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At 8:34pm on June 28, 2017, Jessica Higgins-Meyer said…

Of course, you're right! I'm certain that technology will become so advanced that there'll be a way to stop it

At 12:25am on June 28, 2017, Jessica Higgins-Meyer said…

Hi CLS! Thanks for telling me, that really sucks but it can't be helped

At 4:58am on June 24, 2017, cat cat said…

Angeline, I am sorry you get harassed so much.  I wish I knew how to stop it for you.  I think we all deserve a special place in heaven for enduring such torture.  All we can do at this point is pray.  Change is coming to the world, I just hope it is positive.  From what I read it will be bad before it gets good.  I would just like to go back to how it was in the 1970's.   Before everyone had a damn computer in their hands 24/7.

At 11:41pm on June 23, 2017, Angeline Klas said…


Now the neighbours have it in for me, since I am jobless at home. The male Perp is working hard to control my mind. He's trying to tell me what to do. He so angry that I ignore him. He want me to get irritated and argue with him. He helps everybody to get information about me, so they can hurt me with that info. So you see there is no love there. Me recorded thoughts is their information. I made a joke about it todady he tell his supporters and followers to press play and there you have it the info they need along with instructions on how to harass me. It is very strange that no one wants to be near me and help me. I live solitair with out any understanding or love at all. No one wants to give the Perps Media up. It is Slaunder, but nobody cares enough about me to help me stop it. 

Well Bye Bye for now,

Angeline Klas 

At 11:31pm on June 23, 2017, Angeline Klas said…

Thanks Cat Cat for your advice. Somehow I have a problem with thinking postive about the people around me. They act like parates. I hear my words coming out of their mouths, too many people have a lot to say about me. I can walk on the street without being harassed. I am going to have a hard time thinking postive about the strangers I meet where ever I go. The are so mean and cold. They even help the Perps isolate me. Nobody wants to be my friend or act normal to me. The good people are far from me. The Perps are so happy about that.

At 1:30am on June 22, 2017, cat cat said…

Angeline, they do not hate you.  I used to think that too.  They are mind controlled to act like they do.  The best defense I have found is to think positive thoughts about everyone so your mind does not relay to the perps anything negative to use against you later.  Remember they can instill your thought into peoples minds.  Everyone is part of the program (mind controlled at will) they may not be a ti but they are plugged into the AI and controllable.    The spirit of God and love really does work against "the program".  That is why the program is promoting hate everywhere.   Stay strong and remember no one hates you. 

At 1:16am on June 22, 2017, Angeline Klas said…


It's true they use the same torture over and over again. When they see me read a new article or read a blog or watch a YouTube film the add new torture the have learned through me.  If something is new to them they immediately start doing it to me. The one of the new thing they learned through me complaining about the former Perp was that he tried to slit my throath. So he tried that, I got rash from that torture. Since I am black you see a dark place at the back of my neck. It itches and I get pimpels first after scratching them. If I keep on doing it can bleed. What works for me is learning about everything they do to me. I have to understand it too it helps not to get Stockholm syndrome. I write a lot down on paper, so I can remember. My memory gets blocked to think, remember and understand a lot. The less I know the more nonsense they can make me believe. The perps are on of the most evil people I have met. I told everybody that my good ideas came from them. I have seen a lot of his basket head of friends on the street talking bad about me. I even had some kind of social worker supporting him into isolating me and making sure I don't have enough money to buy food. He made sure I didn't find another job, just because I didn't want to go to a company he had in mind. I believe it was a workplace he and the Perps had set up from me to be treated bad. It's all about the name, if I watch a film let's say about Laura the Perps will make sure every where I go there's a person named Laura who hates me. He can use the film and subject of the film against me in real life.  The person Laura will really end up hating me because of the Perps This is one of the methods they use. It could be any name they. Laura is just an example. It's a dirty trick, but it works I meet a lot of people every week who hate me.

Well Bye Bye for  now

Angeline Klas

At 8:46pm on June 28, 2016, A. said…

G-d has tremendous mercy and will look after everyone. In the eyes of g-d,  g-d will do something really big. G-d is the only force and no human being can take his place. Everyone should really connect with G-d and G-d will assist.

At 9:02am on July 19, 2014, Vicki Burnett said…

Come chat with other targets.   Its advertisement, free, hasslefree, no downloads.  The hopes for a central support chat place okay?

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