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At 7:21pm on April 11, 2021, Jeremy C A Paul said…

it's the shape of Lilly wave that's important as Dr John Lily realised that the neurons needed time to resopnd to the first impact before being pushed in the opposite direction.. this is the imnpact on the ions that carry electric chatrge within neurons, thus stimulating and changing neuronal behavious- V2K

... I've rad that it's possible to break up this waveform as it is possible to breakup any transmitted waveform... but that guy's claim as to be able to identify victims and persecutors is just too wild

At 6:57pm on April 11, 2021, Jeremy C A Paul said…

Ms Soleilmavis’s case of abuse started when she came to Australia as a self-supporting fee paying student at RMIT, I believe in 2001.

Mine has a common denominator, all staff at market research company became part of a study into the human mind as part of condition of employment (can you believe that)

Sutherland Smith had been sold to the public as ethical, an Australian Institution, and that they’d help staff reach full potential and they’d sought endorsement by a body that a few people in Australia know about and are understandably nervous, referred to as “God. A more common adjective used is “Spies” Evidence suggest links to Uni psychology research department.

I’ve known the details of the two directors for years which will be a lead to who is using “emf mind control in Australia. But as in the UK with I believe MI6 and the States CIA Aust has ASIO who’d also be interested in possessing these technologies which as you know can be used on innocent person’s with most completely oblivious that they were ever targeted.

In short, it’s disconcerting that these technologies exit but to compound everything trust was given to two corrupt directors that these people referred to as “God are finding out about now. There were no reference checks done at the start, as a result of the combination people have died.

I’m absolutely sure that the particular “emf being used is the one that has citizens in the States in uproar. Its first known use in the Gulf War (1990/1991) piping voice into skull of Iraqi soldiers ordering them to surrender. This came to light via whistleblower Dr Robert Duncan (former CIA) with the assertions supported by Dr Patrick Flanagan (US Navy friend of Dr John C Lilly)

Dr Lilly discovered a waveform that could change a person’s mind ie: install any brainwave pattern or thought into mind. He started trials by communications with dolphins then progressed onto other large brain mammals and has written a number of papers on his research.

He’d intended the use of what’s commonly called “Lilly wave/ pulse” for medicine to treat common brain aliments such as Alzheimer’s and this waveform is now used as safe electro-stimulation in neurosurgery replacing regular waveform that used to damage neuronal networks. Microscopic studies to date indicate no damage done to brain tissue or networks.

Lilly wave is unlike regular wave (guess like a Sine wave) as Dr Lilly came to realise that the neurons needed time to respond to the first impact before being suggested in the opposite direction. This can be achieve Voice to Skull remotely. We all know that MRI can be used to read a person’s mind with 98% accuracy.. but Lilly wave because of the shape of the wave and that fact that it is designed to give the neurons or more accurately the ions carrying electric current within neurons enough time to respond to the first impact before being pushed in the opposite direction (that’s one phase of this biphasic pulse…

*thus Lilly wave can not only read minds it can also install any brainwave pattern into skull (V2K)


There’s more to the basic physics behind the way it operates and the US military spent billions turning this into mind control weaponry, as used in Gulf War. Dr John Lilly was appalled at the way his work was being used and resigned from the US Navy, he was also with US National Institute of Technbologies t the time…..


Anyways, this is definetly the one that being widely used on less suspecting targets and someone’s taken out a patent and is making and selling this to whomever has the money and a vested interest.. US Govt, DARPA, Antifa have so far been exposed in the States. As I mentioned only coming to light via whistleblowers/ insiders….. AND THERS’S MORE

At 6:56pm on April 11, 2021, Jeremy C A Paul said…

there are a number of 'emf that've been patented that can do weird, wonderful and horrid things...

.. but the one that's most widely used is "Lilly wave/ pulse with first known use in the Gulf War (1990/1991) piping voice into skull of Iraqi soldiers ordering them to surrender.. coming to light after whistleblower Dr Robert Duncan (former CIA) spoke up with asertions supported by Dr Patrick Fanaggan (US Navy friend of Dr John C Lilly who discovered this in 1959...

this gets underneath usual operation of neurons by resonating water molecules in brain which also causes the ions or atoms carrying charge (electorns) to also vibrate thus stimulating the neurons.. very brief, but in this manner and by varying the frequencies this can implant any brainwave pattern or thought staright into skull via radio wave which can penetrate skull and resonate water..

Radio, mivcrowave, UV, visible light, X-ray, Gamma ray are all in the electromagnetic spectrum, all "emf

electromagnetic wave can influence water as it's a dipolar molecule and achieve all the above V2K

- google search Lilly wave, that's the one most widely used that has a number of people posting concern to internet, YouTue etc

.. they've being campaigning about its existence and known use to no avail.. the parties that use this are too big, rich and powerful and it's also known to be used by Govt... CIA, MI6, ASIO in Aust... coming to light via insiders...

who else is using this.?!?

At 6:43pm on April 11, 2021, Jeremy C A Paul said…

I'm not too sure about that guy's claim about his Gizmo that can identify who's victim and who's the perpertrator...

I know that any waveform can be disrupted but those claims are too wild

At 10:11pm on May 2, 2019, Ganesamoorthykayamuhan said…

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At 4:50am on March 26, 2019, Sally said…

Thats disappointing. I didnt those shielding things woukd work. How much did it cost you?

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