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At 12:29am on July 27, 2019, ghstdtnee said…

Mr ONeill

Greetings. As a 22 subject of Abuse of power, I would like to contribute to you, and others what this issue is.

It is Abuse of power/ Tyranny, Human rights violations, Cyber terrorism; and not limited to Telecommunications Fraud {matters of which subject to Civil suits against Defendants }.

   This use of tech by the few; is the stripping of rights of all.

   Conducted by those alegedly having Public 'Oversight" as sex predators.

   Its how taxpayer money is spent....against the taxpayers. What has History shown as to those wanting Freedom from the Magna Carta to today? It has to be fought for.

   Keep positive people. All we need at present is a Publisher [Evidence had} and or a Special investigation for Accountability. There can be Redress. We have to work together as a Unit.

There is too much Focus on "tech' and not enough as to Who is doing the Abuse. Trust me. Telecommunications fraud is done by GCHQ.


At 5:14am on July 18, 2019, Sue said…

Oh wow l have the same problem coming off meds....they don't want me off them and attack me. I've been trying to come off but the last time scared me bad enough to go back on them. I don't know what this madness means...why they want me on meds when they know lm not truly sick. I was in a similar position when they put me in the mental ward. I had to lie and tell them the medication had made me all better. This is the definition of madness!

At 10:59am on July 17, 2019, Sue said…

Hi stephen

I saw a post from you saying U had been hospitalized mentally. I didn't know that about U. How did it happen, what lead to that. I also need twice in the early days...they just came and took me. It's always a fear back of my mind that it cld happen again anytime they want if they decide. I was harassed in there and hated it plus there's the stigma of being 'mentally ill' when yr not. It's scarey sometimes.

Anyway hope U are well!

At 8:08am on July 17, 2019, elizabeth king said…

Thanks for the friends request.. Its 12.50am and i doubt they ll let me sleep tonight Ill be battered all night ...Thats the norm anyway

My whole family are Irish ...Tho i was born in London I am only British by  birth My mum was from Dublin and my dad Galway ..They met in London and thats how it all started

Sadly I  havent been back to Ireland for 30 years But have a large family ...Cousins ..Aunts and Uncles and the like ..

I hope you still not too battered There is  massive differences in the severity of torture between each TI I Know that all too well and also i know why i was chosen to be so sever ..It was not ....they selected me tho my Irish mum in London

Be well


At 11:31am on January 4, 2019, Mia Fitch said…

Hello Stephen,

I am pleased to hear that you have loved-ones and I recall you have a dog. The violent thoughts would be hard to bear for anyone. 

Thank you for your comments. It helps, for I have considered going back into isolation again. To have some voice in this horror is important.

Mia Fitch

At 5:40pm on December 31, 2018, Mia Fitch said…

Hello Stephen,

Yes, I did have a nice Christmas. It is a quiet day for me but I don't mind.

I don't think any world leader would ever expose this program. They need the backing of their constituents and who could believe such a thing could exist. I know I wouldn't if I were not so heavily targeted.

I do believe exposure will one day come but not without the proper aligning of events and a world-wide catastrophe. After all this is the main agenda for the entire world to keep under-cover to the best of their ability and technology.

I did contact a TI group on-line and even went to their Christmas Party! Unfortunately, I ran into much of the same experience as in 2010 and they were a front group pretending to be sympathetic but were perps!

One male member spent his time trying to discredit me when I explained my symptoms and told me maybe I had PTSD and imagining the situations! Other conversations included repeating thoughts I had in the past that they should  have not known, or current thoughts that were placed very surreptiously into the conversation.

It's ok, I went into it with eyes wide-open and at least I haven't been bored!

I am still wondering will I ever meet or speak to a real ti? Is it possible? Please tell me your experience.  Best Wishes, Mia Fitch 

At 12:36am on December 18, 2018, jane said…

Hi Steve, I carnt seem to message you, as your Freind, message box to forward you a message has gone

jane, can you get back to me please, it might be more of my victimisation, as they mess with everything 

At 2:37pm on December 11, 2018, Mia Fitch said…

Hello Stephen,

It's been awhile, middle Oct in fact, that you responded to my post about my wanting to connect with the targeting community. 

Your encouragement has helped me to reach out to a few targets and I intend to keep doing so. I might run into perps but as you stated, "It comes with the territory." 

That line has really given me strength to face my fears. Invariably, I will run into some. So what ? I say to myself. Is it going to break me? Hell no, I say. I will stay strong.

I have used that line since you wrote it to describe my situation. Do you mind if I use it?

I also get the car horns on occasion. It can really get your heart rate going especially if you have several in unison. My main noise campaign , however; is slamming car doors.

Do you live in Ireland? I live in Northern California.

Thanks again, Mia Fitch

At 2:19pm on December 19, 2017, Ms. Kris Durschmidt said…

See save and share this: or call me:  This is my Youtube Channel and latest video of Exposure and tips and inventions to live and survive!!

At 11:29am on December 4, 2017, AtlantiTeo said…

This music take away the headache of the microwave.

At 3:02am on October 9, 2017, Sue said…

Hi Stephen

I saw yr post saying you wish you were dead. Whats happening to you? I understand exactly what you mean. I feel the same. This is wearing me down and theres no support...even my family is involved. Hang in there coz sometimes things in the program change and it gets easier. Lean on God (though sometimes l wonder...where is He in all of this?) How can things like this be real? This world has reached the epitome of evil. This life is constantly so hard. You have a friend in me.


At 4:44am on December 19, 2016, silvia miras sanchez said…

Salvador dali, thalamic egg,Create ideas,Psychic rape,Radio, psychic telemetry.

At 6:17am on September 10, 2015, Sue said…

Hi Stephen Ive tried to make contact with JFinch but hes a busy man. Apparently his home is a few suburbs away so I was interested to know him. Thanks for your contributions to this community.

At 5:06am on September 9, 2015, Dante Kali Das said…

I am not about exposing all of this. I am all about exposing the situation I am in, and exposing a cover up. Getting into my head? Try getting into the head of agents who are lying and doing a cover up. I am pretty straight foward, minus my being affected and it being lied about by agents. People confuse technology effects with reality, and because they are lied to, to begin with, I deal with a cover up being done by agents misusing technology and then lying about it. It is actually simple.

I am realistic about all of this. This program will never be exposed and end, but an agency getting to the bottom of things will change everything in regards to my situation. People go on stereotypes, "a Target in Stalking" and everything that implies, based on many remaining clueless and afraid about their circumstances. People also go on the stereotype of agents doing Stalking, How about profiling and the stereotype of a "psychopath". Agents doing Stalking? I did NOT begin to deal with that... Thats like saying all cops are the same. Which they are not. Out there are agents with RNM doing Stalking, some of whom are psychopaths who do not follow the rules of agencies and Stalking. They break every rule because they enjoy it, can, and not be caught...Just like corrupt cops doing what they want and hiding it from their department. My circumstances, the basics are simple to get, people throw away the basics for pretty lies. Common sense goes a long ways. Corrupt agents with RNM who have broken every rule of agencies are NOT "out there somewhere", in my case they were in my head directly. Rules for an out of control psychopath? There are none, it is ridiculous to think that there are. Toss in agency training and the advantage of having an agency "title" and automatically believed because of it. What can one not get away with? They can get away with anything and did. You would think that agents know how to do profiling, but when it is an agent spoken of, it all goes out the window, Very clever, very professional. Finding out the real stories, the psychology behind them, and doing profiling, goes right out the damn window. And for the record British agencies would want to know what I am sitting on top of, for a specific reason. I imagine at this point my approaching them is a wasted effort....People need to spend time looking at my motives and what I am saying, and then consider the psychology and motives of agents doing a cover up. Going on technology effects and misinfo and DIP, and a cheap smear campaign is foolish, yet this what everyone does.

At 5:09am on September 8, 2015, Sue said…

Hi Stephen, Lars is not a perp. I know what hes asking sounds bizarre but he believes one of us can help him. Lars if your perps wont listen to you they wont listen to us either and unfortunately the whole point is that they wont do what you want them to. The perps in your head are the organisers....theyre not letting any of us off the hook lm sorry

God bless

At 3:49am on September 8, 2015, Lars V said…

i am hoping you can help me. i am trying to relay a message to someone so i can get some help with my electronic harassment but my perps wont send the message, can you please ask your perps something for me please by thinking to them so i can try to have them send off a message for me?

it would be a super help

let me know


At 2:46am on September 8, 2015, Lars V said…

do you suffer from v2k?

At 8:40pm on August 27, 2015, Annabelley said…

Hello Stephen, thank you for the add.

At 5:27am on August 26, 2015, deca said…

I posted trailer 2 and up in the video section you posted it in the Ireland group  and I not a member

At 5:24am on August 26, 2015, deca said…

yeah your link to the movie was the first I was aware of it ..thanks

and yes I am in the uk

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