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At 7:25am on December 11, 2012, governmentalienrobotgod said…







 Non Americans may file with us also.



The attorney for the FBI who is facing our suit has entered into settlement talks with our attorney to negotiate settling out of court.

 This was a suit against the FBI and FCC for not investigating reports from victims of electronic weapons and seeking for them to do so.


What this means is if you want to get you EH turned off then you need to go ahead and file with us now to become a part of this settlement.


If you do, you will receive in the mail a court order and decision from the federal courts that the FBI and FCC have agreed to investigate your EH and to turn it off.


You will also receive a letter on letterhead from the FBI and FCC stating the same thing.




If you want your freedom go ahead and file now so you can get your EH turned off when we win.


If you have any questions about this suit email me at

You can also view the websites and for more info.


You can also view our groups newsletter at  and sign up for the newsletter at


You can also join our group at


Go ahead and file with us so you can get your EH turned off as part of our settlement.


Instructions on how to file are below. Make sure you include a check or money order for 10 dollars made payable to Dave Bohrer Attorney



Copy and paste it into your browser the link, print this form.

Fill out all of page two, and only put your name for plaintiff and FBI and FCC for defendant on first page.

This form allows our attorney to file for you without court costs.

Also enclose a one page letter with only your name, address and phone number in the envelope.

Mail these and a check or money order for ten dollars to Dave Bohrer, Bohrer Law Firm, 

7503 Big Bend Boulevard St. Louis, MO 63119

Make check or money order out to Dave Bohrer attorney

Get these filings off immediatley. Doing so turns off your EH.


Also make sure to view our newsletter at the link above for all of the great news and to sign up for the newsletter at so you can receive further newsletters. This is put together by the group formed by James Walbert.

At 12:51pm on February 6, 2011, AtlantiTeo said…








At 7:27pm on November 23, 2010, Amer N. Raja said…

Have a beautiful day!
At 12:03am on November 20, 2010, Amer N. Raja said…
Chaudhry Sahib:

You have a very impressive profile.

There is not a easy solution. The problem is not the people but system. If you replace the people and not change the system, things will remain the same. Need to have a strategy to handle all this.

On the personal level it's really very tough and confrontation is not the right approach.

At 10:50am on November 10, 2010, Soleilmavis said…
you can build your own blog and share your opinions with others.
At 1:21pm on October 26, 2010, Soleilmavis said…
Welcome to Peacepink.

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