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At 10:18am on June 22, 2012, Alla Rosa said…

they do it because they love you

only one way to ged ridd of them is to kill them.

Stalin shot them a lot during his rule over Russia. my grandfather was commissar and shoot them a lot. Now I heard there is castration drug, but their female partners must be castrated also. in egypt they cut clitoris, but when girl young. how to castrate mature females we have to think together. Probably surgically, by cutting nerves

At 10:14am on June 22, 2012, Alla Rosa said…

with voices in head we qualify for disability benefits under diagnoses shisophrenia, but smart doctor after hearing term I raped by electronic voices, will access for sighns of brain injury, eventually it is the same disability but with diagnoses as brain injury, I posted Treatment Plan, what my mother doctor used for me since day one they start to rape me. it worked. i fresh like young peach, although I am 40. Find it on site. Don't stress yourself, visit doctor for stress, depressin, headackes,muscle pains. if they sexually rape you, don't worry. find licorish root or take small ammounts of 1 percent corticosteroid cream for minor cuts. Also put hot burning cream onto back spine. Ask somebody to assist. Remember Lirica and Beer. Take this russian recepy. Buy 1 bottle of russian vodka. Buy 1 pound of straberries and one apple. Cut stroberries and apple, put into 1 liter jar, poor bottle vodka. Keep in dark for 3 days. Then make shugar syrup. take half liter water boil and add 0,5 kg of sugar antill all disolved. then cool down and untill warm mix with vodka with strawberries and 1 green apple. Then drink it when they rape you, ether brain, ether genitals and body. You will surprise, that you won't fill any pain. you will be frozen and sleepy.Let them do whatever they want.

At 9:56am on June 22, 2012, Alla Rosa said…

Sue, don't worry, You will have husband and kids. Can you come to live in canada? British columbia is a wonderful place. Men here awasome, easy to find good guy for any woman with any unusial things. i saw females comung fromUnited kingdom, pennyless, abused, raped. They found good men. i saw chinese, italian, afghany woman,russians,punjaby, any kind. Eventually everything went OK. Can you get disability yourselfe and later we will try to transfer it here to British Columbia, Housing here terribly good, people variouse and many speak second non western language. province filled with Love and Spirituality. I run from Alberta here. I will take you to Russia and you will see how quiet there. We can see my Doctors, I have best Doctors in Canada and best in Russia, I know best Doctors from China and best from India. You won't be depressed by losing your life. Just sleep. Get yourself temazepam and sleep. Wright me. World has only 300 000 white race european people pure breed, the rest is metis of some sort. You have to join territory where the most metis people are present. In Russia I lived in sub-districts with metis people-russian-mongolian. recently pure breed bought appartments around our places, now its a dump place, something like Berlin in Germany,terrible, or Estonia, whorrble. wright me. You will be happy and trust me, they will fuck off eventually. They just rapers, nobody else. The whole world knows their faces. They need castration, they and thier fucking ass up wives. Stupid money greedy whores. That's why they rape us and have plans of certain control and punishment. idiots. Unlucky idiots. no woman will love them ever, they stuck in vagina and can't distinguish it from anal area. That's their real problem.

At 5:41am on June 21, 2012, egyptarian said…

Sue....go to a "womens shelter" and tell them you are being harassed by a man and your in fear for your life.  They "will" house you to protect you as long as you leave it "simple" (that there is a man threatening your life) obviously do not tell them the truth because they wont believe it. women shelters are like a "fortresses", they have security systems and post one women on 3rd shirt in the office to be awake and working all night long to watch for any security breaches. Going to a womens shelter is a temporary fix but until you can figure something else out I'd pack a couple bags and head to one of these shelters.  Let me know how this turns out...please take this advice...Good luck and God Bless...Tammy :)

At 12:54pm on June 18, 2012, egyptarian said…

your right on the mark...deff clarify "Gods angels" ...are "they" backing off a bit yet or not? Let me know if they are not...God Bless and hang in there...Tammy :)

At 12:09pm on June 18, 2012, egyptarian said…

I am glad to hear you are feeling a little more relaxed now :) how are things now? Did those ''things" leave you alone? your so welcome and anytime you need to talk do not hesitate to message me...anytime, day or night.  I have been busy the past couple of days...and will be again for about 3 more days...heading out of town tomorrow to do some sales jobs I got scheduled.  Oh, I have suffered from those around me with the split personality deal...big time! It is super spooky! It is probably when they get taken over/possessed by the dark ones...its a theory but a good one. I also have some very important information on this topic that I mind as well tell someone, so that the information is out in case anything ever happened to me...things I have seen with my own is not all possession ...ill private message you on this...take care and keep confident that God will indeed protect you...remember ...he gave us the authority and power to cast them out and away from our lives...God Speed..Tammy :)

At 9:45pm on March 3, 2012, Annie said…

governmentalienrobotgod said:

"i joined forces with magnuse olsen

he has a international suit going for victims

and has an attorney doing it on a contingency fee agreement "for a portion of what he gets for us"

i'm getting my 400 plus people to join in his suit,

and magnus is going to build the device i invented that allows you t osee the signals going to people

and is getting the radio signal direction finders that are on a network, so people all across europe log inn and turn on their devices and trace the same signal at the same time, pinpointing where its coming from on a gps screen

this is nice

because now he has 500 people all with the same story, and a device that shows the signal going to people and a device that shows exactly where the signals are coming from, and an attorney doing it for free"


Annie said:

This above information is false, and as it may give victim false hope, I need to comment on it.


Magnus (Olsson) is a swedish victim as I am myself. He is not gonna build any device, nor does he have the ability to do so. Nor does Magnus have any attorney "working" for a fee. There is a swedish laywer (Henning Witte) that we are in contact with (both Magnus and the rest of us swedish victims ) this laywer, is doing interviews and helps victims out by making this public via his site but this, he does probono.


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