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At 4:36am on December 19, 2016, silvia miras sanchez said…

Salvador dali, thalamic egg,Create ideas,Psychic rape,Radio, psychic telemetry.

At 1:44pm on January 23, 2014, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

Mark, Can you post a picture!!  or several!!!

At 1:44pm on January 23, 2014, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

Hi Mark, Glad you took my advise and posted your story, spell check and repost!  But it helps me remember, as it was long, and all the places you lived all over the world!  I have too many things to remember right now, but I still want to network and hope you come visit me in Phoenix.  I have more questions so I might be able to help you!!  Call soon, and I'll call you right back so you get no charges!!  Take Care!!

At 1:41pm on January 23, 2014, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

Mark, Great to talk with you on the phone several nights this week, I got your email, and don't worry, I can call you, since your out of money, I got 3 dollars worth of long distance at 99 cent story...that is 3 hrs!!   I need your phone number and personal email....or call me and let it ring, and/or give me your phone number then! and email!   Be careful of Greg G.'s posts of lawsuit. last one was a scam, it never happened, just dont send money, check it out first!!  

At 12:58pm on January 20, 2014, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

Here is a site on recommendations of Selenium.  Read and study!  You don't want too much or toxic.  I would only get it in the natural food, the site recommends.. or just take very sparingly.

At 12:57pm on January 20, 2014, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

Mark, I got your message, send me your direct email if possible, don't want to post everything here.  You might want to contact a Naturopathic Dr., too!  They normally (mine did not) will try to say your "delusional" and more!  They aim to get to the root of problems, and know it is the government who tries to make us look delusional to test, research, force more drugs on us, as they kill us!!!  I want you to research more, the amount that is right for you on Selenium, I recommended, as I take NATURAL LIQUID IODINE DROPS, I DO NOT TAKE SELENIUM.  IF YOU DECIDE TO TAKE IT, I WOULD NOT TAKE IT EVERYDAY, INDEFINATELY, SEE THIS ARTICLE AND SITE FOR MORE INFO., AND IT SAYS TO GET IT IN THESE FOODS, AS IT WILL BE HIGHTLY DIGESTIBLE TO US, NOT PILLS, IF YOU TAKE PILLS, I WOULD NOT RECOMMENT TO TAKE THEM EVERYDAY INDEFINATLY!  ONLY FOR SHORT PERIODS OF TIME, SEE NATRALPATHIC DR. AND RESEARCH ON INTERNET.  Here is a good site: 

Selenium: Food Sources & Health Benefits

th health benefits 150x150 Selenium: Food Sources & Health BenefitsHealth Benefits of Selenium (THP) Selenium is an antioxidant (scavengers of free-radicals) and a component of several essential enzymes. Health benefits of selenium are partly explained by its antioxidant effect. Selenium may delay or prevent the onset of cancer and have anti-aging effects. Selenium is also an important mineral needed for proper thyroid function. Additionally, selenium also promotes a healthy immune system.

Selenium deficiency is associated with reduced immune cell counts and higher risk of death for HIV patients.

Selenium Toxicity If selenium is consumed in overdose, it may have toxicity effects. The upper intake level recommended for selenium (by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences) is 45 micrograms for infants and 400 micrograms for adults.

Some of the symptoms of selenium toxicity are fatigue, hair loss, and white blotchy nails.

Natural Food Sources of Selenium Natural food sources high in selenium include cereals (eg. corn, wheat, and rice), nuts (Brazilian nuts and walnuts), legumes (soybeans), animal products (beef, chicken, egg, cheese), and seafood (tuna). Other selenium rich foods are oats, cod and turkey. Brazilian nuts are among the very rich sources of selenium. In fact, it is advised to exercise caution with consumption of Brazilian nuts, as the selenium intake may reach a toxic level.

9 A Day Plus Vitamins are a natural source of selenium.

Nine A Day Plus is a multi-nutrient, all natural whole food vitamin supplement, that contains an excellent source of selenium. All the ingredients in 9 A Day Plus Vitamins are derived from natural organic food, which enables the body to assimilate a pure source of necessary nutrients for optimal function. To learn more click here>>

Table: List of foods high in selenium content.

Selenium food sources Selenium cont

At 12:31pm on January 20, 2014, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

Hi Mark, I sent you a personal email, and wanted you to send me your email and phone.  Sorry you had trouble calling me, we will connect soon, even if the perps are hitting us with frequency and more!!  I send you two important links, read, save and do if you want to stay ahead of their sick, nano tech forced mini robots into our bodies and then we are a human antenna, and this crap makes you very sick, recharges from our own electrical supply in our house or sun and we die!!  I am sure they love it!!  We need to file, I'm trying to get my lawsuit filed as fast as I can, to stop them, I need your guys signed affidavits to me, NOW!!!   See and save these sites to live!!  ...and take the LIQUIT NATURAL IODINE DROPS!!! OR KELP!!!

Good luck and we will get through to talk on the phone soon!!

At 4:41am on April 14, 2013, The Rose - Sharon Poet said…

PLEASE HELP SUPPORT A Newspaper that's Exposing Our Plight:…

At 11:57pm on April 6, 2013, The Rose - Sharon Poet said…

If you'd like to help bring public awareness to these crimes against humanity please help support this news paper:

At 12:18am on January 20, 2013, egyptarian said…

Hello Mark :) Cant you contact some Cuban organization directly to ask for political asylum? I do believe that you can via email and phone as well.  Why is Hawaii better suited for the homeless? Do they have more homeless shelters there or is it because of the warm weather that you dont need shelter? How does  Darpa fit into the sceme of our victimization? I'd like to hear more information on Darpa when you get to a library.  Prayers your way Mark ...blessings egy :)

At 8:19pm on April 9, 2012, Richard H Lovelace Sr. said…

This is against God's Law to torture and kill anyone,this is what they want to make people just like them.The World needs to know that this can be done in Peace,much of the World are not aware of their Agenda.God defeated Satan and his Angels in Heaven and God can defeat him again through his People.The people must come together as ONE! I Saw the whole sky turn black and black ash started falling in the USA,i was standing in my back yard.The black ash was covering the ground so fast the ground was covered in seconds.After this i saw the word (WAR-ROOM).God has not forgot his people nor will he forsake them,but many has forgotten God and have gone Astray.They are trying to take my life also but i have my armor on.I will take my last Breath when my Father calls me HOME for he is the only one that know's the hour and minute.I here them say that i need to get with the PROGRAM but i keep telling them that they need to get with Gods program that their's is Evil.The people in the world needs to Pray for them and Mulpitudes will turn from their Evil ways this is Gods plan for his People.All People Are Equal In The Eyes Of God! God want's the World to be at Peace again and only through him that this can happen and God will calm the Storm that's coming! God will Judge Them According To Their Works!! Be Strong My Freind And God Bless!!

At 6:57am on March 17, 2012, Soleilmavis said…

Dear Mark, In our forum, we can not expose any individuals' private to public without their permit.

You comment has mentioned a name which also you censure him to do things illegal. this may bring complaint to our forum. And it will be danger for our forum survive here.

At 3:03pm on March 11, 2012, Soleilmavis said…

Welcome to Peacepink.

By exposing mind control technologies to public, we can get more and more people to help with our problems.


I had collected many reported articles which introduced 'mind control technologies'. The listing of these articles would not mislead readers; it was a short cut for readers to learn what mind control technologies were.

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Maria Harmath shared deca's video on Facebook
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Carl commented on Music Teacher's blog post Removing implants by bringjng them to surface of skin
"OK Music Teacher. I will give your remedy a go!. I dunno if I av a implant? I get everything else including the DEW attacks! But don't suffer with the v2k. If any implants start to show? You will be the first to kno. Thanx for the info. Take…"
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Harry posted a status
"There is a major cover up by a number of technicians. Please urgently look in to it. best come see my brain footage right away"
Harry posted a status
"There is a major cover up by a number of technicians. Please urgently look in to it. best come see my brain footage right away"
Music Teacher commented on Music Teacher's blog post I am not a TI anymore. It is possible to get out.
"Hi Hughie, Silicea 30C is a very powerful homeopathic remedy that is able to bring implant chips to the surface of the skin without surgery. Please read the following excerpt about it: Silicea 30 C homeopathic remedy…"
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