Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


Unwilling targeted individuals of non-consensual wirelessly enabled neuro weapons research number in their millions throughout most of the world. They are connected by electronic brain link and some other modalities to neuro weapons operatives who they dont know and who they dont respect.

Through this electronic brain link modality and through a number of other modalities the neuro weapons operatives force their voices inside the heads of the targeted individuals while th...e targeted individuals go about their daily lives.
Targeted individuals are virtual hostages to the constant voices of the neuro weapons operatives.

The neuro weapons operatives have claimed that this wireless virtual enslavement system of forced brain to brain interface which the targeted individuals constantly experience will very soon be extended to the whole human race if they refuse to demolish all microwave transmitters which are also known as phone towers.
The neuro weapons operatives have claimed that in the future there will be no governments, no police, no hospitals, no psychiatrists, no schools, no prisons, no banks, no money, no property ownership except for the fact that unknown members of the deep state will attempt full ownership of the whole earth.

There would be virtual prisons from which there could be no escape. There would be virtual hospitals and psychiatrists. Human beings would have no mental privacy whatsoever. They would be abject slaves.
Human beings could slowly and incrementally be totally remote controlled if they disobeyed the unknown enslavers.
Everybody would live inside smart cities where they would not even own their own clothes. They would be given uniforms and they might be moved from residence to residence frequently. They would not even be allowed to own a bicycle. They would be given use of one if they were obedient. Please ask your local representative to have all telephone towers dismantled urgently. This is a world war of attrition that has been slowly and incrementally gaining power for decades and even centuries. Please act now.

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They hack this. Please forward this.Thanks.

The Scarborough HospitalOntario GovernmentHere is one photo regarding our discussion between UN and me. I never show you this, you must understand what I meant . hacked) …See More
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Martuja Hosen posted a status
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