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World Takeover by the Jewish nazis - updated


Please help oppose all this nazi rubbish - the Orwellian terrorism, wars, torture programs and secret police states
I hope you’re ok.
Please publicise everything I send you everywhere you can

World Takeover by the Jewish nazis

The takeover of the Western world (and consequently, and subsequently, the rest of the world) by the Jewish nazis

– surprise and dystopian totalitarian nightmare coda to the ‘End of History’. *

Long planned and worked on activity by the Jews and servants

– both legal and known about, and extremely deceitfully and criminally **

– by the beginning of the 21st century gained them complete socio-economic-military-political and psychological/ideological domination of the world

– thereby giving them almost complete control over all of life.

All the Western and International institutions, processes and standards were ‘white-anted’ and taken over (and/or bought out, overpowered) by the Jewish nazis.

The Jewish nazis more or less stopped everyone else breeding amongst themselves and interbred prolifically themselves.

With such power they forced, coerced and/or coopted unquestioning obedience and subservience to their nazi ‘faith’ party everywhere.

* ‘End of History’ an essay written in 1989 describing the worldwide success of liberal/social democracy, and predicting its global spread, dominance and ‘finality’ – cooperating with, and, eventually possibly even being adapted by other more or less profoundly different or inimical cultures and religions.

** they were behind almost all the wars, ethnic conflicts, religious conflicts, military dictatorships, terrorism, massacres, death squads, famines, debt bonding and economic crises of the 20th century.

Also including substantially orchestrating Hitler, the 2nd World War and the Holocaust.

And they were behind 9-11, almost all the wars, ethnic conflicts, religious conflicts, military dictatorships, terrorism, massacres, death squads, famines, debt bonding and economic crises AND the Jewish nazi Orwellian police states of the 21st century.

Including almost all financing and arming of such - both or all sides where applicable – in both centuries.


Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights
John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627


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