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At 12:32pm on March 17, 2017, Larry Lee Whitsitt said…

If you had a tool or multimeter in micro volts, and a device connected to your test lead to pick up suspended energy of a beam about, 200 micro volts, you might pick it up,  of a blue psychotronic beam 2" in size.  You have to measure the beam slightly off the head probably.   I don't have the knowledge to know it they can tap components in your house.  I took a photo of the blue beam area with a 35mm camera before with SD disk still have them.  I picked up blue light along my body in the photo.  I have another $100. in quality of a camera now so I can try again one day.  I can take 20 minutes of HD Video on the text setting which is close up.  I think the video would be best to pick up anything that shows up like direct energy. 

At 2:43am on March 16, 2017, Larry Lee Whitsitt said…

   I believe the electrical in your house they can't use as a source of energy, because the body has to be in micro volts smaller than mV millivolts on the multimeter.  You need about 200 micro volts for the body, and that isn't in your house.  The only way to detect maybe is to measure before it enters the body, because of a like amount micro volts to match body function, or a psychotronic instrument electrical pattern micro- photo on the body, not a body electrical pattern.

At 1:20am on March 14, 2017, Larry Lee Whitsitt said…

   There's a song out of the lyrics "We don't want Obama Care", "We don't want Whitsitt either!".  In regards to National Security Detention reputation of what was said over the time period in the courts not allowing to be present even once. Music lyrics has been since 1981.  They told me on the psychotronic line that it's all over, data base is not allowed, but people are still on. I still don't have any documents from the government on retirement either, nor FOI/PA.   I will be 66 in June 2017.  I told the Attorney General to make sure I received my retirement or compensation when 65 last year in 2016, still havn't.

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"Hello, I updated my site again. Please read from "Making you think they are God:".  I think it will help people who find themselves in this situation that they create BS to make you beleive they are God or Angels and it's all…"
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U.S. Government (EMR/V2K) Human Rights Violations - Technological Coercive Arm of the State

U.S. Government (EMR/V2K) Human Rights Violations - Technological Coercive Arm of the State My first, fourth, fifth and fourteenth constitutional amendment rights are being violated including physical injury, duress, control and manipulation of my mind and body (actions, words and thoughts) by the U.S Department of Justice illegally using Electromagnetic Radiation and Voice to Skull technology. The U.S. Department of Justice nonconsensually violating my rights using EMR/V2K (silent audio…See More
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"Hello, try listening to 'Genius' Gamma Binaural Beat - 60Hz (1h Pure) " with earphones loud. It seems to cause my preps problems."
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At first it sounds like the PARANOID.. IMAGINING.. some DERANGED individual, that the government can BEAM VOICES directly into YOUR HEAD USING MICROWAVES. Crazy this may sound, as a matter of fact, all of it is completely true.Even Wikipedia accepts that appropriately MODULATED MICROWAVE CAN PRODUCE SOUNDS AND VOICES WITHIN THE HUMAN SKULL.[Wikipedia - MICROWAVE AUDITORY EFFECT]. THE first MACHINE CAPABILITY OF TRANSMITTING VOICES directly into the HUMAN SKULL was apparently developed in 1973…See More
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After March 1999 Were The Most Large Beams in Head

  About a month after March 1999 I was receiving about 4 to 5  beams into my head 6" in diameter.  One beam was direct frontal to forehead, and the rest were in from the sides at an angle.  These were people from over 20 countries wondering what happened, an interrogation all,  and  went on for over 2 years ... of a message from the spirit.  While seeking to photo electro-neuro beams lately, and realizing multiples at the same time, reminded me of the period after March 1999 with all the beams…See More
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Theories of selective attention | Processing the Environment | MCAT | Khan Academy

"obviously as a victim its important what you give your attention too and what meaning and relevance it has ...."
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Theories of selective attention | Processing the Environment | MCAT | Khan Academy

Learn about the three major theories of selective attention. By Carole Yue. . Created byCarole Yue. Watch the next lesson:



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