規範。







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風能專家指出 風力發電機對我們身體無危害











    不同的人對於聲音的反應也不同,尤其是調節聲音的強弱和頻率之後。因此,研究具有一定的複雜性。大多   數對於風力發電機聲音的抱怨都和風電葉片轉動有關。(會發出類似於“嗖嗖”聲)。














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