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At 12:29am on March 7, 2018, CLS said…

Hello Amber,

Yes they can give you the flu. The human brain works on frequencies. They can capture the frequency of the flu and beam that into your brain and then you will get those symptoms. They  can give you all sorts of problems remotely.

At 12:50am on January 11, 2018, CLS said…

Hello Amber,

I understand your pain. I also are getting brutally tortured. However, I am documenting what is happening to me and sharing with others so we can all learn. YOU NEED TO EXPLAIN TO PEOPLE WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO YOU INSTEAD OF JUST COMPLAINING. YOU COME ACROSS AS A TROLL. IF YOU EXPLAIN WHAT THE PREPS ARE DOING TO YOU THEN IT WOULD HELP EVERYONE.


At 6:23pm on January 3, 2018, Sue said…

Amber CLS is right. I know alot ofthe things they do are hard to explain but it wld help you if you write about what theyre doing to you. Yr right Tl is a life sentence and it can get really bad. If youre not being constantly physically tortured or things like v2k and visions and mind reading (replaying yr thoughts etc) youre very lucky. Im not downplaying yr situation...l know its bad but they can do so much worse. Maybe they wont hit you as hard as some. Peace sister.

At 2:32pm on January 3, 2018, CLS said…
Hello Amber please have hope. If you tell us what ia happening to you we can see the pattern of what they do to people. It is a benefit to tis. Do not give up hope!
At 1:17pm on January 3, 2018, CLS said…

Hello Amber,

I know you are getting tortured by this program very badly. However, I see you have the strength to write message on peacepink about how you feel. I recommend if you have strength to write how you feel, please write what is happening to you? For example

- How are they torturing you? Are they assaulting your thought process, are they clearing your memory, are they giving you muscle pains?

-Are they vandalizing your property?

It is extremely important to tell people exactly what is happening to you. I am telling you this because I am getting severely tortured every millisecond brutally but I still try to help people and give them advice. I also document everything that is happening to me. I tell people what I learn so they learn.


At 3:11am on January 3, 2018, Sue said…

Thats ok Amber. I understand. Im very negative atm too. I dont see a way out of this. Dont stop doing the things you used to enjoy. Get every bit of joy/peace you can from life or this will suck the life out of you.

At 2:27pm on December 18, 2017, hassanmcv said…

Amber do you know where you are?

I quote Soleilmavis the creator of the site:


If you don't stop trolling saying that electromagnetic mind control victims and its technologies doesn't exist and that s mumbo jumbo then get out of here this site is not for you.

Last warning.

Amber Wilson said in public chat room:

"Do not worry about mind control (scientifically impossible, mind is not even defined) or electromagnetic weapons this is pseudoscience mumbo jumbo use to promote paranoia or discredited the target. The whole program is just a manifestation of good old xenophobia (fear and hatred to the quintessentia"

At 12:53am on December 7, 2017, hassanmcv said…

CLS, I agree, Amber can post but not spam!

At 12:31am on December 7, 2017, CLS said…

Hello Amber, please read this website entirely. It will help you understand what is happening.

Also please stop posting on the activity. Some people are trying to help others figure out a solution and your posts are hiding their posts.


At 6:53pm on December 5, 2017, hassanmcv said…

If you have only the GStalking, Amber, then consider yourself you re lucky to be not under mind control programs and technologies but if you dont stop discrediting others here, I will kick you off again.

At 6:09am on December 5, 2017, hassanmcv said…

CLS is correct ""Amber, i'm sorry for your problems, but can you please stop spamming the activity. It hides other peoples posts."

Told you you re not the only one here, Amber, stop acting like a troll please.

At 4:20pm on November 30, 2017, Sue said…

I believe you Amber. I hear you...lm doing it real hard too and have lost everyone even my mum who l live with isnt with me. Youre not just got caught up in something oitside of yr control. This is life and soul destroying...l cry every day. They dont let me use the computer so lm not here much anymore. I live in australia so lm far away from most Tls. Are u in the U.S? All l can think is google "freedom from covert harassment and surveillance" or FFCHS. They work with Tls in the U.S and unite Tls etc so yr not alone. If you are in the U.S youve got a better base than in Aus theres nobody. I friended me...msg me when you need but lm not allowed on every day. I"ll check my messages when l can. I wish l cld say more to help. I understand how hard this life is. Dont listen to Tls who belittle what yr going through. It just means they are not hit that hard. The perps have different levels for all of us. You have it hard like me and l really feel for you. There IS better than this.

At 10:14am on November 29, 2017, Teresa aka T said…

hello Amber. please let me know how we may connect. i can be reached via facebook, phone, and/or email. much love always <3 T

At 12:28am on November 28, 2017, CLS said…

Hello Amber,

Please read my website so you understand what these people can do to you and why. There are instructions how to cope with this also. I haven't found a solution to stop the attack.

At 6:47pm on November 27, 2017, hassanmcv said…

Robert griffis, you ve just been a member since 5 days and the first and only thing you posted is a negative comment to Amber Wilson as I suggested her to meet other TIs in TIs support group of her location.

By doing this, robert griffis, you are insulting her and at the same time you re making her mistrustful and preventing her to meet other TIs. That s not a good attitude.

If you treat her again or anyone else of perp without bringing any proof or strong clues, I will kick you off, Robert griffis. Last warning.

At 9:54am on November 27, 2017, Robert griffis said…
Amber you sound like a perp troll girl. I've been looking for a dirty perp girl. I've met a dirty herp girl. What state are you in? I'll come hang out with you.
At 6:54pm on November 26, 2017, hassanmcv said…

Have you thought about joining a TIs support group, Amber? You have the chance to live in the US, I assume, there are many TIs support groups there.

At 6:10pm on November 25, 2017, hassanmcv said…

I understand that but Peacepink is not the place for this, it s a place to share and support each other. Sure we live in survival mode and fight each day and night to survive against neuroweapons and systems which torture us at distance but we dont support calling to kill others nor ourselves.

Think about those victims who are mentally fragile and want also to end  this.

And think that you make us TIs look like mandchuriate candidates.

Please don't let me repeat this to you again.

At 8:01am on November 25, 2017, Amber Wilson said…
It's normal to want to kill those who abuse you, it's a form of fighting back especially when they don't stop and u don't know what else to do and no one offers help
At 8:04pm on November 24, 2017, hassanmcv said…

Please no call to kill, many victims here are fragile, you re not the only one here to have reached a point of big despair and big suffering. 

Plus you make us look like mandchurian candidates.

We dont need that here at Peacepink, Amber.

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