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At 8:45pm on October 3, 2017, Sue said…

Anneline about the work psych stuff....tell the psych you were suffering something stressful...say a relationship at home or something....and this brought on other difficulties. That will give them a "reason" to say that you may have suffered a stress induced episode that would otherwise be out of character. Unfortunately its us Tls who end up needing to tell white lies to get thru life....when its the other side who know exactly whats going on and have no problem going along with even being involved in this charade.

At 8:39pm on October 3, 2017, Sue said…

Hi Anneline

Thanks for yr message. Yeh things have got quite bad for me over the last few months. I end up in tears most days....l feel lm running out of steam. But somehow you have to go on. Yr right about being attacked where it hurts most. The reason its so hard lately is they are not letting me pray/blocking my relationship with God is disempowering me. Im glad you shared with me about yr family....sometimes l feel like the only one whos family have turned on me. They act like they literally hate me you know. It takes its toll.

You sound like a fighter....thats so good and necessary in oir situation. Your photo is lovely. You have both warmth and strength in your eyes. I hope things are looking up for you at work. Remember as hard as it is to ignore the workplace harassment as much as you can. Not letting them affect you is the best defeat. Keep your mind on finishing yr studies.

Im glad you found ppink. Are you a new Tl? Do you know why you are targeted?

Peace darl

At 5:16pm on September 20, 2017, Anthony Benjamin said…

I hope everything is alright.:)

It difficult to give advice because I still need to pick up my medicine,
and last week a mental health agent came to my house to give me a pill and
he told me that I don't need to take. 

Tell them your education is the most important thing and it is difficult to fund it!!!

I asked them the following questions,
what is the difference between a psychologist and psychiatrist?
  how can you prove what I am experiencing?
  do you know others with similar experience?
  what does my blood tell you what I am experiencing?
  you tried many medicines and situation has worsened, why do you want to        increase the dosage?
  you cannot offer certainty but you come across confident?
  you said mental illness is inherited but no one in my family has mental illness,  why am I here?
 does one tablet solve all my these symptoms?
   skin hallucination
   voice in the head
   artifical emotions: like hatred towards my mother and one of my friends
   strong sexual desire for many women
   forced participation in politics for leaders who don't govern the Netherlands
   constant sound in my head (sounds like cathode ray tube television)
   disturbing thoughts
   provoking others by controlling them to check my response to their emotional outbursts and threats.
  involuntary movements of limbs and facial muscles
  voice giving me orders, like screaming in the train which I had to do, and   having sex with my premature niece
  scary images accompanied by artificial fear (very frightening and unbearable, torture)
  very sharp and unbearable pain above my heart (this happened only once and I still feel a slight pain there)

I didn't take the medicine but still experiencing some of those symptoms, do you have an explanation for this?

At 8:12pm on September 17, 2017, Anthony Benjamin said…

Sorry to hear How can one live like this?

At 3:12pm on September 16, 2017, Anthony Benjamin said…

Hi Annline,

I had a difficult day yesterday. My whole body is aching. I intend to read a book on how the brain works. 

How are you doing?

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