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At 7:10am on February 1, 2017, Jarkko Ronkainen said…

Hello Sue!

The things are same situation here in Finland. They don't even want, that i write here in peacepink. I think, all are only fakes in our Finnish group, except me. It's better be alone. They also use mobbing in our school, which i've told you before. You know, they are horrible persons. How about your situation? They use long distance technology here everyday. It's all time harassment 24/7. Could be remote neural monitoring technology in long distance.

At 1:59am on November 19, 2016, Farkas Ferenc said…


This is a computer.
That it will conduct a police officer by the hand, and its victims.
trying to destroy you by 15 points. Each drug / sex / Crime / diet / psychological problems / family / own health / occupational and personal environmental, and these are broken down. What can you do?

This is the question .
I Felder, I am seeking. I see other destinations. Conciliation, we pass each other our stories, ideas, everything around me take notes on paper, the reality will not let slip apart, I try to recognize who is the enemy and who is allied. Constantly long talk with him.

Where to look?
Look at who you are vested with jurisdiction. There will be your destination.

You will not find information about it, because this machine does not leave any marks. The purpose of telling you, let him little if scamming you'll be dead. Then you'll know what the end goal, but beware lest the second or third occasion derülljön out. So far, I found one survivor, I do not know how it ended. If you read my side all the properties described above.

No matter what you try to convince you. You can see whether a hologram / hallucinations as well. Read your mind when you were a child, everything over to break.

You do: Never give up !!!!!!!!!!!!!

And look for in the law enforcement agencies, the police who monitored. Collect as much data and precise words, write down what you are doing and for what reason did this voice. But first meet a person who has caused serious damage to this activity, called police corruption.

At 4:16am on November 18, 2016, Farkas Ferenc said…
At 7:52am on August 19, 2016, hassanmcv gave Sue a gift
At 8:18am on August 10, 2016, Joseph suazo said…
Thanks for the support sue, and hope u find ur answer in life. A saying in my country once says " there is no slavery if no one will serve as a slave. "
At 9:37pm on July 28, 2016, A. said…

sue we need to get a bunch of activists together. I am thinking about 5 to 20 in melb

At 10:45pm on July 27, 2016, A. said…

Oh my computer does automatic spell checker. Let me right the phrase again.


At 10:44pm on July 27, 2016, A. said…

correction the word should read Milvahdoh

At 10:43pm on July 27, 2016, A. said…

Dear Sue,

G-d loves you so much. Here is a powerful affirmation of truth you can say and it will protect you. "Adonai Hu Hahelohi. Ein Odd Milavdo"  meaning G-d is the creator of everything. There is none else but him" say it over and over again when ever you need. G-d loves you because g-d created you. When ever you need a boost read genesis first chapter over and over again. See what is good in g-d's creation and remember g-d blessed the light because it was good. Nothing comes into being except at G-d's command and not human being's commands.

At 10:35pm on July 27, 2016, A. said…

hi sue, wanted to be friends.
send me the link and i will become friends with you.

At 4:59pm on July 25, 2016, A. said…

Sue i want to make you my friend. please send me an invite. i don't know why sending to you is not working. by the way download tor. use it but you must not open any downloads whilst using it and you must not have any other browser open. i have to use it because someone is hacked my peace pink account last week etc

At 9:37am on July 15, 2016, Richard H. Lovelace Sr. said…
I have the device and I will let you know how it works. You have to take supplements with this also if you are sick.This device with the right supplements will cure almost anything I believe.I will let you know Sue Thanks And God Bless
At 10:07pm on July 11, 2016, vicki shelton said…

Hi Sue,

TY for the info. this is not the easiest site to navigate. TY for the prayer. The world definitely needs something. I am not sure how to post in the blog have tried to just go through the seattle ti's main page but not sure if it's posting there. Hope you have a good day.

At 3:49pm on July 11, 2016, Citizenfriend said…

I have to take action against these CIA and NSA employees who use an intelligence weapon to perform psychological studies. I know that human rights organizations do not respond but I have other ideas. I am a physicist. So let's hope.

At 12:44pm on July 11, 2016, Citizenfriend said…
At 11:47am on July 11, 2016, Citizenfriend said…

You are in my thoughts.The U.S. Intelligence Community is responsible for the misuse of a space-based radio frequency weapon system. CIA and NSA psychologists and neurologists operate the system and perform psycho-social studies on people all over the world. I know this for sure because some of those people sat at my dinner table. They made me a target too because I did not want to work for them.


At 6:13pm on July 5, 2016, God's Grace said…

Hi Sue, thanks for the comments on my discussions, much appreciated.

Just wanted to ask you - are you one of the moderators on this site, as I would like to report livingtarget SA01, as I believe he is a perp. He is extremely aggressive, and I see that on PsychopathFree, the moderators take these people off immediately, just wondering why the same doesn't apply on |Peacepink.  I don't know this person from a bar of soap, and he is spreading complete falacies about me. I will write to Hassan as well.

Kind Regards

God's Grace

At 7:59am on July 4, 2016, Jarkko Ronkainen said…

Hello Sue!

Thanks from the message! Sorry that i didn't answered faster.. Yea, i've been holiday in countryside. The situation is the same as usual.. You too take care! And never give up!


At 10:59am on May 31, 2016, Richard H. Lovelace Sr. said…
Sue they are two things going to happen in the U.S.A. .I will change all that they have done to the world with their warfare or they will kill me. Sue as far as killing me they can't .God Bless me a long time ago as a child and they know this already. Sue you take care of your self and don't fear the Devil for he can only make you suffer but he can't take your life this is God promise to his people. They have a surprise coming in the coming days that they already know about and they can't do anything about. They can't carry Bio Warfare out around the world and think they can get by with this.New World Order or No New World Order. They will face God when this is all over and God might tell them.... I don't know you at this point they will be cast into the pit of fire and meet their God and they burn forever. Vengeance Is mine says the Lord. Sue you take care and God Bless
At 4:00am on May 21, 2016, Carl said…
Sue I hope your well? U avn't been on here for a bit. I hope your still remaining strong & positive. You are in my thoughts! & no doubt you are in all of your friends thoughts too. Aswell as on Peacepink!. Sending u some strong energy your way! Hope to hear from u soon! Take care! ;)

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