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Alphabetical ultrasonic tone conversions emitt through all known recievers reaching the victim on a subconcious scale,every subconcious action you use is recieved by way of sight.There alphabetical ultra tone conversions float on the very air we breath,amplifing what you see to the point of a concious thought which is projected to the notion of hearing voices.Speech is a subconcious action that combines with the alphatones which is amplified by your breath aswell as linear sound(air).perpitrators use spotlight audio(holosonics)to convert there vocal within the ultrasonic range which they connect to a p.c broadcasting internet radio(or cb radio)There vocal is discected into thousands of ultratones which reach us on a subliminal wavelength and broadcast undetected on all known recievers e.g television,radio mobile phones .Once the alphabetical ultra tones reach recievers they create pulsars through loudspeakers(all speakers)reflecting the alpha tones back and forth within our homes.Depending on how unwell you are, at desprate times you sometimes search for answers as to why you feel the way you do,if you are in the vercinity of a v2k broadcast and are searching for answers to your paranoia chances are you will start to have real symptons of mental illness which can be exchanged for alpha tone coversions resulting in triggering,this is what seperates us from people with genuine mental illness.Triggering is what v2k broadcasters use to second guess what your thinking, sometimes using retorical questions which once broadcasted give the perpitrator satisfaction of knowing we will hear the reply(through thought projection)with there second person gramma triggers.A trigger is an a vowel alpha tone trigger which exchanges with a set of two constonant alpha tone conversions ,they exchange continuously at the speed of thought spelling the broadcasters alpha by way of sight!

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Comment by Fight to be Free on April 4, 2012 at 12:38pm

ok, looking into this, what key words do I need to find the machine or computer software they use to do this, so I may see what this is on the internet. I put in Alphabetical ultrasonic tone conversions and not getting what I want to see. Sorry I am confused. Am I looking for ultrasonic machine? I have been curious how they are tapped into my alpha, theta, parts of my electromagnetic part the brain. I guess I am having a hard time wrapping my head around this. How does the ultrasonic reach my alpha? Ok, let me sleep on this, this makes some sense, but I need more information to put it all together, more like the beginning to how this happens.  Peace pink out. J


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