Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Wireless Enslavement of Human Beings is Ongoing Throughout the Western World.



I believe that Brain Weapon Research has made possible the almost total biological control by one human being over another completely separate non-consenting human being, including control over the movement of many of the muscles of that non-consenting human being wirelessly, by the use of neuro weapons and from a remote location.

When almost total wireless biological control of a non-consenting human being has taken place after many years of remote wireless brain mapping followed by neuro processing then that non-consenting human being is effectively a slave. If they disobey the neuro weapons operatives who communicates to them by internal wireless means they can effectively be paralysed from head to toe by remote means.

I believe that some human beings throughout Ireland have already been wirelessly enslaved by this means. They more than likely have been made to work mostly in financial services so that they can engineer situations where they can make their enslavers wealthy by means of insider trading. Another lucrative area where wireless slaves can make money for the dark luciferian slave owners is by working in the area of neuro weapons research where they go on to wirelessly enslave a number of other human beings during the course of their lives.

The wirelessly enslaved human being may never meet their enslavers as all neuro processing currently takes place wirelessly and by remote means. Furthermore all communication is being transmitted wirelessly inside the skull of the neuro weapons research subject by the use of voice to skull military communication technology. Wirelessly enslaved human beings can not communicate their slave status to anybody because they are constantly being monitored by teams of individuals who are also enslaved to a small extent by virtue of secrecy clauses. A second reason that they can not communicate their slave status publicly is because if they do so they are legally considered mentally ill and incarcerated in a mental institution where they are drugged with substances which cause them extreme internal discomfort almost akin to being tortured from the inside out in some cases.

I have been informed that the wireless slaves have a certain amount of neuro encoding inside their skulls which means that they can not cross a certain point in the area where they live and work, which means that they are effectively imprisoned for the rest of their lives. If the wireless slave is highly moral and is not knowledgeable enough to work in a financial service centre or a neuro processing centre then they may be forced to become an unwilling prostitute or in most cases they may prefer to commit suicide.

I believe that this slow enslavement process is happening to a selection of disparate individuals from all over the world and each case of enslavement takes many years of work by neuro weapons operatives in unison with many other black budget military departments who all work simultaneously but from many different locations on the non-consensual weapons research subject. The majority of the digital signals needed to carry out these covert operations travel on undersea cables all around the world. However, some digital signals need to be transferred to and from the weapons research subject at a local level which mostly happens outside the home of the weapons research subject each night by covert means and from a number of different agencies.

One particular brain weapons research subject once admitted that her internal voices advised her that once she becomes totally enslaved she will only be allowed to eat 800 calories worth of food each day. Once she has eaten her allocated amount of food her mouth will be forced to remain closed for the rest of the entire day. This is scientifically possible at this point in time by means of neuro technology.

The superstructure that this entire wireless enslavement program depends on is the cell phone tower system. This generated the microwave radiation which is needed to power this wireless human enslavement system. If we dismantle the cell phone tower system including all related paraphernalia the reign of terror of the dark occultists will be over forever. Please ask your local political representatives to have all cell phone towers dismantled as soon as possible.

Satellites are widely believed to be one of the many hoaxes perpetrated on us by the dark occultists in order to aid their attempt at world wide enslavement. Air and space can not co-exist side by side. This feat of making air and space exist side by side has never been achieved in any laboratory setting. The only space that exists anywhere is air space. This is one of many points which prove satellites are a hoax and the only things keeping humanity from freedom are cell phone towers combined with chemtrail spraying of our skies. We aught to have cell phone towers dismantled now.


For further information please see a youtube video by neuro scientist Greg Gage called "How to Control Someone Else’s Arm With Your Brain"

For further information please see a youtube video called "Electronic Concentration Camp: Surrogate Enslavement."


"During steering the contraction of the muscles of the torturer is being measured with radar techniques. The contraction of the muscles of the torture victim is measured with radar techniques as well. Then electrical pulses are transmitted by laser or microwave techniques into the muscles of the torture victim till the muscles of both persons are contracted likewise, resulting in synchronous movements including speech. Being steered results in exactly following the movements of the person steering and saying what this person says."

System and method for controlling the nervous system of a living organism Patent No US 3837331 A

Many small animals including rats and mice have already successfully been remote controlled..

For further information of neuro-hacking and human bio-robotization please read the following story of 21st-Century Bio-Hacking and Bio-Robotizing in the Case of Rohinie Bisesar: Breakthrough as Defense Attorney Confirms Her Receipt of Letter from Human Rights Activists

In mid March 2016 the Polish defense minister Antoni Macierewicz visited the University of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk to participate in the discussion on problems of contemporary politics, armed conflicts and terrorism. One of the listeners asked him, whether Poland has got a strategy, how to solve illegal experiments with electromagnetic weapons on unwitting Polish citizens. Antoni Macieriwicz replied that his ministry is conducting an analysis on this subject and that he is going to establish a commission, which will investigate the complaints of Polish citizens. (

In this way the Polish minister of defense admitted that there exist electromagnetic weapons, capable to interfere with the functioning of human organism and that it may be used on Polish citizens.

Barton L. Ingraham and Gerald W Smith published an article back in 1972, in a United States government document called "Issues in Criminology", Volume 7, Number 2. The article is called " The Use of Electronics in the Observation and Control of Human Behavior, and its Possible Use in Rehabilitation and Control". The article states the following:- "The development of systems for telemetering information from sensors, implanted in or on the body will soon make possible the observation and control of human behaviour without actual physical contact. Through such telemetric devices, it will be possible to maintain twenty-four hour-a-day surveillance over the subject, and to intervene electronically or physically to influence and control selected behaviour".

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